Sunday, October 17, 2010


Late yesterday afternoon Indi and Jazzy and I headed over to The Palais in Hepburn Springs to listen to my sister Emily do a sound check for her gig later on.

After the sound check we hung around and ate a sort of meal with the band. Somehow time flew and it was already way past bed time and Emily was about to go on stage so we stayed for that too.

She was amazing. It was the first time I've ever seen her play with her double bassist Adam which was wonderful too.

And then, when Emily sang her song Daughter Indi and Jazzy got up on stage and sang along with her.

Daughter is a song Emily wrote when she was traveling in Europe and waiting for news of the birth of my first child. Everyone in Australia as well as everyone she met overseas was convinced I was having a boy. Emily wasn't.

I first heard Emily sing that song almost 10 years ago. I remember how emotional it made me at the time. Well, I'm not sure if that had anything on watching and hearing it sung by those three gorgeous girls last night.

We're a bit weary here today after our late, late night last night. But we are also a bit excited and there's quite a bit of talk about being 'almost famous' when they grow up. Apparently 'almost famous' means you are famous but still able to get on with your own life when you want to.

Oh and please excuse the crappy pic that was taken on my phone, texted to Bren, emailed back to my computer and then uploaded to my blog.

So lovely people, I hope your Sunday is a funday and there's no way I'm telling you how I'm doing with my emails after reading Vic's post.

See ya!


  1. a) How great to be able to enjoy a night out with your girls like that, or your 'posse', if you will.
    b) There are yet to be any major hiccups with the mass deletion. I am holding my breath.
    c) Glad, for purely selfish reasons, you've reverted your feed settings; makes for much easier iPod browsing, 'cept when I'm compelled to click over to comment anyway... Like... Now...

  2. Loving that you had such a great night out. Loving the fuzzy pic too... it suits the situation.
    Loving that your girls are confident enough to get up on stage.
    Wondering what a sort of dinner is.

  3. What a wonderful time to share with your girls.

    Love the fuzzy pic, as I have taken some today also.

  4. How exciting for the girls!!
    They look like they thoroughly enjoyed being up there - I bet it sounded brilliant!x

  5. Hurrah for sister daughter auntie love. So lovely that something as special as that song have new memories and life given to it by the girls.

  6. That's so exciting, what a great night out with your girls & what a special song for them to join in, it would have been beautiful, it's no wonder you shed a tear..

  7. what a special evening it must have been.
    And what an amazing and moving moment for you seeing all three of them singing together.
    have a great rest of your Sunday.
    PS I'm still shamefully bad on my emails, sitting at 2768 now. It is better than it was though..
    PS word verification is flumit, which is totally the word that decribes my attempt to clean out my inbox. I totally flumitted on that.x

  8. Sounds like you and the girls had a lovely night out and how fun for them to sing with their Aunty! xx

  9. Sounds like awesome fun! Glad to hear you had a good day yesterday, its nice to have an uplifting happy day after feeling a bit down.

  10. How wonderful Kate seeing 3 important people in your life singing up on stage! I had to have a giggle when I read the post about her deleting all her comments too, but I am sure it will be okay! Have fun with the test knit too, cant wait to see what it is!

  11. How exciting, i have a sister who can sing too, oh, talent!! My children beg me not to sing!! What a fun experience for you & the gals, love it!! Everyone thought i was having boys, mmmm, 3 girls later everyone gave up when i finally did have a boy!! Love Posie

  12. Wow.....sounds like an amazig night for the women in your lovely clan :)

  13. Gorgeous! Would love to hear the song...

  14. How gorgeous :) Just love it. Kx

  15. P.S. I was away for this weekend and thought about what wonderful creation you might of made to read on your blog on my return and I glad for you that this weekend it was the time spent with your family.

  16. Oh WOW how fun and inspiring for your girls to be there. You must have been bursting with pride Kate. Lovely story, lovely time ;)

  17. That's a memory for a lifetime. How adorably sweet!! Sounds like the perfect excuse to stay up late!!


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