Thursday, December 16, 2010

The calm before...

One more day until everyone is on school holidays!
Pepper and I made cup cakes to celebrate.
Indi has ridden her bike to Lola's house and I am enjoying a few last moments of calm.

I'm sewing a dress from an old skirt of Emily's.
I always loved that skirt and wished it were mine.
From Emily it went to Meg's and then finally came to me.
But when it did I decided I couldn't wear elasticised waisted skirts anymore, so it sat in a pile for a while. And then this morning I cut it up.
Much better.

I am knitting something that is waaaaaaaaaaay too complicated for me.
I'm only up to about row 10 and already I've had to learn how to do short rows, wrap and turns and I'm about to do something called deep waffle stitch. help!

I am gazing lovingly at this gorgeous rainbow yarn that arrived in the mail this morning.

I am reading, or rather admiring, a picture of our boys.
Farmer Bren and Bingo the maremma are Misters October in The Weekly Times doggy calendar. How cute!!

And we are finally eating fresh, green garlic.
We started harvesting yesterday and my goodness it is wonderful to have great garlic to cook with again.

So what's going on with you?
What are you cooking? Growing? Knitting? Sewing?

Have fun.
See ya!


  1. Beautiful post !
    I am trying to sew my way thru my Christmas to-do list....lots of cushion covers and placemats need to be made, wrapped and placed under the tree. But, those cupcakes look good, maybe some Christmas baking will inspire me......
    Enjoy having the girls home for the holidays,
    Dee x

  2. Where is that gorgeous rainbow yarn from? Love it!

  3. Could you please tell what both of those lush yarns are? thanks -dee

  4. I see you are up to the devils number!! Could be an interesting day! Loving the calendar, might have to go buy the Weekly Times, and yay for the garic! Can't see any mouldy bits! Hope you have a fun, fun day with Pepper, I'm so happy school is over. Lets catch up in the hol's some time, maybe with kids, and without. Hugs xo

  5. Did you notice you have a devilish amount of followers?
    Love the 'new' dress. I hope Emily didn't want it back... :o)
    Ab x

  6. Hubba hubba! Very nice October happening there ;) Love that dress. You have reminded me why I am sticking to knitting simple things. Is it something for you? I have just learn short rows too but waffles sound difficult. Pray do tell, where did that delicious rainbow yarn come from?

  7. oooh lots of lovliness going on there!
    And a pin up boy too!!

    A bit of stressing going on here, with David going to Oz for interview etc. And we might have a bite on the house! It all happens just before xmas of course... much love.xJ

  8. He he he, you married Mr October!! Have fun, can't wait for school holidays, i'm bursting to have my children home, especially as next year is high school & i don't want that to change anything about how much fun my 4 have playing together in the holidays, as happy children, not moody teens. Love Posie

  9. I've just taken a deep breathe and am about to depart blogland heading for the sewing machine via the kettle to start sewing festive presents. (... and I've just thought of that nursery rhyme or children's story about the old man who goes to bed having cut out the leather to make shoes and then the elfs come and sew it up while he sleeps and I'm thinking that perhaps I'll leave out my cut out pieces of fabric with some glasses of milk and left over cake tonight and see if it works for me. wish me luck!)

  10. Love the calendar shot! Enjoy the calm too x

  11. Calendar photo is great. We are cleaning, doing some renovating, (yes it is true) and crocheting as usual!
    Bet that garlic is delicious!

  12. The cupcakes look delicious. I dont think I have ever knitted deep waffle stitch, you will have to have a show and tell later on! Loving the rainbow wool, what gorgeous colors and the little dress is just so adorable!

  13. Hey Kate, lovely calender photo with all those chooks. Beautiful girls and Bingo. We had a Maremma, he was lovely and Bren looking very farmer like......
    I am sewing Stegosaurus's onto t shirts for little boys, growing Sunflowers as high as possible and I am eating a delicious date scone baked by someone else not me, whilst I have a cuppa and surf the net.
    Enjoying the cooler weather and looking forward to the weekend.......

  14. What a beautiful dress:) Just love it!!

  15. Sooo much goodness happening at your place , I am very envious of fresh garlic...Sorry I am no help what so ever with knitting :)x

  16. Loving your new dress Kate!
    Sounds like we are in a similar boat, although over here it aint really calm.
    And about the knitting, if anyone can do it you can!!!

  17. Lots of creativity and goodness at your house Kate! We've been catching up on the washing and chores between thunder storms, though we missed all the hail. I've been working on a new pendant today and finally woven the ends in on five crochet washers and a just finished baby blanket. There's been more goodies in the post, lots of Christmas cards arriving from all over the world and a little boy tucked up in bed with a truck under his arm.


  18. Mr October is a bit of a hottie!

    You are quite the busiest, most creative person I know, Kate. x

  19. Hey Kate, thanks for dropping by.
    You need to get your own Feijoa, they are so beautiful when flowering .
    I love visiting Daylesford, love Cliffy's and the Red Star Cafe,eggs Benedict, mmmmm.
    Cool weekend and more rain on the way, but not as much this time!
    Enjoy yours and that lovely garlic, yum

  20. I think I could almost eat that rainbow yarn for breakfast, it looks just perfect.

  21. Yum garlic :D What a lovely happy post :D

  22. We've been enjoying fresh garlic for a couple of weeks now - it makes the most amazing garlic bread. I'm so impressed that you manage to get all that (non gift) sewing and knitting and baking done this time of year!

  23. The dress is gorgeous. Bren and Bingo are gorgeous. The knitting sounds like it's going to be gorgeous. You are gorgeous Kate. Hope you get through the waffle stitch with no problems. xxx

  24. Yum!!
    fresh garlic and that dress ohhh my!!

  25. That dress is beautiful. Really beautiful.
    Look at that lovely garlic you have- delicious.

    Biscotti and gingerbread men are being baked, some kind of crochet is being fumbled through, and my blueberry and rosemary slowing growing. 3 things that make me smile.

  26. YUM garlic!!! That doggy calendar sounds good, looks like a great picture of your farmer boy and his best friend. Hope you get all you need don befre the holidays!

  27. I've been away from the blogosphere for a while, but am jumping back in! So great to see you and your blog is as fabulous as ever. So much happening. I LOVE your happy list...sorry I missed out :(
    Your star patterned kitchen garden is DIVINE and has me puce with old envy.

  28. Gorgeous dress.
    I am waiting to find out the name of my friends baby(to be born on monday) so I can applique a blanket for him!!!!
    Working on my DD's quilt.
    Bit of knitting.

  29. Kate! I must have some rainbow yarn! Where where where is it from!!!!!!!!!
    Bren and Bingo on the calender= very cool!


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