Friday, March 4, 2011

A morning...a winner...

This morning Farmer Bren wore his new hooded scarf to take the girls to school and to do his farm rounds. He said lots of people asked him about it and loved it. He told me the boys who work here with us said they were jealous and wanted me to make them one each as a staff uniform.

This morning Jazzy pulled out a notebook and a pen and started writing furiously. She wrote down every thought that fluttered through her mind and every word she heard spoken. She wrote and wrote and wrote and forgot to eat or brush her hair or get dressed. So I took the notebook and pen and popped them on a shelf for later on. She could have them back as soon as she was all ready to go to school. But by the time she was ready she had lost her rhythm. She was distraught. I'd ruined everything. She couldn't get back into it. She couldn't remember what to write. I feel terrible.

This morning Miss Pepper, thinking Jazzy was the coolest, got some pieces of paper, made Bren stick them together and me write 'Pepper's writing book' on the cover. She then sat down and started to fill it with her words. Its very important, she says and she has to take it every where she goes.

This morning Miss Indi said she was disappointed that swimming sports had been postponed until next week because it is freeeeeeezing here. She was so excited. She has entered herself in eight events even though you are only meant to compete in five.

Earlier in the week I had offered her to skip school on swimming sports day. I remember dreading that day when I was at school. That day when you have to compete with your classmates, stand around in your bathers and huff and puff up and down the pool. Not my kid. She looked at me like I was insane. She has been looking forward to the big day all year. She loves it.

This morning I asked the Random Number Generator to choose a random number between one and 138 and it chose number 50.

The fiftieth comment was Jo from Bubala!
Congratulations Jo! Send me your postal details and I'll pop your Hooded Scarf kit in the post.

For everyone else, thank you so much for your entries, I wish I had a kit to send to each of you. The lovely Anna of KnitKnit emailed me the with the same thought and would love to offer you a 10% discount off any purchase from her site. Mention my blog, Foxs Lane, in the checkout and she'll refund you the amount.

The details for my Hooded Scarf are Ravelled here.

Its now almost afternoon. I'd better get on with my day. I've got cooking and cleaning and a test pattern to sew up.

I hope your Friday is surprisingly wonderful.

Bye for now. XX


  1. Awe, doesn't he look sweet! I think the others might be right. Very important piece of uniform indeed for your neck of the woods. I wonder how many that would be? Well you do love knitting!

  2. OOOOOH!! It looks great, and Farmer Bren looks cosy in it! It would be SOOO perfect for sitting around the camp fire at night!!

  3. Congratulations Jo :)

    He certainly does look warm, no wonder you've got some more orders!

  4. Hey Kate, I'm with you on the swimming sports, but well done to Miss Indi for a being confident in her swimming ability. Eight events............
    Bren does look nice and warm. It seems that Autumn arrives and the temperature drops. Am loving every minute of it. Have made scones and zucchini soup this morning that's probably more than I have cooked in the last 6 months apart from usual meals. There's something about Autumn, the light, the temp.
    Have a great weekend.

    Claire :}

  5. I LOVE this post... What a lovely scarf and lovely man!!!

  6. Congrats to the winner, lucky you!

    The hooded scarf looks wonderful on Bren, I love that colour.

  7. it's all happnin there isn't it! Bren looks as though there might be some big fat rasta dreadies hiding under his scarf. which is a most lovely scarf hoodie by the way.


  8. I love hearing about your morning and I must say that your Bren looks rather yummy in his scarf/hoody, x

  9. Congratulations to the winner! That scarf looks so warm & comfy on your Farmer Bren & I bet he is pleased to have it on today, freezing!! Your morning sounds a lot like mine, children hell bent on doing their 'thing' like they have all the time in the world. It's not easy getting everyone out the door fully clothed & fed. Gosh I hated swimming sports so much, at least they've held of til the weather improves. Have a great weekedend xx

  10. Hey Kate, are you having a busy Friday? I looked for you this morning, thought you might be having coffee. Bren looks like a wood gnome! Cute. Has winter arrived already? Lets hope not, I want some more sunshine. Lets catch up soon, lots of love xo

  11. I LOVE the hooded scarf...wish it was cool enough here to where one :)
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  12. Waaaah! Maybe next time.

    BTW, don't worry, she will find her rhythm again and again and again. Don't ya hate it when they make out like we're ruining their lives or something... heh, heh. x

  13. The hooded scarf looks great and I love the color too. I am sure Jazzy will get her writing rhythm back, and how sweet that Miss Pepper understands her so well. I think it is fantastic that Indi entered so many swimming events. Isabelle did hers on Wednesday and loved it.

  14. Lovely the tales of life at DO and family. It's so great to hear Jazzy's writing and writing and writing. and she'll have another time of it, all of sudden out of nowhere it'll come back to her, so don't feel too bad. Pepper is sooo cute hehe, I'm sure her writing book is filled with all sorts of important wisdoms.
    And I was exactly the same as you with Swimming day, and athletics day dreaded them all.
    Bren looks very cute in his hood like gnome or sort sort of medival robin hood.
    hope you have a great rest of your day

  15. Love the scarf hoodie kate- I love love love that brown wool.
    have an ace weekend.

  16. Swimming was never my favourite of things either - athletics I did not mind, but you can keep the pool:)

    The hooded scarf looks great - sounds as though you will be busy knitting a few more:)

  17. Oh so cute! Love that wool.

    Congrats to the winner - such a brilliant giveaway!

  18. hi kate . . i think bren definitely looks like a robin hood too :-) and it was just the other day i told veda she could stay home from swimming sports...she didn't need convincing...she was still pooped from camp..happy weekend x x i hope winter hasnt descended on daylesford just yet x

  19. I think they should be a work uniform as well. Love it... I definitely need to move somewhere colder.
    I know how Jazzy feels. Notebook snatched away and rhythm lost...although it's usually one of my kids doing it to me, watch ME mama! So sweet that Miss Pepper wanted to do the same.

  20. I won! Can't believe how lucky am I! Can't wait to feel that lovely green wool and get started (nervously :-)

    And your man looks so lovely and cosy in his.

    Thank you Kate x

  21. rewt rew Bren! looking good there.
    great colour Kate.
    hope your weekend gets a little quieter than your Friday.

    Have a magical day gorgeous girl ♥

  22. I'll have to remember this hooded scarf idea for next winter and find time to make one for everyone in the family.

    I can totally relate to poor Jazzy - why can't inspiration come on demand instead of choosing the wrongest times?!?!

  23. you paint a gorgeous picture of a family that know how to love big. your boy looks handsome in his hooded scarf. i want one.

  24. Oh no poor Jazzie! We had the same thing one morning last week and I got upset for having interupted a brainwave too, I learnt my lesson though and we have been late twice but I dont care, she completed what she 'needed' to and I felt good for just letting go. I am in love with that scarf hoodie, the colour is gorgeous and so manly too!

  25. yeah everybody loved, i looks great on him.

  26. Ooh, I want one in red. Then I could be little red riding hood. Can you have too many scarves? I don't think so.

  27. Hi Kate, the scarf does look good on Bren and the hoodie is in fashion too, how would you suggest the popularity of the hooded scarves in the coming year? Have a nice day today!! XX

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