Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sewing & selling & shopping.

I was walking through the most gorgeous shop the other day when all of a sudden those familiar thoughts started talking to me. They were saying things like: Hey I could sell my stuff here. My little dresses would look so great hanging up on these racks. How wonderful would it feel to see my clothes as part of this stunning collection...

But pretty soon after it started, it stopped. I don't have to have that conversation in my head anymore. Now I have my own shop.

And I love having my own online shop.

I love that I get to make whatever I want, how I want, whenever I want, as the inspiration drives me.

I love that the customer pays the price I think is right rather than double that.

I love that I 'know' so many of the little princesses my dresses are going to live with and I love the interactions and stories and feedback and photos I get from their Mamas/Grandmothers/friends who buy them.

Blog posts like Vic's and Catherine's make my day!

I love that I have my own paypal account with my own money in it. As anyone who runs their own business knows, often you don't actually get paid a wage for the work you do. So I feel happy and guilt free spending a little bit here and there on some craft supplies. Some yummy hand dyed yarn, a knitting pattern, a Foxs Lane stamp or a book, I've earned them myself. Yay!

So I guess this is just an enormous thank you to everyone who has bought something from my shop, has commented on something I've made, has been supportive, has suggested something or sent me something that they thought I could use.

Thank you Vicki for the parcel of doilies.

Must be off now. Indi gets home from camp in an hour and I still have to make her bed and make her favourite dinner.

So do you buy online? Do you have your own little shop? How's it going?

Bye for now. X


  1. I do! I have a teeny little Etsy shop that opened this week! I haven't made a sale yet, but I'm having so much fun setting things up...

    Your dresses amaze me, Kate, and I'm not one bit surprised at how successful you've been. :)


  2. I love having my own store too. I love browsing other's stores and buying here and there. I wish my store sold more, but you get out what you put in and lately, I've been slack so there's no one to blame but me!

    I love doilies too!

    And healthy paypal accounts!

  3. I do love your colourful shop!
    Mine is not well looked after at the moment but now I'm feeling better I will get back to it! Can't wait to invest a bit more time and energy!

  4. Hi Kate - Your shop online has inspired me. I have been making bits and pieces and selling them at an Antique Centre in Tyabb. I have my own stall there that I rent a space of concrete and have fitted it out myself. I don't have to be there - just have all the prices and my stall number.

    I think I would like to do online though - my kiddy clothes are slow at Tyabb. I would love to get into markets too. But at the moment, I have taken on University study - so my poor best friend (Sewing Machine) has had not much attention lately!
    xo Rach

  5. Hi Kate,

    I have my own shop. When I first started it I wanted to create another platform to sell my artwork. I found it really difficult to get my art out there being a self taught artist and not knowing many people in Aussie. So cut a long story short I started my own shop and art website, the shop was really busy around xmas but has quietened down a little now, everyone seems to be holding on to their pennies. For good reason...I can fully relate to how you feel.

  6. Yes, I but online and especially handmade. I love that I can buy something that has been lovingly crafted with a real pair of hands and as a sewer/crafter/artist (whatever!) I appreciate the work and creativity that goes into handmade goods.
    I do have an Etsy shop, it's going poorly but I live in hope. Like you - I like to sell my creations in order to earn pocket money for more craft.

  7. I'm so glad you love your shop - it is full of lovely things, and I'm so glad I own an original "Everything but the Thread" dress!

    I have a bigcartel shop too - I love it. Yardage Design was lost in the crowd on Etsy, and the move made a massive difference to my Papal balance. I can highly recommend it for those not sure (the cost is about the same all up, and it is sooo much easier to add products).

    This is my little shop:

  8. I have tried to buy stuff off etsy, I have made one purchase, beautiful wooden jewellery. But it does my head in really, I get a bit lost and overwhelmed. I do like your set up- link from your blog kind of thing.
    Of course, my farmer boy, well, he is all about 'online shopping' which is really rather amusing if you knew him (bigger on nature and hard physical work than technology, 'so' not a gadget person). A little plug for him-

  9. your shop looks amazing, you go girl!

  10. I got so much out of this post Kate. You have noooo idea. get ready for a 'list!'
    i was thinking of how to 'nicely' avert some emails from people wanting wholesale prices
    how to thank everyone at once for their generosity without favouritism because everyone contributes whether they may send extra things they have no need of or are lovely enough to just pop in on you EVERY single day to give you a boost
    how to say the 'm' word without sounding as if thats all your about
    how to mention you love the buzz of shopping online without making me jealous
    how to ask others how their shops are going

    youre the best at putting (my)thoughts to words

    glad to have Nic's input too
    Ive been meaning to 'allow' bigcartel to have me

  11. I have not yet taken the leap to start selling yet...but am getting there.
    I absolutely adore your dresses, I wish I had a little girl to buy them for :)

  12. I am with Tammi, but working on the little girl....then I too can purchase one of your stunning dresses, they are so cute! TK xx

  13. I'm thrilled you've stuck with YOUR shop, it's gorgeous!
    Hey Darling the 3kg satchel has become a box ... any day now, promise ;~)

  14. Love the dresses and fabrics and those crocheted pockets.

  15. I don't have a shop, but I just love from this post that you are making your girl's bed up fresh and cooking her favourite dinner for home coming. Warmed my heart really.

  16. That's so wonderful Kate, they really are just so lovely!

  17. I'm actually in the process of setting up a little online shop, and I'm finding the process exciting, challenging, and creatively it's been great for me to articulate things like- how do I want to do it, how do I want to present myself, how do I connect with and learn from others further down this road than myself.
    I love your dresses- I hope it continues to go well for you.

  18. Lovely post, Kate. They are all the reasons why I have my online shop too... problem is that I hardly ever get to stock it really because there's always a birthday or a thank-you gift to be given. Anyway... one day it'll have things in it that people might want ;) It's nice knowing it's there and there's no pressure to keep the shelves stocked. Congratulations on your shop - loving the 2nd blue dress especially... do you think it'll stretch to be a mama's top? ;)

  19. right with you sista, i have recently come to this conclusion too!! no more shops, just market and maybe a big cartel shop down the line.

  20. No , I don't buy online at all. never.

    yeah RIGHT!
    I much prefer it in many ways. I actually find the quality very high and I would rather pay the extra than have to drive somewhere. I esp. like foxy ladies who make lovely little girls dresses.

  21. hi kate, you have quite a 'rack' going on there! (ahem, clothes that is) they look lovely all hanging there together. i love shopping online, it's how i do most of my non grocery shopping. i have had a shop on etsy but i've been slack and i want to get into markets for a bit. hope indi had a lovely time!


  22. Kate,

    Thank you so much for the most fabulous parcel, I was so amazed with all the other things as well (very Special) as the OHHH SOOO BEAUTIFUL skirt for my little petal. I have not given the things to them yet as I was saving them for Easter, so no news on the blogg. My darling petal loves to read all my emails and blog so I have kept very quiet otherwise she would know. THANK YOU AGAIN you are so beautiful just like the amazing things that you make.

  23. I love your cute crochet pockets ... at what age are you too old to wear one? Is 35 too old? Think I am best to just keep my eye on your shop for my girls - My Baby E already has a fav skirt .... I will be sure to by one next time there is one for sale!

  24. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'm glad that you have your own shop where I can shop, way over here on the other side of the world. That said, I guess I've missed that granny pocket dress in today's post. I like your work very much, and someday I will catch just the one in your own shop! Thank you. :)

  25. I love buying and selling online.
    Every single penny in my paypal account just gets spent on more craft supplies and fabric. It's a bit like monopoly money!

  26. I love that you have your own shop too Kate! And I love that you share your gorgeous pics of your work here on your blog. You're very inspirational and I can only hope one day, I might even have a business of my own... like yourself... online or otherwise.

  27. I'm glad you enjoy sewing...because your dresses are so sweet. I bought two from you a few weeks ago and have been meaning to send you an email to say thankyou. They are absolutely gorgeous. My daughter loves hers. I fnally got around to sharing some pics of her in it on my blog today.

    I used to sell some of my handmade creations online. But sadly I found making to sell killed my passion for sewing. So I gave it up. But I loved the experience.

  28. hmm, I've never thought about having my own Etsy shop, but if we don't end up with a girl child I might open one just so I can still sew all the cute girl dresses waiting in my refashion pile and in my head.
    Mostly though, I want to keep whatever I sew or I've made especially for someone else (and sometimes, I want to keep those too!).

  29. Just starting out selling my handmade soaps online through Big Cartel and my blogsite - and starting our first ever farmers market stall this weekend - very exciting times indeed - had three sales in the past two days - such a thrill!

  30. You make me wish I weren't so dammned lazy & would organise a shop of my own sometime this century!!!

    Thank you (again, and again, and again...) for making such lovely things & selling them to us!

  31. absolutely beautiful Kate! you are simply amazing & all the little cuties out there wearing your creations are absolutely gorgeous.

    keep on doing what you do gorgeous gal, you are awesome.

    much love & hugs to you ♥

  32. funny, i thought id love to make lots of things to fill my own shop. Then i felt pressure to produce for markets and such so decided to stop markets. its nice to be your own boss and i haven't sewn anything for a while, and that's ok too.
    x cinti

  33. Loved your post! :-)

    I do have my own shop, too. But it is rather new and I have not had many sales yet.

    I am hoping it will get better though. :-)

    And yes, I do buy online. Actually quite alot. But I live in a village and have two small kids. So it usually is the way easier option to buy online than to travel to the next city and go shopping there ...

  34. Hi Kate , only just came across your lovely blog and it struck a chord with me. Have really enjoyed reading all these comments too. Have been contemplating starting up a bigcartel shop but as I have only just set up a blog am wondering if I need to get that going a bit longer....
    Thanks for the insight.

  35. Hi Kate , only just came across your lovely blog and it struck a chord with me. Have really enjoyed reading all these comments too. Have been contemplating starting up a bigcartel shop but as I have only just set up a blog am wondering if I need to get that going a bit longer....
    Thanks for the insight.

  36. Wish you made these dresses for adults too! love them x

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