Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saltanas & nuts.

Yesterday Miss Jazzy fell off the monkey bars at school and fractured a bone in her elbow. We spent the whole afternoon and night in Ballarat emergency waiting to hear if she'd need surgery. She wasn't allowed to eat or drink just in case. It was awful, awful, awful. She was sore and anxious and hungry and begging for sultanas and nuts. Just a few. Please. How will they know? Just a couple and I promise I wont ask for any more.

We drove home at midnight without surgery, with a back slab cast, exhausted and emotional.

Today we are taking it easy. She is watching a movie and eating a bowl full of sultanas and nuts and I am slowly working out how to load items into my new online shop. Slowly.

I have my very own online shop.
The wonderful and talented and clever Cath set it up.
Thanks Cath!!

You can visit it if you like, its http://everythingbutthethread.bigcartel.com/.

Let me know what you think.
I am so new to this and ANY suggestions/feedback will be most welcome.

And finally, a huge thanks for all the gorgeous comments and emails you guys have been leaving. I read many of them on my phone at the hospital last night and they really lightened my mood and made me smile. I promise to get my blogtober bum into gear and come and visit you really soon.

I hope your Tuesday is a happy and drama free one.


  1. Many and BIG congratulations! Off to check out the shop right now!

  2. Congrats on opening your own shop! I had an etsy for a bit but it didn't go to well. I may try it again and some point. I want to try and sell some of my gathered skirts but not sure how they'd go.

  3. Ouch, poor Jazzy. Hope she mends soon. And congrats on teh shop too.

  4. before i go to check out your shop, i'd like to say to jazzy that she's a brave girl and i hope she's well soon!

  5. Congrats Kate! I love your dresses etc & i'll be stopping by regularly! I'm sure it will be a great success! jess xx

  6. Poor Jazzy :( & poor Kate having to hear her begging for "...just a couple, I won't tell..." Gah... I'm teary over here...!

    Buuuuut..... YOU HAVE A SHOP! Congratulatons for you & lucky us!! xo

  7. Hope Jazzy's feeling better soon - fractured elbows can be so tricky (I guess that's why you had to wait so long for them to decide the best course of action) - take care, and enjoy those sultanas and nuts... and congrats on the shop too!

  8. Poor Jazzy, I hope she mends right quick and has as many sultanas and nuts as she likes. And poor mama, to see a little one in such pain and in hospital is truly awful.

    As for your shop my dear, that is fantastic news, congratulations! and what a good help Cath is! I just know that you will have tremendous success, best wishes!

  9. i hope she feels back to her old self soon.

    congrats on the shop! that's so exciting.

  10. Poor Jazzy, I hope the cast doesn't slow her up too much. Congratulations on the shop too - looks fantastic.

  11. Wish I could fit into that jumping dress!!
    Sorry to hear about the broken bones. Hope its all mended soon x

  12. Poor Jazzy, hope she is fighting fit soon and congrats on the shop, I am off to check it out now :)

  13. I hope Jazzy heals well and quickly. great news on the store :) Congratulations I hope you do well.

  14. Oh kate, Poor Jazzy Poor You!! Oh I hope she's Ok and you are too, waiting in hospital is the worst!
    But on the super EXCITING news of your shop, WOOHOO!! ANd lucky world!!
    love to you and Jazzy and all your peeps.
    PS the shop looks FANTASTIC!!

  15. Hope Jazzy is better soon. Sitting around hospitals at midnight is no fun for anyone.

    Love the shop. I think you should sell little sets of your crochet hearts, flowers, ric rac etc. too.

  16. My heart ached at Jazzy asking for food!
    Poor Jazzy!!
    I am going to check on the shop progress. xx

  17. Yay you! Love the shop, I am going to be keeping an eye for something for Pops, I am sure it is going to go super well!
    zhope Jazzy is feeling better today, it did sound like a truly long and exhausting time!

  18. Poor Jazzy! Hope she is feeling better today and the fracture heals quickly.
    Wow, shop looks fantastic!

  19. Poor Jazzy, I hope it mends really quickly, and congratulations on your new shop, I'm sure it will extremely successful!

  20. Poor Jazzy! I know the feeling of begging for food, not knowing if you are going in for surgery or not! Hope she's feeling much better, and I hope you're taking it easy too.


  21. congrats on the shop it looks so beautiful! Mix Jazz up plenty of vitamin c for cell growth and calicium for bone growth and density and vitamin D to help calcium absorbtion along with all your loving goodness. Get well soon!

  22. Poor Jazzy! So sorry to hear about her elbow and hospital time.

    Congratulations on the shop. Hope it is a great success.


  23. Hi Kate, Congrats on going ahead with the shop! I hope Jazzy's elbow heals well and quickly.

  24. Oh no Jazzy !
    You poor things, you get over the bugs and then now the breaks.

    But so much good news - no surgery, your online store - which will make it so handy to sell stuff while being gypsies - i assume a little sewing machine will fit in there somewhere :) or just a box of stock to post . . . . and then boxes of op shop finds to keep posting home . . . . so very exciting . . . envious of you all.

  25. oh poor Jazzy!

    and congrats on the shop (and watch out other op-shoppers, Kate is about to raid the op-shops!)

  26. Big hugs (in a non-touching or squashing the elbow kind of way) for Jazzy!

    ... and a big congratulations to you for opening your own stall. WOW! Bravo! It looks fantastic :)

  27. Poor Jazzy - and just before her birthday too!

    Can't wait to check out what you've got in the shop - I'm sure you'll be constantly "SOLD OUT"!

  28. Oh, poor Jazzy - that sounds like a horrible ordeal for all of you. Does this mean it will heal up without surgery, or are you still waiting to hear about it? I hope she gets to eat sultanas and nuts to her heart's content :)

    That's great that you've set up a shop. I'm going to check it out right now!

  29. Congratulations on opening your shop!! You will be huge I tell you!

    And ouchie Jazzy!! Big hugs to you all. And Jazzy, my mum used to put chocolate chips in my nuts and sultanas ;) xox

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Sorry - deleted last comment - my spelling is shocking:)

    Hugs and kisses to Jazzy - I hope she is not too sore! I remember when my nephew broke his elbow on the trampoline ... horrible to see kids sick or injured. They are real troopers though.

    The shop - congrats! I love it. I especially like how you have named the items (purple skipping skirt ect). It makes it so much more personal!

    I am sure you are going to do great with it! Are you planning an adult line ?? :)
    aeonie x

  32. Oh Kate, I'm sorry to hear of Jazzy's accident, but glad she didn't have to have surgery.

    A little poem for Jazzy:

    Jazzy thought she was a monkey,
    she hung and swung and swayed,
    But like any cheeky monkey,
    she'll swing again some sunny day!

    The shop looks very professional, wishing you every success.
    Jak x

  33. oh my...i had so much to catch up on over here. so many wonderful things happening on foxes lane. and then miss jazzy's fall, sending her love.

  34. Much love to Jazzy and to you. xx Huge congrats on the shop too. It looks lovely and I'm in love with a coupe of dresses already :)

  35. Oh noooooo!
    And just before her birthday too!!!
    Hope she is feeling better soon.
    If you send me your inlaws phone number, I'll communicate directly with them to get Jazzy's cushion to them before Saturday.
    Andi x

  36. Ouch! Poor girl. Poor you, too. Lovely to see the progress on your shop. Good luck!

  37. Oh your poor thing! And your poor little one! So awful seeing your kids in pain. Glad you took it easy today...you may still need to tomorrow.

    Great news about the online shop, I had a peek and it looks great!

  38. Poor Jazzy, hope she is feeling better today, a cast is not very comfortable :-( Are they going to do a special coloured one for her??

    Congrats on the shop....I'm off for a visit :-) Woweeeee!!!

  39. Long-time lurker, first time commenter. Such a beautiful shop, congratulations! I second the request for an adult line as your dresses are so so beautiful!!!

    Hope Jazzy is feeling better - we went through the same thing with a hand bone break last year. I know how distressing it can be for all involved!


  40. I bet that was sore..the elbow area. I am glad all is okay. Congrats on your shop. Very exciting.

  41. My daughter got a greenstick fracture between her wrist and elbow last school holidays and after a half cast, that coming off, retripping over and a full up to the shoulder cast, today we finally went to the specialist and got the all clear "look good" report on the healing. Took a whole term ... and then some. Good luck with your daughter's elbow.

  42. The shop looks totally great! There's nothing worse than poor wee hungry people in hospital, been there a few times pre-ops! Glad you're all at home today.

  43. i hope poor jazzy is feeling chipper soon. you have had your fair share of bad luck in the health problems department lately. i hope that old sickness/injury train pulls out of the fox's lane station for a good long time. big huge congratulations on the shop kate. i think it looks really brilliant. i love your girly dresses and wish they were big enough for me. good luck, you deserve success.

  44. Hope Jazzy is much better by now!
    And big big congrats on you new little shopy =) it looks lovely <3<3<3 I love the caravan t's

  45. Poor Jazzy and poor you, having to refuse her. Pity doctors don't buy the idea of "medicinal" sultanas:) Congratulations on the shop, I want the Springtime dress for myself.

  46. Oh, Kate! Poor Jazzy...hope you're all relaxing a bit and taking care of yourselves...

  47. Aaargh - I've only just seen your post! I'm so sorry to hear about Jazzy, that's a delicate area to have damaged! She must be so glad that she didnt have to stay in hospital. I hope she's feeling a little better now.

    Congratulations to you - how wonderful to see your beautiful creations in your shop! So exciting!!x

  48. Oh my, poor Jazzy - hope she heals quickly and the pain isn't too bad. I wish her a speedy recovery.

    Great news on the shop - very exciting. I'm sure it'll be a roaring success.

    I had a go at your crochet ric-rac, I love it. Just love it! I just posted a link back to you on my blog, hope this is ok with you. x

  49. Hey Kate, what a time you've all had recently. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Jazzy.
    Had a quick peep through the shop window, looking good, congrats.
    Spring weather will no doubt lift your spirits too.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  50. ohh no! poor little girl.
    hope she is doing better today.
    and YAY!!! for your new shop, you go girl!!!
    wishing you the happiest of days & sending Jazzy some no pain wishes.

  51. My heart missed a beat when I read your post. The very same thing happened to our girl when she was eight. Doc said that next to horses, monkey bars cause the most childhood accidents. She needed her elbow pinned and in plaster for 6 weeks. This was 48 years ago. She is now a busy Mum to two teenage boys and the arm has never given her a moment of trouble. Hope Jazzy's will do as well.
    Congratulations on your shop. Exciting eh?

  52. Oops, she'll never forgive me, I meant 38 years ago.

  53. Oh no - hugs to all. HWat a night for you - hope that the sultanas and nuts today have made up for not having any yesterday. Good luck with the shop - I am interested in seeing how you go - thinking I should do the same:)

  54. I hope your daughter is ok now. What an awful break to have. Thaty has got to hurt!

    Good luck with the shop!

  55. Oh! Pleasure and pain all in the one post! I'm so sorry about Jazzy's fall but so very excited about your shop! Hooray!! Now I hope the break heals soon :( Poor thing!

  56. 'Complimenti' for the shop Kate - that's so great. Sorry to hear about the elbow palava...I would've come and seen you - I was in and out all night too - working though. Cheers. Pxo

  57. Congrats on the shop! Hope it goes well. Can I ask how/why you decided on BC rather than Etsy or Made it? Just curious as I'm in the process of wanting to set up a shop too.

  58. Hope Jazzy is feeling a bit better by now. We used to get sultanas and nuts in our lunch box pretty much every day so that brought back some memories.

    Congrats on your shop, it looks fantastic Kate! Hope it goes smoothly for you.


  59. Oh the poor little poppet. Thank goodness she didn't need surgery.

    Fantastic news about your shop. It looks very lovely.

  60. Congrats Kate it looks gorgeous! I hope your little princess recovers nicely.x

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