Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend end.

This weekend we walked through the top orchard and picked some apples and pears and quinces. We filled a crate but left most of them on the trees to ripen some more.

We hung upside down and sang songs that I used to sing when I was little. We drew with chalk and ate toasted sandwiches for lunch and we practised tricks on the trapeze.

We walked around the farm and were carried and we weeded the vegie garden. We painted a bit of the caravan and knitted a couple of rows. We've washed and labeled and packed Indi up for camp tomorrow.

We hung out at The Hepburn Folk Festival where Farmer Bren took some film and then later edited the footage into a little film. Its made him so happy working on that film and that's made me pretty happy too.

And I made another small dress. Ha! Did you think I was going to do an entire post without a dress?

Its in my shop if you were wondering.

Its got a granny pocket for treasure collecting.
All clothes must have pockets these days according to Miss Pepper.

And this one has long sleeves because although the days are bright and sunny, they can get chilly when the sun goes behind the clouds.

What have you been up to?

I hope this coming week is a fantabulous one for all of us!
I hope some really exciting things happen.

Bye for now. X


  1. We went bike riding so the 2 kidlets getting used to either training wheels or gears could practice. We had friends for lunch who had to leave early as their little girls' allergies to our cats started playing up :(
    I spent this afternoon shoo-ing the kids outside to play while I made sure that my new toy *cough* anniversary present (opened 5 days early) worked. I love my new ball winder and swift but am a little sad that the bonding time with hubby while I wind a ball is no more...My little one doesn't demand pockets for her treasures yet. In time I am sure...

  2. I love the apple tree! Yum! The dress is also divine!:-)

  3. Gorgeous colours everywhere. I am actually hoping for a quiet soft week. Nothing exciting. Just simple and comfort. That is what we need.

  4. Sounds like an awesome weekend!!!
    That new dress is gorgeous also :)

  5. Gorgeous photos Kate, orchards are so lovely, and little girls swinging in apple trees - how beautiful!

    I've been making tomato sauce all weekend, and planting bulbs and brassicas in the garden and buying quinces from the farmers market. Must be autumn.

    Take care this week - I hope it's better than the last.

  6. Hey beautiful, how was the folk festival? Hope to see you sometime this week, come see the duckies. It must be fun naming the dresses, I keep thinking of names...Little House on the Prairie Dress, Fairy Tale Dress, Whatever Way the Wind Blows Dress, Dreamy Dress, No Stress Dress...oh, I could bore you for hours! Hope you have a happy Sunday evening xo

  7. Sounds like a heavenly weekend. Hope Indy enjoys camp... & loving your dresses of late.. Super funky folky.

  8. what a yummy, sunny, creative weekend! Hope your week ahead is lovely!

  9. What a beautiful weekend! Hope you have a lovely week too x

  10. Slowish weekend here - lots of plans that got changed or abandoned.
    Glass of wine now and a big breath for the working week .

  11. Sounds like it has been a great weekend for you all.

    Love the dress, it is very pretty...


  12. What a lovely weekend! I love the thoughts of going to pick your own fruit! Our weekend isn't over yet so as Maisie's new word is 'playground' and that's all she's been saying all morning I guess that's where we'll be going!

  13. I helped my man build a man cave- it's like a walk in robe for his garadge! And today we had a spit and some family over to share it! A great weekend. Thanks x

  14. Another gorgeous dress, totally getting the essential pocket concept. My Liongirl will only wear items with pockets- down to about 4 of 20 potential outfits. I think I will have to order one of your dresses to expand the options- now just choosing is the hard bit.

  15. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! x
    I'm having a mini holiday at my in laws this weekend and loving it. At the mo my little 3 year old is helping her grandad do the gardening while my hubby reads the Sunday papers and I do a bit of blogging. Enjoy the rest of your week. Leah x

  16. You've been busy! I love all of your little dresses and wish I had a little miss to sew dresses like that for. Our apples are ready now too and a few like yours need a bit more time to ripen. The weather has been good here for fruit this year. Enjoy your week!

  17. It's spring here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA and I have been planting peas and carrots and lettuce.
    I just started another blog where I am documenting my journey to a healthier home and body and I am in my last year of grad school where I am getting my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.
    I'm also planing on taking part in knitting blog week and have posted the guidelines on my blog.

    Hope you have a beautiful week,

  18. the fabric on those sleeves is beautiful! Sounds like a lovely weekend at your place, I can't believe you have a trapeeze!! I hope your big girl has a wonderful time on camp..xx

  19. We had toasties for lunch on the weekend and they were great - I forget how simple and yummy thay can be!!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend and I wish you all the best for a happy week ahead!

  20. OH! KATE! I could look at these daddy and daughter pix all day....perfect.

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