Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Me and my big girl.

Its a fascinating, exciting and challenging thing to watch your first born grow up. To watch her push through developmental stages. To see what excites her, what challenges her, what inspires her and what upsets her. To celebrate her achievements and to struggle with her difficulties. To watch her slowly become who she is going to be.

Lately I've been watching her flit between wanting the independence and freedom of a teenager to being really childlike. I guess that's what being 10 is all about.

With her friends here for a few days over the weekend I watched her act too cool for school at times pushing boundaries and showing us and her sisters attitude and then other times she reverted back to being my baby needing cuddles when she fell over and hurt herself and thanking me profusely for feeding and looking after her and her friends.

I'm excited for her as her big wide world opens up gradually, but I am also mourning my baby, our first born.

When she asked me recently to knit her some arm warmers I was thrilled. I haven't turned into her embarrassing Mum who knits just yet. She and her particular style of dressing wanted me to make her something and let me tell you it has been a very long time since she's worn anything I've made.

I knitted the first one a few days ago and she wore it immediately.When the second one was looking too brown, I knitted it longer for myself. Then I knitted another long and one more short and we have two pairs. One for me and one for my girl.

We wont wear them at the same time, but I like that it still does kinda tie us together. We both have the same. Me and my girl.

It also felt quite emotional to be knitting with Japanese, Noro wool as the horrific events of the past few days unfolded. Our hearts and thoughts are with all those affected.

All toasty pattern details are here.

Maybe I'll have something else to talk about one of these days. I'm a bit obsessed at the moment.

Have a safe and happy week.

Love Kate X


  1. Kate, my Miss G is 11 1/2. She too had a friend over on the weekend. I remember reading your post about the litter on a trip to the park with your daughters friends.

    I think you are doing a great job, and although our daughters need to grow up. I have a feeling, those hand knitted delights (your toasties and my poncho) will be treasured by them.

    Just because the world may have said when I was young that craft etc was for 'dorks' - I think those notions have been dispelled for our girls. It seems pretty cool these days to actually have a mama that cares. That is what is cool!

    Love Rach ox

  2. I can totally relate to this post Kate. I'm feeling very emotional of late as I watch our big boy grow. That tricky time between being a little kid & a teen. Thanks for reminding me that it's natural, still sad, but exciting & new for all of us. I just want to hold him so tight & never let go, but at the same time it's wonderful to watch him develop into who he is going to be...x

  3. Kate, I know exactly how you feel. The good thing is its not all bad, your relationship changes but grows in a new way, though I've been struggling with it all myself!
    Also the changes come and go as you say, giving you time to hold them close a while longer (now I've made myself teary!)

  4. Seriously Kate, you just made me cry. You have an ability to comment so beautifully on life.

  5. you have touched on the true heartache of being a mum...my little M is 9 1/2 and growing up so much and being so independant and so much of what we have as special between us is not too cool any more.....I am sad about that and as he is my only child there is this big part of me who wants him to remain my little M BUT then I see how he is growing up, his fantastic ideas and his brilliant imagination that knows no bounds! and that fills me with joy because when all is said and done - he is my M and that will never change!! Thankyou for your post today,TK xx

  6. I am now entering the pre teen times with eldest Gdaughter who turns 10 tomorrow Time goes so fast enjoy every little moment you can and good luck in the teens.
    Love the mittens do you have a pattern?

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  8. A beautiful post Kate. My big girl will be 9 soon, and I just want to keep the double numbers away for a whilel longer. So much of being a parent is hoping that you have given your kids the skills to make the right choices, the ability to admit when the haven't, and the knowledge that you will always be there for them.

  9. when they are all lined up they look like tree stumps. Me Likey. xx

  10. Oh, I think you talk about plenty, Kate. Although I'm not nearly there yet with my little ones (although, as you say, it comes around quickly, huh?) I really related to your beautiful depiction af a mumma watching her bird learn to fly. I am certain you will always be (quietly) cool in her eyes! x

  11. what a beautiful post Kate, what a beautiful image of these snuggly warmers tying you together.
    I don't think she will ever be embarrassed of you, because well you're tops !!

  12. simply beautiful Kate. The colours, the entwined hands and a beautiful daughter.


  13. I think that knitting with Noro is a perfect way to honour the Japanese in the present time - and to support their economy too!

    I discovered Noro for the first time yesterday in a wool shop in Sassafras, where the ladies who ran the shop were behind the counter knitting as we spoke :). I didn't buy any, but certainly intend to and wonder why I hadn't known of the gorgeous yarns until now.

  14. I say embrace the obsession. If you are feeling the emotions show them. It's a huge step she is on the brink of taking, I'm already gulping at the thought of it when it's my boys turn. The arm warmers are gorgeous, and so are your words Kate.

    ...and that top photo of 'freeze' is the best.

  15. What a gorgeous post.
    I love that you have matching arm warmers and while I have no doubt that at some point your daughter will think that "is like, so like, totally not cool" deep down she will always love that you had this moment and that you took the time to make them for her. Just wonderful!

  16. These are so gorgeous, my favourite colours and tones. Gee I wish I had a daughter.
    This is my first time at your blog, and it's gorgeous. Thank you.

  17. they are very funky!
    I was just thinking the other day that I'm going to blink and my eldest will be all grown up and I'll wonder where my baby has gone...makes me a bit sad actually (but that's all part of life :-))

  18. I would have felt funny knitting those with that wool as well. I am going to Crochet some Japanese Flowers and send my blessings and white light while I make them. BTW I love the arm warmers, I am waiting for some possum/merino from NZ to make myself some. 10 is so big and it has gone so fast hasn't it! :-)

  19. My first born started school this year and oh my. I want her to go and meet new friends. Continue to grow and develop into her own little person. But then, I wish she was back here in my safe little bubble where I know who she is playing with, who her friends are and what she is doing.
    I am not looking forward to her growing up (well I am, but I'm not) (oh and let's not govthere with Baden, raising a boy scares the shot out of me:)
    Hugs to you and hug here as long as she will let you. Oh, and remember that when she is married with children of her own she will come back to you for help and guidance.

  20. apparently as parents we hold their hands for a while and their hearts forever. x

  21. These are gorgeous - going to check out the pattern now but am suspecting they might be beyond my knitting capabilities!! I'm utterly terrified of my now 6 yr old being 12. Or 16. Fingers in ears, la-la-la. But I love your thoughtfulness and description of the growing up process. You rock. Lucky children. xx

  22. Isnt it nice that our girls still need us even though they are at that age where they want to be independant. I was happy to see that my little girl still really is a little girl trying to juggle the feelings that she sometimes has around friends of growing up too fast. I have decided to not watch the news after seeing so much devastation of Japan and I do hope that they can recover from this awful tragedy which is very terrifying still, and they probably face a lot more challenges ahead with the nuclear plant too.

  23. Hi Kate
    she'll always be your girl...small or big... i have my sis home now...big relief..and big heartache for japan x o

  24. I've just read your feature at Maxabella's Place. Love it. And love these fingerless gloves.

    Divine. All of it. All of you. xx

  25. Hopping on from Maxabella's blog. I enjoyed this post so much and I'm looking forward to reading your old posts. Glad to have discovered you ;-)

  26. i love to knit too, where on earth do you get a pattern for arm warmers? They look Great!
    This is a lovely post and it's message about geowing up is the reason why i wished i had 10 kids so i would be old and grey by the time my baby left the nest... alas i had the two and wish i could hold them tight forever...
    New here and may stop by again..

  27. beautiful in every respect! just found you via maxabella loves and thrilled i have. jane x

  28. Stunning Kate, just STUNNING!! lOve it so much it hurts.
    It's just stunning xo

  29. *hugs* Both pairs look gorgeous. It is great than the kids wear whatever we make for them, isn't it? My 4 year old is fascinated by the idea of being a teenager and wants to know if everyone around her is one and when she'll become one herself. I hope you'll enjoy the teenage years much more than you think you will now - from reading your blog last couple of months I'm sure you'll see the positives.

  30. I love it that you've put my thoughts into words. As my eldest approaches 13 and my youngest 2, I too am mourning the changes. God! They can take my breath away. I'm even starting to count down the nappy changes...
    It's new stages for all of us, I guess. Lucky I've got about 50 million photos...


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