Friday, November 19, 2010

Why blog??

Just like that I've forgotten why I blog.

A few days ago Bren made me take everything out of the office/sewing room that we share, he rearranged the furniture, and then we put it all back again. All of a sudden I had space and organisation and order. I also had room to bring my lap top in from the kitchen table.

But instead of making me want to sew/blog more, its done quite the opposite.

The sewing is all wrong. I keep cutting out bits of fabrics and sewing them together only to realise that they don't work and aren't the look I was after.

And taking the blog thing out of the family shared space and putting it somewhere out of the way has separated it from my life somehow. It seems foreign and somehow I don't get it so much any more. One minute I am overloaded with things to talk about and the next I am sitting here with photos loaded onto a post not knowing how to talk about them.

How weird.

All of a sudden it seems so separate from real life. It seems like I can't remember why I blog or what my blog voice sounds like.

I'm most probably over thinking things as per the usual. When I read my last post to Bren he said he couldn't believe I had so much of that stuff rattling around in my head. When I asked him what he had in his head he listed a bunch of irrigation equations, stuff we have to do for our organics inspection, wages, plans for the block across the road, gorse control, getting an intern, a thought about making a stand for his iPhone to take pics through the lens of his microscope, the egg deliveries and a zillion other farmy odds and ends.

Today I'm thinking about planning a day trip over the weekend, maybe getting a fringe cut today, Indi's best friend vs the gang issues, dinner tonight, knitting, Jazzy's ballet outfit for her concert, Pepper's baby talk, dying wool, a birthday prezzy for this evening, the state of this house, my shop, the possibility that I could have time alone with my farmer boy this afternoon, his Mum's birthday, the washing, how cold I am...I could go on and on...

So I'm going to sign off now and get on with it and see what happens next.

Have you ever forgotten why you blog? I wonder.

Have a happy and sunshiney weekend y'all. XX

Ps. oops, I almost forgot, I'm over at Thea's gorgeous blog today being the Friday Follower.
Pss. I'll tell you how we made the scarf in the picture above one day soon.


  1. Oh Kate, yes I do understand - but you know what?

    You blog because you have a story to tell and we want to read it - ... whether it's little bits of fabric going wrong ...

    or beautiful sea green knitting going oh so right ...

    or your beautifully poignant reflections on your family and your life.

    Is it more that you are feeling isolated from the hubub of family life in your new space ...?

    Whatever it is, your mojo will bounce back soon enough ... and we'll be here to welcome it!

  2. We all have times like that Kate! Remember your the mum of your family and you will think totally different things to Bren. I dont think Paul worries anywhere near as much as I do about anything, he is always work oriented and doesnt stop until the phone stops ringing. I am sure your blog mojo will come back. I blog because it is a record about things that I make or things that I do, and the best part is I can look back on my early posts and remember my kids from an early age and things they used to do that perhaps I had forgotten, so it is a bit like a memory holder! I hope you have a fantastic weekend and now I am off to read your Friday Follower!

  3. At least you have a laptop - so blog wherever you want. It's nice that you have the option of solitude when you want it, but don't feel that writing should be done in an office.

    I've been dreadful with blogging. I used to write in a locked blog all the time: the only people who have access to it are other LiveJournal friends, so it's more of an online community. My new blog has had much less attention than I'd planned for it because I haven't really had much energy for it since I got pregnant (which was not long after I set up the blog and made a big angsty post worrying about never being able to get pregnant!).

    I miss the community of my old LJ blog (which I do still use) but most other people have stopped using theirs and it's really not so much fun any more. We've all grown up and don't have so much time for it.

    I'm hoping that once I'm on maternity leave I'll connect with my new blog a bit more and make more connections with other bloggers. But right now I don't feel too guilty about neglecting it (although I do worry that my posts are mostly grizzly - I definitely have to stop that).

    Your blog is really popular and I'm sure you get comments from people wondering where you are if you take a day off, but I really think it's better just to post when you feel like it. Life has enough chores as it is, and a blog is supposed to be a positive place for you and your thoughts.

    Have a lovely and relaxing weekend!

  4. How cold you are???
    Come over to my place for a cuppa and a swim. It is going to be 39C today :)

    ... and yeah I forget why I blog all the time... probably I never really knew.

  5. oh Kate....sometimes I think 'who cares if I write in my blog, no-one is going to read it anyway...' & then something happens & I think sbout writing it in my blog like the jaw dropping thing I saw last night when out for dinner that I just could not believe....pop on over & read my rant today if you feel like it......I am incensed!!!

    You write because you can, you sew & create because you can & in a few moments of time you will do it all again - neat orderly or not neat orderly space, around family or not, whatever takes for you.....happy weekend blessings to you & yours, TK xx

  6. You and I are a bit in sinc, I feel like this week I forgot why I blog too. I'm still not sure really
    And like you I always have way too much in my head, and overthink things alot.
    it's exhausting sometimes isn't it?
    I can't imagine what it might be like in to have a brain more like Bren's , he's one smart cookie.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and some sewing goes right, you get some alone time with the boy and well stuff gets a bit sorted to give you more peace. xo

  7. Oh, all the time, Kate! Sometimes I'm halfway through a post and I think "WTF? What's this blogging business anyway?" and I have to stop and get back to it later.

    But every time I think my blogging days are over, they pull me back in... x

  8. I have forgotten why I blog. Three posts in 6 weeks is testament to that. Although I like to think that I've remembered the reasons NOT to blog, and I'm just applying them!

    Honestly, I just barely think of doing it anymore. I would much rather be swimming, or gardening, or thinking about sewing, than blogging about it.

    Also, I think I ran out of interesting things to say.

    Hope you find your blogging mojo again soon.

  9. I started blogging to get feedback on the stuff I was making as there are no creative peeps in my family.

    But it has become so much more than that now.

    I'm now part of an amazing community and have made some real life friends through oneflewover. That's the best part of oneflewover and why I still do it.

  10. I forget all the time, and so I go quiet for a while. Then I begin to miss the community conversation so I post again.

    (I've forgotten why at the moment, that's why there's only a tutorial up there on my front page. Soapmaking, if you're interested :)

  11. Just so very glad that you do blog, Kate...

  12. Dear Kate,
    I think you might blog because somewhere along the way you created a Fox's Lane reading community, and we love tuning in.
    Maybe you blog because it's a bloody awesome record of this busy crazy time with smallies around.
    And you also might blog because you do SO MANY THINGS, and this community out here loves listening to you download, and that particular process in itself makes you do MORE STUFF!
    So sometimes it feels like chasing tails, but actually it's a fabulous self fulfilling creative docking station.

  13. I love having our laptop on the end of the kitchen bench - allows me to blog whilst watching the kids or waiting for something to cook. We have a spare room where I sew but I'd hate for the computer to go in there (although maybe it should, to free up time for the family and declutter the living area!).

    Hope you can rediscover your bloggy voice soon.

  14. I blog because I need to get things out of my head, whether it be in a visual way or in a written way..
    I blog because I feel like I'm doing something for myself, in someway...
    I blog because (sometimes) it keeps me committed to my projects...
    I blog because I suck at keeping a journal, this way is good for me...
    I blog for my friends and family around the world, to keep them updated with 'our lives'...
    I blog because sometimes I really can't be bothered talking...
    So no, I don't forget why I blog...I just don't get enough time to do it.

  15. A timely post for me as I am not in blog mode this week. I hate to post when I feel I should,only when I have something to share, or thoughts & ideas I am processing. Some days I just like to record my life, things I'm making or something beautiful I see or feel. Today I'm not blogging much, but I always love to read your blog Kate. Hope you have a happy weekend honey, xo ps fringe?

  16. Hi Kate! I forget all the time why i blog. I keep thinking no one will be interested in how i really feel. So i end up just posting photos of what i'm making. Now i'm starting to think thats a bit boring and repetative... over thinking it as well...I don't know!! Thats a hard one to answer. I still feel so new to this - and my 1 year blog anniversary is very soon!xxx

  17. A break or change is good. Take some time away from it and you will know if you are ready to come back to it. It could very well be the time of year with all of the Christmas stuff going on. I spend an enormous amount of time blogging and wonder if I ought to get off my butt and get going with my life sometimes. It's a comfort thing too.

  18. I've just been reading all the kind and thoughtful comments . I think this is why I blog because other people sometimes know what I'm going on about .

  19. I think everyone blogs for completely different reasons. For me, it's purely for entertainment and communication. I'm forced to sit still for an hour three times a day, so I use that time to blog.
    Even though I live alone, I'm never lonely because of all the connections that I've made via blogging.

  20. Come back up north its Troppo weather here!!!
    I blog to connect me with the world as I am in an isolated spot. sometimes I wish I could just pop down the road and visit my friends, we have to be a bit more organised and plan trips to town but blogging makes me feel like I am in the loop and keeps my crafty inspiration going. Plus I think if I had all this stuff in my head I would go mad...its also nice to know I am not the only one :-)

    PS My word verification is tropp!!

  21. sometimes i totally forget why i blog. and the reason why i do blog is so far removed from the reason why i started in the first place. i find that if i feel obliged to post it loses its appeal. for me the solution is to blog when i want to. one of my favourite things about my blog is that it is a kind of online journal of life in my world. the other favourite thing is the ace people that you 'get to know', like you lovely kate

  22. I dont talk too much on my blog, i started it to stay in touch with and share with my daughter living in the US of the things we get up to. I dont have a lot of spare time. I popped in to tell you that your crochet ricrac is a dream. Thanks so much. I needed some healing craft and i think this will help. sweet day x

  23. Dear Kate, you blog because you are an interesting person, with a lot to say. I love how you think about things, and put it out there for the rest of us to ponder for ourselves. I just try to remind myself that I blog because I want to. I want to create a record of my life, something to look back on and reflect. i am always happy when i remind myself of how productive I have been. I haven't blogged too much of late, due to work and houses and a few not so fun things going on, and I find myself limited in what i want to blog about. Just like craft - the more I create, the more creative I am! Blog for yourself, and if others join in the journey, so much the better!

  24. hmmm. i know what you mean. same here. i have my whole big room outside. and i dont go out there. i like to be in here where the heart of my life is. i need to push myself outside in the daytime....but i often get distracted by the garden and dont make it to the room. its nothing to stress about. and men. as lovely as they can be...are still from another planet im sure .

  25. I have been struggling the past few weeks too. I feel like I rush to get things done so that I can blog about them because no one really wants to read about my crazy normal life. I know that's not entirely true but I am in dire need to find a balance between the two. So that I can continue to justify spending a lot of time in blogland. I will say that blogging is helping me to learn and put myself out there in real life but that very positive thing is pulling me away from the blog..Humph..Why does it have to be so complicated.

    All that said, I think we all have our ups and downs here, it's par for the course just gotta roll with it I suppose.

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