Friday, October 29, 2010

Favourite 4 Photos Friday.

So here we are heading down the home stretch of Blogtoberfest and with only two days to go I've got to say I've really enjoyed this blogging every day thing this year. Actually, I've blogged more than once a day, because I've also posted four blogs on my other blog.

For me its been great to put a little bit of time aside every day to capture a moment in time. To talk about what I'm making or how I'm feeling.

I signed up to blog every day in October thinking that if I missed a day nobody would notice but me, but I don't think there has been one day that I haven't known what to post about.

All those 'how to be creative' books talk about keeping journals and I have tried and tried but I don't seem to be able to stick to writing, drawing and sticking things in a book. I guess my blog has helped me to keep a version of a journal and I really enjoy it.

A lot of the time when I have something on my mind that I'm trying to process, if something has happened that I want to remember, or if I've made something I want to record, popping it on the blog means that I can move on. Kind of like a brain dump.

So nearing the end of October I am wondering how I will blog from here? Will it be every day? Most days? Some days? I guess I'll just play it by ear and see how I go.

Have you played along this year? Would you consider blogging every day? How did you go?

And these are my favourite four photos from this week that haven't made it onto the blog so far.

1) Jazzy trying on a new dress. That girl can model anything from a size four to a size seven. What would I do without her?

2) Our 1,300 chookies are not pets. They are out in the paddocks free ranging and doing their chooky thing. But once Miss Pepper catches one and cuddles it, you'd think they were as tame as can be. This one was lucky enough to be sung 'row, row, row your boat' to and fully snuggled.

3) With Pixie not around anymore it seems the farm dogs have to have cuddles too. Don't worry, we are looking for a new pet dog.

4) Apple blossom, pear blossom, plum blossom, quince blossom. Its been quite the week for climbing trees and watching bees.

So my blogland friends, I hope you have a truly happy and wonderful weekend. Ours is looking crazy busy but fun. Cross your fingers for us that we don't get too much rain.

And if you'd like to pop your four favourite photos of the week on your blog, I'd love to come and see them.


  1. Beautiful trim on that dress Kate!
    Have you taught Pepper how to hypnotise a chook??
    I can get you a JRT puppy :-)

    I use my blog as a journal to remind me of what I have been up to this year, you can get them printed up as a book I think?? I want to do that after one year of Blogging :-)

  2. I've read somewhere you can print your blog into a book. I'd imagine yours would make a beautiful collection for your daughters in years to come. Great photos!

  3. The photo of Pepper and the chook is a gem! The Chicken Whisperer?

  4. aaaah, look at those blossoms, beautiful.


  5. I participated in Blogtoberfest this year and it was a first for me. I have struggled with posting daily because I only ever used to post twice a week if I was lucky! I have only just started out in my crafting adventures but as I've been forced to think outside the square and blog daily I've really come to love blogging! And I've found so many amazingly talented people out there (like yourself) who I look forward to reading from every day.

  6. I love seeing all the cuddles Pepper has to give, she is very generous. xx

  7. I love the photos from your week!
    I have mixed feelings about blogging every day - I found some days much easier than others, and did miss 1 day (but was glad in the end it was good to realise that was OK, too!).
    It has been good to help me get in the habit of just pressing "post" sometimes, instead of my normal over thinking things...
    wishing you a fun, not-too-wet weekend!

  8. Hi Kate, I do post most days because I find it makes me take more notice of what's going around my life apart from the washing and cooking and cleaning!! I posted my 4 photos... great idea. I love your chicken photo. We recently got 6 chickens and they are way way tamer than I imagined they were going to be.

  9. I've had a wonderful time with Blogtober and didn't realize only a few days left! I think I missed 3 or 4 days. I signed up late and missed 1 day st the front....I'll probably try to stay posting regularly....

  10. I must admit that there has been a few days when I am a bit 'lost for blog posts' but I think I have only missed one or two days and then dubled up lol Your home looks like so much fun! I love the chook being hugged and sung to, whether she likes it or not! What breed is that dog, is it one of those mountain dogs? Looks a little like a golden retriever but with a narrower face.

  11. Once upon a time I was a every day blogger. It lasted about a year and then I realized I was sharing my life with the world not with the people around me. So I thing I ever did. Now I blog Mon - Friday (when I feel like it), I say goodbye for the weekend every friday with a fav shot and then I am free to play with the people I can touch. Its up to you what you do.....there are no rules...just enjoy it!! xx

  12. Love the 4 photos! Your life is always so full and busy that I dont think you would ever have a day with nothing to blog about!! Miss Pepper looks as though she loves giving all the animals cuddles and climbing tress. Your so lucky that Jazzy wants to model for you, I think sadly Isabelle is getting tired of doing that. Hope you and your family have a fabulous weekend!

  13. I am so glad that I knew better then to attempt Blogtoberfest this year. It's been my blah month this year that's for sure.

    Can I just say, I want to vacation on your farm. Sounds and looks like the most amazing place ever.

  14. Your pictures are lovely. I especially like the one of Pepper with the chook. You sound as though your day in the city did you a lot of good. So glad.

  15. Just pop pepper up here for a minute to help Busy understand the importance of holding still while her mother is pinning a dress!
    I have blogged everyday and have actually found it not that difficult but i will be cutting abck come next week.

  16. Lovely shots, Kate. I love how the chickens comb is almost in Peppers mouth!

    I had already posted twice today before seeing this. I never know what to do with shots I love but cant find the words for. This is a lovely meme.

    I have loved having to blog every day. Its been nicely compelling and has felt like theres an anticipation you cant quite put your finger on. Like I could start a story one day and finish it the next. Wish I could write better stories though so ive started looking up new words in the dictionary!

    P.S do you think I can get away with 3?

  17. I like blogging for all the reasons you've quoted but I haven't found it easy this year. I never run out of things to say (alas for some) but I've felt so unmotivated. I always enjoy dropping by to see what you've been up to ... your photos alone are always fun and inspirational.
    My Creative Space

  18. we have a soccer presentation picnic to go to and it's supposed to be 15c with thunder and rain - not pleasant at all.
    i love the photo of the chook cuddle - that's what mine look like when i cuddle them - kind of scared and desperate to
    i am hoping to finish my tappan zee cardi this weekend - only have the bottom diamond motif to do and then the bottom band - yipee
    enjoy your crazy busy weekend.

  19. Well all I can say is it's been a total pleasure reading your posts each day, and I feel lucky to in on reading your journal.
    Love your gorgeous pics as well, but I just adore the one of Pepper and the chook xo

  20. My kids will only ever try something on after asking 20-or-so times "there aren't any pins are there?"

    I'm going back to read over some of your octoberfest posts, I've been too busy to post, too busy to blog-surf!

  21. Love your photos Kate, especially the chook shot.

  22. I got misty-eyed looking at your beautiful photos....esp. the girls with the dog and chook? (hen). I wish you lived closer....My neighbor has a dog rescue and rehab. She has puppies that you would really love. Border collie mixes. Working dog/pet? Thanks for taking time to share your life and daughters....So incredibly lovely.

    Mom with 2 grown sons

    Washington state...USA

  23. beautiful week in pics Kate!
    well done on keeping up for the month.
    I don't think I could do that, just the pressure of it all seems to much, I am not big on pressure & deadlines.
    agree with Leonie, each one of us is different in how we prioritise things.
    I am without camera for about a week & a half so feeling a little lost.
    enjoy your busy weekend, love the dog cuddle pic ♥

  24. I love pic no. 3 - so gorgeous. As for blogging everyday, I've tried, have have not quite made it this year. It's hard! I'm definitely going to blog more than I have been lately... I just about managed to kill my blog through utter neglect!

  25. Maybe you need to take on the project'll force you into moving on from Auto on that D90 of yours...promise, it will;) xxt

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