Friday, March 25, 2011

Week ended.

The Bright and Cheery Dress.

Phew, its Friday!!
Hooray for Friday.
Its been one hellava week.

See ya later second last week of March. I am thrilled to see the back of ya!

Crappy weeks call for nice cozy food and activities to get you through them don't you think?

Here are a few things that have gotten us (mainly me) through the past week:

  • Chocolate chip cookies. Baking and eating.
  • Knitting something easy and relatively stress free.
  • Lighting our first fire of the year. (Sorry Dad I know its not Anzac day yet!)
  • Vodka with pink grapefruit juice.
  • Lovely blog comments.
  • Getting dressed a bit fancy for the day to day.
  • Sharing my Ravelry love with my girls.
  • Sewing with Wendy's sweet doily pockets. See dress above.
  • Giving Miss Jazzy a jar of quince jelly and a packet of crackers to share with her class. Did you know not one single kid in her class could identify a quince!
  • Part time schooling.
  • Updating my shop.
  • Advice from my Mum that once you take the friendship power away from the mean girls and go and play with someone else, they'll want you back and be oh so lovely. It worked when we were kids and it still works now.
  • Homework club.
  • Loud dancy music.
  • Indulging Miss Pepper in her being a baby. Blankies and baby talk and no shoes oh my.
  • Relaxed mornings and being late to school.
  • Homeopathics.
  • Adapting my dress pattern for Autumn. See dress above. Its got longer sleeves for the chillier days and they are elasticised at the wrist to stop them from dipping into your porridge.
  • Spending one on one time with my big girl.
  • Realising that we only have three months here and then we are away on our great caravan adventure.
  • Cuddles in the kitchen with my Farmer Boy.
  • Lego cities.
  • The promise of a slow, cozy weekend filled with family, yummy food, a music festival and a lot of hanging out at home.
I do hope you've had a better week than me. Have you? Do you have tricks for getting through the tough times?

Have a wonderful weekend you guys.

Bye now. XX


  1. Love the new style dress....have a fab weekend and that holiday will be here before you know it.

  2. Hello my dear. Sorry you had a crappy week. I'm sure next week will be fabulous to make up for it. When I have a crappy week I try and spend time on my own to relax and recharge in preparation for the next session.

  3. Sorry to hear you've had a bad week. If it's any tiny consolation your parcel made me very happy this week :-)

    When I'm feeling like it's all on top of me taking stock of all the good in my life helps, but I knnow it's not so easy to do when you're in the middle of hard times. Take it easy.

  4. I, in such situations of yukness, cry, get a cuddle from chef, eat chocolate, partake in retail therapy, cry again, maybe cry some more, eat more chocolate, realise this isn't helping, so will change tact- do some exercise and get really hot and sweaty and feel better with some endorphins, have some logic and perspective and then feel better.

    hope it gets better. xx

  5. I'm glad you found some lovliness in your crappy week. It's nice to still be able to get comfort from the ordinary, by simply thinking to appreciate it. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  6. aren't mum's the best with advice!!! I am so pleased to read you had late mornings to school...with no apologies!! Hope your weekend is warm & cosy, love to you all, TK xx

  7. I deal with difficult times usually with denial. Today I did it by ignoring a phone call and the doorbell ringing. Naughty me!

  8. Hmmmm... vodka with pink grapefruit juice :) Kx

  9. Iam sorry you had a bad week.
    I hope it gets better! its very true what your mother says about girls..I really feel for your daugther.

    I just wanted to let you know that you make my day brighter when i can read your blog !

    I wish you better days to come!
    You have many good tricks for those tough days, I liked them and will store them in my head for a time that i might need them.;)


  10. I think relaxing my "rules" or expectations is a big part of my coping approach (I have learned some new strategies from reading your list too - thank you!). I really hope you have a lovely weekend, and that the weeks ahead have more fun and less crappiness... xo

  11. It's been a crapola week of quite a high level, peaking at Monday here. Maybe something was in the air...
    What helped it along? Wearing my earrings from The QLD Relief Auction I won. Finally hearing little giggles again. Jelly snakes. Chai. and reading snippets of lovely blogs...
    Hope your next week is a better one Kate.

  12. Am I correct in guessing youve been playing with the 'mean girls'? Or did you mean your young ones...
    Ive done four of the same things you did.
    The doiley pockets are obvious, vodka and pink grapefruit, of course nice blog comments and lastly cuddles in the kitchen with my not quite yet farmer boy. Gotta do that surprise vegie patch for him soon!
    sending love

    p.s guess whos coming to mine tomorrow???? so super excited

  13. I hope next week is better for you. This one was OK for us, but March as a whole has been pretty stressful and not great, so I'll be glad when April arrives. When things are crap, we treat ourselves to little things, get out of the routine, and often, get out of the city - just for a drive, to get "some air" as my Brendan says. Love your dresses!

  14. Here's to the weekend. I'm so glad you found a way through your big girl's dilemma. I'm going to store that little gem of advice for another day!

    I bought quinces today, and a box of tomatoes and a few perfect figs... I like to cook when the world's all wrong. Batches of things I can freeze or bottle. It helps me feel like I'm in control of something. Other things that help are gardening, beach walks, good books, sewing, deep breathing, and if all else fails, a day in bed (as if!)

    Love the dresses!

  15. More beautiful clothes... ahhhhh! So talented you are :o)
    For someone who has had a tough week, you remain so very positive in your posts. All your posts breathe enthusiasm. But sorry to hear it's been a tough one. The last few weeks have been a hard slog in our little world also. I guess the main trick I use for weeks like these is to tell myself that EVERYTHING is transient and better times are just around the corner. Happy Weekend Kate :o)

  16. I hope next week, and April bring happier times Kate.

    I had to laugh though ~ Anzac Day, heaters come on after then for winter in my family!

  17. Glad you could find the hidden loveliness in a less-than-optimal week, Kate. Hang in there...

  18. It seems that all those wonderful things helped you through your week! Love the new style of the dress. I am guessing that in no time at all you will off on your caravan adventure having a wonderful time, hope you take lots of pics of where you visit too.

  19. Sorry you have had a bad week, we all have them from time to time but having things to make you feel better Helps

  20. What a week! I'm going to take careful note of your list of getting through the tough times tricks, wonderful thanks so much for sharing. I wish you a beautiful weekend with your girls & farmer boy, enjoy!
    Your dresses are gorgeous & I love the long sleeved version..x

  21. I'm sorry you're feeling sad Kate. Hopefully the next week is happier and you'll appreciate it more because of the sadness of this one.

    No go have a walk, it always lifts my spirits to walk in the garden and admire the wonder of seasons.

  22. Hope your weekend is great.
    Where are you going in that caravan? Sounds wonderful

  23. One of my new years resolutions was to wear a dress at least once a month - the idea being to try to embrace a little fancy for the I'm so with you on that one :-)
    oh, that and the chocolate chip cookies!!!
    have a great weekend Kate

  24. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and the next week will be much better.

  25. I hope your Sunday is full of lazy, slobbiness as Sunday's should be.
    Wishing you a much better week ahead. Who knows, I could have really cool show-and-tell to make you smile xxxx

  26. some weeks, it's nice to have stuff to get you through what ever is it, and your list looks pretty good. Thank your mum for the advice, because I think that will come in handy here too!


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