Sunday, September 16, 2012


Happy Sunday.
Happy Spring-time/Fall-time.
Happy Jewish New Year.
Happy days while my kidlets still let me photograph them.
Happy morning on the farm gathering eggs and daffodils.
Happy meringues baking in the Esse.
Happy last week of school.
Happy eggs on toast for lunch.
Happy farmer Bren picking green leaves for salad in the kitchen garden.
Happy second coffee of the day.
Happy wearing stripey tights and clogs.
Happy gorgeous weather forecast for this week.
Happy times knitting for newborns.
Happy listening to my girlies giggling together.
Happy week to the farmer boys at the tree felling course.

Hope you are too.
What's making you happy this almost sunshiney Sunday morning?



  1. Hi Kate! Your beautiful family photos with cheery bunches of daffy's make me smile:) Sunny Sundays make me happy and that's what it is here today! Mind you, a drop of rain would make me even happier! Cheers Jane

  2. Definitely the sight of those daffs! Family, blue skies, an abundant garden and a tidy house (for once) making me smile today...

  3. Oh Kate...I adore the first photo! So much happiness! I have just baked a pink butterfly cake for my daughter's 6th birthday, the man of the house cut out the shape with a sharp knife. Team work makes me happy!

  4. Lovely happy daffodil faces! Today I'm happy having my family at home, happy sewing, happy blogging, happy reading, happy eating kranskis in rolls for lunch!

  5. I've been out in the garden too... but ours is much less impressive than yours. Wearing my new yellow tee. Off to Brown Owls this afternoon.
    Feel like I need a change. A big change. Don't know what.

  6. Daffodils- such a happy,cheerful flower!
    Whats been making me happy this sometimes sunny Sunday morn?...hmmm
    *Been wandering the Talbot market with my awesome family
    * Enjoyed some delicious feijoa jam on toasted sourdough
    * On my 3rd (hot) uninterupted coffee (hubby taken kids to block to mulch fruit trees and Im home until the little one wakes)
    *washing done
    *flicked through some magazines
    *Loving how the silver glitter nail polish looks on my fingers and toes

  7. Happy reading this
    Happy smiling at the photos

  8. That first photograph makes me HAPPY!!! It's gorgeous

  9. Yep is good!
    Allison x

  10. Your life is blessed Kate & it makes me happy reading about it :)

  11. Happy sunday to you:-) What gorgous daff's!

  12. Oh Happy last week of school. 4 1/2 days and counting. Loving your daffs too. Must. Plant. More. Bulbs

  13. Love your pics Kate- just pure joy. It was the beach for us today, building forts and collecting sea glass. mel x

  14. reading your blog, its just so lovely :)

  15. Happiness for me is finding value in everything around you. Maybe that is why I adore your blog so much.

  16. Happy Days. This lovely post made me smile x

  17. great pics i love daffodils we always had them growing at my childhood house when my mum was alive, they hold such strong memories that i have a bracelet tattoo of six daffodils 1 for each of my mothers children and the word mum on my right wrist, most people presume i have daffodils as a symbol for cancer but this is the real reason.

  18. Look at those gorgeous girls of yours! School concert week and the lead up to school holidays is making me pretty happy right now! xx

  19. What gorgeous photos of your family. Especially love the one of the girls hiding behind their bunches of daffs. Yes, last week of term! My two girls are rehearsing a local musical show, so lots of practising over the hols. : -)


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