Saturday, March 19, 2011

my day...

Today I woke up from a dream that's been at the back of my mind all day long. I spoke to my folks just before who told me they think the main character is not really the main character but someone else. Then they told me it might not be someone else but it might be a part of me. Now I'm really intrigued.

Today Miss Indi and her friend put on a show for me that was actually entertaining and funny and well rehearsed. I loved it! I've been watching little kid shows for about seven or eight years now. Shows that involve lots of chaos and screaming and mayhem. Shows that often end in tears. Today's was like something different entirely. Bring on more of these I say, I'm watching.

The other day Indi was scrolling through my blog and commented that there are hardly any photos of her. Today Miss Indi was more than happy to go outside and pose with the new cushion for me. Hooray!

Today Miss Jazzy told me that she loves her new friend so, so,so much and often she is happy just to sit around and listen to the sound of her laugh.

Today Miss Pepper spent almost the entire morning on my lap.

Today in an effort to cheer up a child, I sang and did a wild and crazy dance to a Violent Femmes song. After looking at me in horror for a minute, everyone joined in.

Today when I drove Indi's friend home she thanked me for having her. A bit of a welcome change after some recent visits.

Today my farmer boy spent the day making cider with his friends. When everyone arrived with their apples they were weighed and noted down and once the cider is made everyone will get their percentage back.

Today my sister took Indi to a ceramics class. I think its really important for Indi to be spending time with other adults. She had fun but said all they talked about was having babies so she didn't talk much.

Today me and Jazzy and Pepper popped into Beck's house for a visit. Sometimes even just a few minutes with a gorgeous friend can brighten up your whole day.

Today I took Jazzy and Pepper out for coffee and they had a macaroon each. Jazzy chose a raspberry one and Pepper an apple pie.

Today a little boy told me he loved the green cushion I was crocheting in the cafe.

Today I corrected a woman who asked me what I was knitting when I was actually crocheting.

This evening we are eating plums and apples from our trees for desert. Farmer Bren brought in a load in his t'shirt after feeding the dogs. I don't think the apples are ready but the girls don't seem to care.

Miss Pepper is asleep in my bed next to me as I type this. Is there anything more delicious than a sleeping child?

Today I finished the final stitches on my Granny Tic-Tac-Toe cushion, clever Michelle's latest pattern. I was lucky enough to test it for her and I love it!

I also loved seeing my Farmer Boy's face just now when I showed it to him. It was like he finally understood what I've been working on for the past few days, and he loves it too.

My project details are here.

Not such an exciting day, but a lovely day and I am so very, very grateful for it.

What did you get up to today?

Bye now.

Love Kate X


  1. A very lovely day indeed; good on you for setting the crocheting record straight. ;)

  2. Sounds like your day was full of soul Kate, just like this post. I love an intriguing dream, and the friendship of little girls, and apple pie macaroons - I can just imagine how delicious that would have been!

  3. Oh Kate...
    It looks fabulous...
    You have certainly made my week...
    I have loved watching how this has turned always surprises me seeing my patterns made...and you certainly have done more than justice to this...

    Kate you truely are a crocheting whizz...
    Congrats and THANKYOU...

    Today I have been crocheting again...Some lovely bright Apple and Cherry colours..
    Will let you know when this new pattern is ready...

  4. Today I once again loved reading about you, your day, and your beautiful crochet creations, and enjoyed seeing the gorgeous pics of Indi...
    and I went to a church fete! yay!

  5. Thanks for sharing your day! That cushion is a bit awesome isn't it. My Caleb (and consequently Jemima) is really into noughts and crosses at the mo.

  6. Sounds like quite a busy and wonderful day. The cushion is fab. My husband also calls any craft done with yarn 'knitting.' Possibly on purpose to get a rise out of me. :)

    My morning was spent at home playing with Cohen while Dave worked, and this afternoon I got to have a solo trip to the craft shop while Cohen played with Dave. It feels strange to walk around a craft shop now and not be pushing a pram or saying 'not for touching' repeatedly. Now I'm off to do some more knitting. :)

  7. Today a complete stranger came up to me & asked me who I was talking too. This may sound odd, but I was in the supermarket, leaning over my shopping trolley talking into it.
    Well, baby Joe was in his car capsule which was placed into the trolley cos he was asleep when I started shopping.
    Then the complete stranger smiled & started talking into my shopping trolley too! sweet!!

  8. Oh my what a pretty pattern and gorgeous photos too! Nice background. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  9. Today I celebrated my middle baby's 6th birthday and prepared for his birthday party tomorrow. Today I had the worse behaved three children in the whole of Australia, well, at least South Australia, well, maybe Adelaide but definately this suburb. They are all asleep, worn out from their tantrums and fights and yes, they are beautiful.

  10. PS My daughter was wearing a crocheted skirt in Spotlight a couplf of years ago and a very elderly gent, waiting for his wife, said "What a beautiful skirt. Who crocheted it?" I fell a little bit in love with him there and then.

  11. Beautiful words and pictures Kate , as always! Love your latest creation, x

  12. Today I wasn't feeling so crash hot, but I went to Spotlight and saw some of my SnB friends, and then I went to Brown Owls in the afternoon.

    Then I fell asleep in front of Gardening Australia.

    Then I got a second wind, but I'm off to bed now. Good night!

  13. Macaroons? In Daylesford? Where!? Where?!

  14. As I was reading your post, I kept thinking what a wonderful day it sounded like you had. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts and seeing your creations... the cushions and Miss Indi modelling them make for gorgeous photos :o)
    P.S. Fresh plums and apples from the tree sounds utterly divine!

  15. Awesome Cushion! would you say the pattern was easy or difficult? and where can we find it?
    I love the photos too shipping containers make good backdrops!

  16. I always smile when I have read your posts...daughters...a strange bunch those tweens we have one and she is delightful then very mysterious all within a few hours.

  17. That does sound like a lovely day Kate. We had a friend and her little call in for coffee, first born turned our kitchen into a cafe, we all had a nanna nap this arvo (me till 5, thats why I'm wide awake now), bbq for tea, third born and the dad went out for desert to a restaraunt - thats about it - enjoy your Sunday!

  18. your 'not so exciting day' sounds to me like one of the best! I love the way you write & share all the incidental things that go on, it's very heartwarming, thank you...x

  19. What a lovely post. I did some crocheting, a little bit of laundry, cooked up some quick and tasty meals
    and relaxed a bit with some blogging.
    Have a lovely weekend. I love your cushion and your daughter is a sweetheart! Great leggings!

  20. please tell her i am loving her stripy legs.

  21. Dreams can be really unsettling...they can stay at he back of our thoughts for days. When I have emotional ones they can make me feel rather yuk for the whole of the following day.I takes a while sometimes to figure out what it was all about.

  22. Your day sounds like it was wonderful...I love to spend my days with my little people :)

  23. oh come on, which Violent Femmes song, teaser ;)

  24. Gorgeous cushion and a fabulous day.

  25. Bless you, Kate, the cushion's fab.

    I got up to about 1/2 what you got up to, but then I was deliberately going slow for a day and it was marvellous.


  26. Today (being yesterday!) I went to the Binda Picnic Races which are held at a property called "Funny Hill" and is the oldest country racetrack in New South Wales and had a grand time eating ribbon sandwiches and drinking champagne (okay, I wish about the champagne ... I got my P's in January and I owe the husband badly ... I drank lemonade! - maybe next year for the champagne ...)

  27. Baby talk and the Violent Femmes....brilliant :-)

  28. Oh but what a lovely day, many days well spent make for a happy life I say! Oh and I'm much chuffed that you like my little drawing Thanx ^_^

  29. I LOVE this post.
    So beautifully written and those photos are just gorgeous. I loved it so much i referred to it on my blog :
    Hope today was just as good a day for you. Dee x

  30. Love childhood shows, love the cushion, LOVE Violent Femmes, love watching a sleeping child xx

  31. How gorgeous is that eldest daughter of yours?!

    As for what I got up to today, I spent most of it in the hospital with my eldest. Sigh. Home now for a couple of hours to cook and clean and read a few favourite blogs, and then back to the hospital to kiss him goodnight. Hopefully I can bring him home tomorrow morning.

    So your day sounds better than mine! Seeing those pics brightened it for me though.


  32. What a full and wonderful day! I need to document my days like this to appreciate just how much really does happen! :) I love your new cushion - the best colour and such a great design. Memories of the Violent Femmes were magical too... might start bopping around myself soon. Thanks for this Kate - a treat as always :) Kx

  33. Wow, now that sure was one very 'full' day Kate.. I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that has those kind of days too..

    Hugs - Jodie :)

    p.s. love the new cushion, very sweet...

  34. What a lovely day - and such a great pillow pattern. Thanks for sharing :)

  35. Sounds like a great day. Love the photos.
    Today I am greatful for new friends. It has taken me a whole year to feel like I could call this place home and now I meet some great people and am a little sad that at the end of the year I will be saying goodbye to them - have my fingers crossed that they will become friends forever though:)

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