Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Fancy Flower Dress.

Good morning!
What's going on in your world today?

Its been pretty warm for the past few days so the boys have been starting work at 8am. We've been taking them morning tea after the school drop off and they are dusty and hot after slashing and ploughing and mowing for a few hours.

There's only a few weeks left of school for the year but my girls have been spending many days at home. They are tired and need some time out and me and Pepper are glad for the company. It also means I can get a bit of sewing done and I have a bigger sized model on hand. Its win win really.
I think Cath sent me that embroidered bit of flower a while back and its been sitting above my sewing machine begging to be sewn onto something. Not just anything mind you. It had to stand out and be made a fuss of. Featured. Framed. Now it is.

Its in my shop.

I'm off to make cupcakes with the girlies.

I hope your day is ace!


  1. Enjoy the cupcake making.
    I miss having my big kids home in the day. We're looking forward to school holidays and lots of sewing lessons.
    Love the dress. I have a largish (blush) pile of doilies from the op-shops around here I really must start repurposing a few more. The girls all need new summer clothes so that may be my aim over the school holidays. Now that I've sewn a few new items for Miss Heather the grot.

  2. Loving this dress and the last dress, very sweet. I'm down your neck of the woods this weekend may see you at the market? Hope the cool change comes soon, I'm over the heat and summer hasn't even started .

  3. It seems Miss Jazzy is suffering from tiredness like Miss Isabelle. I think she needs a day or two of staying at home when it is so hot too. I love the dress, how pretty. Cupcakes sound lovely. We will be cooking dutch pancakes tonight as a little treat after dinner so I am hoping the cool change comes through. Yes I am wishing that the weather would just sit at 25 with a nice cool breeze and I would be quite content.

  4. How funny! I saw the flower and thought I use to have onje like that... yers i definately sent it to you knowing you would make it look lovely! xx

  5. My Monet is home today too, after a major meltdown yesterday. It's always like this come the end of the year. We just had golden syrup dumplings for afternoon tea cause hubby is home and asked why I had golden syrup in the cupboard, is it cheaper than maple syrup? I should be sewing!

  6. Love the dress, its stunning! Enjoy making cupcakes today.

  7. oh there are many mornings when I want to come my M at home from school just because I AM TIRED of the school run!!!! THen I feel guilty that he is missing out on an education, then I read all these posts & feel less the trick would be to keep him quiet until the big boy wakes up after doing night shift......hmmmm that could be a tad tricky!!

  8. I think staying at home is a very good idea, specially for you because it's nearly summertime, sunny and hot. The dress is very nice .I like poppies a lot.
    Jazzy is lovely.

  9. I bet your cupcakes are just the yummiest!!!
    The dress is lovely Kate xo


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