Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where I'm at.

I feel like I'm all over the place at the moment. Little bits scattered here and there.

I'm so tired after two big nights in a row. One spent drinking fancy cocktails and eating gorgeous food with my boy and the other driving down dark, windy roads somewhere out the back of anywhere to pick up Jazzy who had changed her mind about a sleepover at midnight after the lights had been turned off.

She's so sad today at the thought of her besties waking up together and having adventures today without her.

Indi is cutting out and colouring in paper dollies for her birthday party invitations. After weeks of agonising over the guest list, she's decided on the six old faves and I must say I'm pleased too.

Bren and the boys have revolutionised the egg department and now all of a sudden they have so much more time. Time for all the projects we always dreamed of but never believed there would actually be time for. First off they've been leveling the ground for a kitchen garden. Yay! I am beside myself excited to have vegies and herbs right outside the front door rather than down in the paddocks.

And Miss Pepper said she's tired of trying on clothes for me these days. She wants me to keep being her bunny rabbit and to eat the carrot she's trying to feed me.

I've cut out a pile of these smocks and am slowly sewing them together. Pepper lives in the four I made for her last year. They are the most practical things in her wardrobe. The one that is too small for her is hanging on a hook as decoration.

This one is made from vintage sheets and lace, a tree I screen printed last year and some crocheted ric rac around the hem to finish it off.

I'm off now to cuddle Jazzy, check the details with Indi, discuss sleepers versus bricks for the garden beds with Bren and eat Pepper's carrots. And in between all that I'll be washing school uniforms, making lunch and knitting some more leaves (top pic), a quick project is a good project today.

I wonder if its the wind.

Happy Sunday. X


  1. I'm hearing you. Enough said. Wishing you a wonderful week. xxt

  2. You have it one. It is the wind. Same guff happening over here. On the up side, seven loads of washing are blustering themselves dry (assuming I rescue 'em before the rain).

    Please pass on my commiserations to poor Jazz. Maybe next time, for the midnight feast.

  3. Your poor Jazzy, I remember doing that & always feeling so low the next day..she was braver to make the decision to leave, there will be other sleepovers. Those smocks are adorable, I hope you can find time to curl up on the couch for a little quiet time today...

  4. The smocks are just lovely, the screen printed tree looks great. Also loving the knitted leaf!

  5. I'm all over the place all of the time... mmm - perhaps it is the wind?

    Good luck with your quick projects and yay for the kitchen garden and improved ecomonies of scale.

    Yet another gorgeous smock. So enchanting.

    Happy carrot eating :)

  6. yep, the wind. When I used to teach I remember the morning staff room on windy days - we were always filled with dread. Kids and those in touch are so affected by it. You have to run in it and join it and then you will be fine!

  7. Wind always does it here too. Hooray for the kitchen garden! I loved the tree dress so much it us coming to my house.

  8. Has to be the wind, couldn't possibly be there's not enough hours in the day or that you're Amazonic could it ??? I'm exhausted reading your post Katie! Loving it too, adoring those dresses and love knowing your eye sight will be fab after eating all those carrots ;)
    BigLOVE and HUGS, xo.

  9. isn't it great to see the girls getting so much wear out of clothes we make for them. maggie is still wearing the dresses i made out of pillow cases last year too. have a great sunday arvo, i've just lit the fire and now i'm gonna hop on the couch x

  10. And a happy productive Sunday to you.

  11. mmmmm, knitted textured leaves huh?

  12. Ok 1 She is so stinking cute and spunkee I love it. And I simply adore her hair..

    And 2 yay for more time and great ideas.

    Yes quick projects are the sometimes the best!

  13. A Mum is Always all over the place hey, juggling all the balls while the uniforms are madly washing in time for the morning! My machine is busy as I write this! Enjoy your Sunday evening! x

  14. Lovely leaves.
    Oh Pepper. My T is the should see the faces I get.."Oh, mum! Not again!"
    We have also decided to do a raised bed in our small backyard...clearing a spot this Christmas. Can't wait!
    Enjoy this sunny windy weather xx

  15. what are the leaves for? we made a whole heap for emily this year so she could go as a tree to sports day - i'm still not really sure why she had to be a tree, but it was fun :)
    poor jazzy - i've been there too. i was always too scared to sleep over and you really feel like you miss out. i still have lots of fears these days and i find it hard to deal with the fact that i can't do a lot of the things that most people can - but then i remember all that is good in life. i'm sure she will get there one day :)
    enjoy the rest of your day - it seems like you have lots on your plate.

  16. I think it is the wind too! Isabelle feels miserable today as well. Your leaves look nice and just the perfect quick project. Your vegie and herb garden sounds like a wonderful idea. I need to refill my garden as it is empty at the moment! Well it looks as though the wind is going to die down and we are going to have severe thunderstorms now!

  17. ahh, i am in that place at the moment but definitely not as productive as you!
    i hope Jazzy is all good after all those wonderful hugs.
    a kitchen garden surely is a must for you, very exciting!!
    happy week to you & your gorgeous gang ♥

  18. Oh no, i dread that, we live out of town to the school we use so i dread the sleepover freak out at midnight which could be an hour away!! So far so good, well now the youngest is 7 i think i might have avoided it completely. Yes, things change in a heart beat, VIP launch party one night, canteen duty at school the next, 'tis motherhood!! Love Posie

  19. Oh man, I could seriously eat your little Miss Pepper!!! She is just the cutest thing ever! Oh, and the clothes are super cute too!

  20. oh I love your leaves Kate!
    And a vege garden just outside is going to be so good! we haven't planted anything this year , as selling the house - wish we had now!xx

  21. wishing you sweet calm week =) and I love the little leaves!!

  22. Wow.. a kitchen garden, how fantastic! we have herbs but I dream of having all kinds of veges straight from the garden. Your smock is just gorgeous Kate :) Kx

  23. I love those leaves Kate!!
    I think it is the wind, I've been a bit like that all weekend.
    I hope you get some rest soon ( so glad you had a great time with your boy)
    Kitchen garden is very exciting.
    Poor old Jazzy, give her a hug from me.
    Hope you feel more together tomorrow xo

  24. I love the way you've described how you are feeling, wishing that the week ahead is calmer for you lovely.

    The vegie garden being closer sounds very exciting, enjoy making your plans.

    Have a good week and that you get lots done on your to do list. xo

  25. oh pepper...she still has that "baby look" to her, doesn't she? she is so cute.

  26. You have me at the edge of my seat, an egg revolution!?

    Hooray for kitchen gardens and smocks, truly magnificent things!

    Fancy cocktails are also nice on occasion.

  27. Where are you Kate? Busy knitting I suppose! Haven't you heard???? I am having a giveaway. You could win all 3 pairs, one for each of your gorgeous girls. Boy Etsy is tough to work out. Do you like your store? does it work well for you. I still have my eye on some of your items, just have to make some spending money first :-)

  28. I love the little tunic/smock your little cutie pie is wearing? You know, I think I'd wear something like that myself. It looks really comfortable. I'm soooo tired of the too short tops that have been around for too long.

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