Saturday, November 13, 2010

Then & now.

  • Ten years ago it was the day after Indi's due date.
  • Ten years ago we lived in Melbourne in a small house in a street called Emo. There were no Emo's then, only goths.
  • Ten years ago we had a tiny vegie garden in the back yard.
  • Ten years ago everyone was pretty convinced we were having a boy.
  • Ten years ago I bought stacks of op shop singlets and onesies and grow suits, dyed them every colour of the rainbow and appliqued them with all sorts of pictures.
  • Ten years ago I was still riding my bike to and from my job at a fashion accessory company.
  • Ten years ago I wore skater runners and my hair was gingery.
  • Ten years ago we shared one car, a red Toyota Hilux, but barley drove it.
  • Ten years ago we walked Pixie at the park every day.
  • Ten years and two days ago we changed from being a couple, to a family and from people to parents.
  • Today Indi is preparing for six of her best friends to come over to sleep the night and celebrate her tenth birthday.
  • Today my barista was at a farmers' market in Melbourne, so I took my three girls out for coffee and Indi read them an entire book.
  • Today it is raining, it is pouring and the old man must be snoring.
  • Today I am trying to remain focused on the birthday girl but I can't help but think of myself and the transformation I have undertaken in the past ten years.
  • Today the birthday girl is way too grown up for Mama lead party games but has a private list of music to listen to, cool activities to play and fun food to eat.
  • Today the two little girls are so over excited that I had to put them down for a nap.
  • Today I am wearing gum boots and listening to Suzanne Vega.
  • Today I am cooking and clearing lots of space for them to sleep in just in case it is too wet and cold for them to stay in the caravan per plan.
  • Today I borrowed Sex And The City 2 for me and Bren to watch in bed while they are running amok.
  • Today if you are in the Southern part of Australia you can watch us on Mercurio's Menu on channel 7 at 5.30pm.
Happy weekend everyone. XX


  1. I'll be watching :), have another gorgeous birthday weekend with FB & gals xx

  2. this post is so similar to what I thought about on Thursday. It was mine and chefs anniversary, not the wedding one the one where we first kissed.

    I just couldn't believe how different my life was, living in a terrace in Sydney, at uni, Zac was a puppy, I didn't know HOW to drive... we had so few responsibilities, it was all just one huge party, a bit of work and study squeezed in around having a good time. I am being a bit nostalgic at the moment and pondering how things have changed... and what the future holds... it seems we are in the same place.

  3. oh aren't our wanderings amazing. Looking backwards looking forwards. As long as we want to be in this perfect moment we are always ok.

  4. How time flys and what amazing things take place! So good to sit back and reflect...maybe this could be a good meme?

    Hope you have a wonderful day...and I will tune in...we all love a cooking show around here! x

  5. Hope Indi has a fun night!
    How exciting!!

    (and I wish we lived in the Southern part of Australia, to see you!)x

  6. Snap with you and Cath, I have been feeling quite reflective too. Upcoming trip and collecting music to take with me. I didn't realise Indi was the same age as Jack. Hope the party goes well. Here's to the next 10 xx

  7. what gorgeous reflective musings.

    betcha wouldn't change a thing!

  8. Happy happy birthday Indi!

    gosh, i haven't heard suzanne vega for years - wow.

    send some rain to me, it's soooo steamy here.


  9. What a beautiful will be even more precious when you read it ten years from now on your Blog!

  10. happy birthday Indi. I used to near just down the road from and 'Emo st'. and Mental note to me turn on telly at 5.30pm!

  11. Happy Birthday to Indi!
    This is a wonderful post Kate.
    Wow 10 years ago...we were..renting a lovely old house with a huge walnut tree and garden,...growing sunflowers and veggies,...walking around the nearby lake, and working from home,...driving the old red civic!...eating out and staying up late! and thinking about a baby ;)

  12. What a lovely post! Ten years ago we were living in Tasmania as a young couple planning our new life in Melbourne. And now, by the end of this year I will be a wife & a mother. Eeeek. When or how did that happen!

    And, I am completely jealous, you get to wear gum boots. I love gum boots, but can't find a reason to wear them in Melbourne!!!

  13. Ohhh to be 10 ... sending her a HUGE HUG ;) BRAVO! Hasn't it been an amazing decade for you ... you must be so darn proud? Hope everything goes according to plan tonight. Thinking of you ALL. xoxoxoxoxo.
    (Mercurio's not on up here today, would love to see it again.)

  14. WOW. Ten years hey?

    A big happy birthday to Indi... hope she has as much being ten as I did!

  15. glad I read your post before 5:30, we'll be watching you :-)

  16. I do hope Indi has a wonderful time tonigt!!
    I love this post , love hearing the past Kate ( and Bren ) as to the present K ( and B)
    So clearly written I can almost picture it ( cept you with the gingery hair!!!)
    Have a fun "Sexy" night with Bren and enjoy your beautiful girl, and give her a big HAPPY Birthday squeeze from me!!!! xo

  17. Going to pop the box on right now!

    Have a great time tonight...god, I LOVED sleepovers and actually - still do.

    10 years ago I didn't have a care in the things have changed x

  18. I'm so please I read this now - with 20 minutes until Mecurio's Menu begins!

    Enjoy your reflections and your celebrations. Life is rich!

  19. The birth of a firstborn is huge I reckon. It becomes your own personal mothers day.

    Happy mothers day Kate!

  20. Lovely reflections.

    Happy birthday Indie.

    Enjoy your evening Kate.

    Just read this with 5 min to spare to the show.

  21. Aww, how simply lovely Kate. It's amazing how times change and how children change us. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl. Hope they don't run amok too much!!


  22. so much water under many bridges.
    Happy birthday Indi!!
    Andi x

  23. 10 years...happy happy to the birthday girl and the mama. it is 6:11pm which means i just missed you on channel 7 and you probably have a house full of giggling girls. xo.

  24. wonderful reflections & so much accomplished in your 10 years!
    happy birthday Indi, have a ball & giggle with your friends until your stomache aches.

    10 years ago we were travelling through europe & loving it.

  25. We're approaching the 10th anniversary of the arrival of our firstborn too. It's been such a big thing, and yet it's absolutely whizzed by! Congratulations to you all.

    and PS Your man is going to watch SATC2?!?!?! Really? I can never get my man to watch flicks like that with me, sigh. How will he ever learn to be romantic like Mr Big if he doesn't watch the show, hm?

  26. sweetness. happy to hear you are a suzanne vega lover too x and im sure i can hear someone snoring...its pouring here x

  27. I watched it and loved it - you guys rock the organics world! Hope your girl has a wonderful night! x

  28. I'm guessing the southern part of Aust doesn't include Brisbane? In any case, happy media moment :) Loved this beautiful list... I know exactly what you mean... how does it all happen so quickly? happy birthday party wishes to your big girl :) Kx

  29. Many happies to Indie. Lovely memories Kate. Wellie wearing weather here too in the UK - it has been raining for days.
    Jak x

  30. Parenthood changes you so much, doesn't it?! I think in a good way, but it's impossible to imagine before it actually happens! How have your dreams about being a parent played out? I know some of mine have come true, but there's soooooooo much that was beyond the capacity of my imagination before it actually happened!

    I hope you and the party girls have a lovely rainy night :-)

    PS I'm sorry I missed the show at 5.30!!

  31. I loved reading this post Kate, imagining you ten years ago and thinking of all the changes since then. Hope the girls are snuggled up in their sleeping bags, having the best night ever. Pancakes for breakfast? Sleep tight xo

  32. That is such a wonderful reflection. Tonight I sewed my first bunny rug for our little one, due in April. I've felt the first kicks in the past couple of days. The journey ahead is daunting, but this post makes me really excited about the road ahead.

    Congratulations on ten years of motherhood. It sounds like you're doing a pretty amazing job.

  33. big hugs and congratulations to all little birthdaygirls
    today it was 6 years ago we became parents for the first time

  34. happy happy birthday for Indi!!! Hope she had a lovely time =)
    reading this post was lovely and made me go back with my thoughts as well.

  35. Happy Birthday to your big girl, what a lovely post. You remember 10 years ago so well!
    It's so amazing how children change our entire world and outlook, it's just breathtaking sometimes.

  36. Gorgeous Post Kate...what a bugger I missed you last night:(


  37. I hope Indi had a fabulous slumber party (I like the sound of the slumber bit and am thinking a nap is what's in store for the afternoon). I bet they had a ball.
    I missed you guys on Mecurio's (should have read you yesterday) by minutes. I'm pretty sure I saw your scrumptious carrots though :o)
    Nap time!
    Ab x

  38. Happy birthday, Indi! Love your now and then, Kate...

  39. What a difference 10 years can make. And you have certqainly triggered my thoughts as to how my own life has changed in the past 10 years, something I might just ponder as I take my two little'uns and the dog for a walk along the river. Thanks for the inspiration! (and I will go and set the box to record the show before I go!)

  40. Great post Kate! 10 years ago I was pregnant and excited (and sick) and we had a red toyota hilux too. I hope Indi has a great birthday x

  41. Here's to transformations, birthdays and family! Hope it's super special for all involved.

  42. beautiful post kate.... happy bday indi!!

  43. ...and in the blink of an eye they'll be inviting you over to their place for a meal & some grown-up chat! Happy birthday to the gorgeous Miss 10.
    Millie ^_^

  44. I really enjoyed reading your post. Life changes and time just flies by, it's hard to imagine how small they used to be. Enjoy your big 10 year old girl. xo

  45. Thanks for sharing this post with us. It's amazing how quickly ten years can go.


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