Friday, November 5, 2010

In my...

In my shop...this new addition to the Everything But The Thread range.

This Blue Ruffle Dress is size 4-5.
It is made entirely from vintage sheets, thrifted lace, button and trim and a doily from Rie.
How cute would it look on your princess!

In my mail...over the last week I have been lucky enough to receive this awesome book from Cath. It is like an encyclopedia of needle crafts and looks like it'll be one of those books I am always pulling down from the shelf. Thanks Cath!

Thanks Rie for the package of crafty odds and ends. I only included the fabric and the flowers because the rest is either already in use or been claimed by one of the girlies. And I am embarrassed to say that I cracked one of those long, brown buttons when I thought it was a licorice bullet and took a bite. True!

Thanks Caroline for the beautiful floral fabric fat quarters. Love, love, love! A dress? A skirt? A top? A hat?

And thanks Fran for the stunning scarfette. The only good thing about the freezing weather we are having is that I'll be able to wear it lots.

In Pepper's wardrobe...this cardi Bren's clever Mum knitted. I cannot get over how perfect all the stitches are and how complex the patterns. Kind of reminds me that I've got such a long way to go and so much to learn.

In my birthday loot...Six balls of this deliciousness. Mmmmmmmm

In my mind...a huge thank you for all your wonderful birthday messages. I had a fantastic day. The kind of day when I knew it was my birthday all day long.

The celebrations continue tonight with a dinner date with my farm boy (thanks R&J XX).

So what's going on in your...

I hope its happy. XX

ps. No that kid on my right is not mine.


  1. happy birthday kate. loving your birthday dress.

  2. The dress is so cute. Bren's mum is a very talented knitter and I love how she edged in dark blue too. Glad you had a wonderful birthday! Your new wool looks lovely too.

  3. Glad your Birthday has been a fabulous one, have a beautiful dinner date you two.
    Very wet here just north of Sydney.. Looks like another weekend inventing indoor games for the kidlets.
    Love your latest sewing creation.

  4. That dress and that cardi would look perfect together....both beautiful creations :-)

  5. its all building up here. mates droppping in all day to help for big party tommorow. All having a beer with chef for his birthday- so its now 348pm and he is a bit drunk already. but our place looks so good!
    so glad you had a great birthday. xxx

  6. Well now, thats such a great raw image. You look beautiful and happy.
    No 'blie' in sight!

  7. Hey Kate, looks like you had a happy day yesterday! Hope you have a fun night tonight with Lover boy, sorry, Farmer boy! Did you get my messages & love across the airwaves? Hope so beautiful, catch you soon xo

  8. SO glad you had a wonderful day ( and there was cake and candles - so important and any age)
    Hope you have the best time tonight!!

  9. Oh, that dress! I can't tell you how disappointed I was to read it's not for grown-ups...

  10. Enjoy your date night and Im glad to hear you had a great day yesterday. Happy birthday Kate.

  11. So many beautiful and happy things to see here today. Love it all!

  12. So many great things in your place, shop and mail box :)Have a nice weekend x

  13. Hey Kate, best wishes for the coming year, hope you have a wonderful dinner date with your FB.
    Lots of nice things happening at your place, enjoy the weekend.

  14. Happy birthday lovey! Looks like it was a good one.

  15. My internet is very slow at the moment so your new dress was revealed in tiny steps, as each bit was revealed I loved it more !
    I love them all but this is my favourite . Happy belated birthday !

  16. Gorgeous dress! Happy belated birthday! Love the cake and action shot!

  17. oh that is such a gorgeous dress, Kate!
    I so love it!!! love the lace details in particular, and that gorgeous ruffle!

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday, it sure sounds like it was full of love and laughter.


    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  18. Glad your birthday was such a smashing success. And , yes, I was wondering where you picked up an extra kid!

  19. Somehow I missed your last two posts until just now so...
    it may be a little late but, Happy Birthday!!
    I am so glad that you had a lovely day. May this next year be full of joy and wonder and lovely moments of you time!

  20. מזל טוב
    happy happy birthday! The dress is so pretty love the fabrics =)

  21. happy birthday kate, looks like you have been up to lots of fun....go girl

  22. Beautiful addition love the fun and fancy of all your pieces.
    So glad your happy birthday continued on. One day I will get one like that, one day :P.....

  23. Hi Kate, I just stumbled upon your blog - that dress is so, so adorable and by far the cutest thing I've seen in a while. It should be selling for $138!!!! Happy Birthday hope your day was awesome. Pruxxx

  24. Such a cute dress ! Wish i had a little princess to dress up day!
    Also, I have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award : here's the link :
    Hope you are having a great weekend, Dee x

  25. hope your night was super fun + happy {a little late} birthday :)

  26. Glad you had a great birthday Kate. That blue ruffle dress is just fabulous... wish I had a 4 year old ;) Kx

  27. oh you are so clever! what a gorgeous dress :)

    glad you had a fabulous birthday!

    love your blog :) kel x


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