Monday, March 21, 2011

On a Monday.

Yesterday we had a little stall at the local Buddhist school's Autumn Equinox Fair. We sold a bit of jam and garlic and some dresses and t'shirts and skirts from long ago when I used to do markets. I also made up a few things especially for the occasion.

We had such a fun day catching up with friends and playing and quite a bit of selling too.

The best part of all was seeing the little princesses running and twirling and dancing in my dresses all afternoon.

The second best part of doing my pilates class every Monday morning (the best part is that my Farmer Boy has started coming along too), is the time spent with some older and much wiser women. Over the years these women have guided and supported me through some tricky parenting and life stuff. Sometimes we joke that we all come along to hang out together the exercize is secondary.

This morning these women assured me that difficult social situations at school are important for kids' development into strong, independent, socially aware adults. They told me that it is also probably so much more difficult for me than it is for her.

Its nothing major. Just a bit of friendship negotiating and not being sure where she fits but with this new advice I feel like I can support her through it without getting too involved myself.

I love living in a town where the post office lady asks me what I'm planning on knitting with the squishy parcel that's just arrived, when the guy at the cafe knows my coffee order even though I only go there once a week, when the local doctor tells me to go past his house and help myself to a box of quinces and when the guy at the fruiterer let's me come back at school pick up time to pay him the $10 I owe him. All on a Monday morning.

I made a play date for Miss Jazzy yesterday with a little girl I was sure she'd be thrilled to hang out with. The girl told Jazzy. Jazzy later told me that I am most certainly not allowed to set these kind of things up without consulting her first. And, she would not be going anyway.

Oops! Now I have no idea how I am meant to get her out of it. How was I to know we'd reached a more independent level of socialising?

This afternoon I have been doing some housework in my shop. At least its happening somewhere right?! I have been dusting, making sure the hangers are all facing the same way and refolding. Ugh, I do not miss my days in retail.

I've also removed all the sold stock and am slowly photographing and adding some new bits and pieces.

Better go now, its time to pick the girls up and take Indi to singing and Jazzy to creative dance.

I hope your week is creating and inspiring and fun.

Bye. X


  1. Aw, you make me feel all nostalgic for REALLY small town living, although having been there & done that I know I'd rather not. As much as you like being known around the place I like my relative anonymity; it affords me the small joys of grumping about without having to speak to anyone or run down the street looking frightful with very little fear of running into anybody I know... ;)

  2. i so love reading your posts kate! thanks for sharing.



  3. green floral skirt, you are a gorgeous sister to the blue dress!

  4. A group of strong wise woman is a wonderful thing to have. I'm sure you help them out to and give them things that perhaps you are not even aware.
    I remember from my school days at about Indi's age I went through a similar thing, and like your friends said i think it helped make me stronger. I'm sure it is much more difficult for you than her. Being her mum you just want never for her to hurt or struggle.
    You know it's funny I have a bit of what you have in my local shopping village and around Albert Park, I guess I've lived there so long since i was a kid, people know me, what i like, the post office ladies like my packages I send off and it's a gorgeous thing, it's probably the biggest reason I haven't moved, and don't want to at this point in time.
    Loving your new stock, especially the purple pocket skirt and that's saying something from a purple hater.

  5. So many of your skirts have a patchworky feel to them. Yay!!!
    Good luck with the parenting stuff.
    I'm about 4 years behind you (I think) so keep those words of wisdom coming so I can enjoy your motherly learnings too!!
    Andi xx

  6. sigh, I have had a bit of that with my girl. But then, I have have also had a bit of that with ME lately- negotiating adult relationships has been tricky for me- dealing with conflict (not run a mile), advocating for myself, being me and having good intention...blimey. I am envious of you and your wise women.

  7. Great post Kate.

    I love the personal touch of community in a small town. I miss this where I am living now. Maybe again one day...

    Wishing you a lovely day,


  8. trying to work out the winner...think its the green wrap skirt BUT.....the pink/purple pocket skirt is also up if I just had a little girl then life would be just peachy in TK world!!! Maybe that may happen soon, a post for another day, early days yet so will wait and see what pans out!!...are you intrigued...I hope so! Life is an intriguing journey, TK xx

  9. Gorgeous cloths. I wish I was in Oz so I could buy it all up.

    Aaa.. the social life of children, specially girls, - I'm dreading it, will have to remember to keep my mouth shut and stay out of it as much as possible as I don't think I'll be much help resolving problems.

  10. Great post, love the litle skirt's!

  11. I know what you mean about getting emotionally involved in your daughter's social life. I'm watching my little girl negotiate those early kindergarten friendships with my heart in my mouth. She's tougher than I give her credit for, but 4 year olds can be ruthless. The other day as we arrived she ran excitedly up to one of her classmates, and the girl told her that she couldn't play with her group because her shoes had velcro instead of buckles. It was horrible to see my little girl's enthusiasm instantly deflated. The ball of anxiety in my stomach after THAT incident lasted for days!

    I think I need your pilates group!

    I love the purple pocket skirt, by the way.

  12. Love all your clothes Kate. I love the casual and trusting nature or people in country towns. We are very lucky.

  13. Oh we've had friendship negotiation issues here too. Moo used to have a best friend, but then that friend didn't want to play with her any more. It hurt me so much to see her so sad.

  14. I grew up in a little country town, and, by the time I finished high school, I was sure I would never want to live in one again - but reading your blog helps me remember all the good stuff about it... thank you!
    Loving all the new shop stock!

  15. Lovely day you've described Kate. After moving from a big city I was inititally nervous about everyone knowing everything about me, but actually the connections I've made are what I have come to cherish about small-town life.

    Beautiful dresses and skirts - especially that green wrap skirt, now sold. Lucky buyer of that one.


  16. In the absence of any daughters, and also having a serious vintage fabric infatuation, can I suggest perhaps a green floral wrap skirt in a size 12 ladies?!

    I always feel very inspired by your creativity and positivity. Thank you :)

  17. I love your world, Kate. Thanks always for the peek over the fence. x

  18. I love each and every piece of clothing in this post... beautiful! Such a treat to look at these. That is too funny about Miss Jazzy, I can just imagine how innocently that misunderstanding would have taken place. I'm sure I won't recognise once we've reached that line also... I can see myself setting up playdates for them well into their teens, heheehee, well maybe not ;o)

  19. At the moment I am a ex-country town, currently big smoke girl. But gee, your posts remind me of how warm and familiar it was to live in a small town. I do miss it. The city can be so isolating. My heart breaks a little each time my kids get hurt, phyisically or emotionally. I agree with those sages that offer you advice- it does seem to hurt us more than our resilient kidlets most of the time.

  20. Your description of the town you live in, makes me smile... and dream.

  21. I love your creations Kate! ♥

  22. Bummed I missed out on buying the green wrap skirt ... there will be one more very cute princess out there wearing that!!

  23. Hi Kate- love your work! love your stories too.

    cheers, gillian

  24. OH girl you are so amazing..Love your sweet little clothes and that stripe skirt is fantastic...

  25. we've just been away for a week. for a moment i was seduced by all the big city bling, but coming home to what you have just described here is what it's all about for me. . .

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