Monday, October 25, 2010

The embroidered flower dress.

At my house today I am wondering how on earth I am meant to teach my kids about good time management, when I just disregarded everything on my list to sew this dress.

At my house today I am wondering why on earth anybody would spend hours embroidering gorgeous tablecloths like the blue one in this dress, only to have people spill their food all over them.

At my house today I am wondering how come the wind always picks up as soon as I go outside to take a few photos.

At my house today I am wondering how I can disguise all the freshly picked asparagus Liam just brought in, so the girls will eat it for dinner.

At my house today it looks like a bomb has gone off, so I'd better run and tidy some of it up before school pick up.

What's going on at your house today?
What are you wondering?

Oh and if you're wondering, The embroidered flower dress is in my shop right now. How cute would your, slightly littler than mine, princess look in it!


  1. super sweet Kate, love the orange & pink seersucker too! off to my pick up now as well with just a little bomb gone off in the corner :)

  2. Good time management includes knowing when to blow off your to-do list!

    There was a great Matthew Evans recipe in the Good Weekend last week for baked asparagus with homemade breadcrumbs and pecorino. Hang on, I've got it here somewhere ...

    Preheat oven to 200C.
    Blanch asparagus, drain, and lay in a greased roasting tray (two layers is good) and brush with melted butter. Sprinkle over 100g finely grated pecorino (parmesan would work too, I reckon) then 1 cup rough breadcrumbs. Bake at the top of the oven for 10 minutes. Serve with lemon to squeeze over.

    Any ideas on what to do with broad beans? We have so many in the garden right now!

  3. If I could make something like that, Kate, I'd blow off my to-do list in a heartbeat.

  4. Hmmm I'd be googling Jamie Oliver. I was reading his At Home cookbook in bed last night (getting ideas for things to cook this week) and there were several asparagus ideas.
    Love the dress and who gives a toss about time management when the day is as beautiful as today.
    Ab xx

  5. Beautiful dress!

    At my house, my girl has finally fallen asleep after madly illustrating her story about The runaway pumpkin, 3 chickens, a spotted cow and a river of blue.

    I am wondering how to lay my hands on some of that freshly picked asparagus.

    Have a lovely night.

  6. My 'to do' list is most often a 'to didn't' list. Chores will always wait ;)


  7. Time Management is over-rated. I think I would much rather teach my children the joy of creativity (and how to be thrifty) - cute dress but I still like the apron one best ;)
    I think there is a good broad bean recipe in Jamie Oliver's At Home book - my kids loved it!

  8. What a gorgeous dress Kate! Oh I absolutely love asparagus with a dollop of butter which I am cooking with our meal tonight, and gladly my kids wont touch it so it will be all mine! The list wont go unattended either, it will still be waiting for you tomorrow, well that is the way I try to look at things lately!

  9. Your imagination is one to wish for. Your work is always sooo good. And just like children leave trails of mess behind when they create, so do most adults so you are perfectly normal. Cherrie

  10. I wonder the same thing about pretty tablecloths.
    I sometimes put a tablecloth on my table, but if anyone wants to eat, I take it off.... kind of defeats the purpose?

  11. A very cute post and a gorgeous dress.

  12. It's beautiful Kate! I've often wondered that about tablecloths...

  13. Hey honey, just noticed you are up to 605 followers!! Oh wow! Funny about the table cloths...I've often thought that too. We don't have many non stained ones here. Lets catch up later in the week, Rosie is so excited about her 'present', she keeps reminding me not to tell you what it is.Don't forget our fete is on this Sunday, hope you can come. See you soon xo

  14. I remember having asparagus and pineapple on toast with cheese grilled on the top. Beautiful dress !

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  16. By seeing the amount of new things you learn and make every week, I suspect that you are teaching your kids great time management skills together with the commitment to doing whatever they enjoy instead of being stuck in a boring job they hate. :-)

    I'm wondering if I should take my daughter shopping for Halloween fabric or tulip bulbs today (the shops are in opposite directions) and what to make for lunch and dinner out of the odd ingredients I have in the fridge.

  17. Whats going on at my house you ask.........pretty much the same thing!

  18. Cute little dress. I've often wondered the same thing about tablecloths and traycloths - all that washing, starching and pressing - life's too short!

    As for the asparagus, that's an easy one, I'd eat it all myself.

    Jak x

  19. Poor little arm under that gorgeous dress! Sounds like me doing the mad rush tidy at the last minute - but hey, no point following people around tidying all day or you end up doing the same thing over and over.
    Maybe your kids don't know what you are 'supposed' to be doing so you are all safe anyway.
    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day. Sounds like you needed a quiet one after your weekend as well! Lou.

  20. What a lovely dress - love the colours :) At my house chaos always reigns supreme and I'm bumbling along doing whatever grabs my attention first ;) Good luck with the asparagus! (BTW can you tell me why it tastes sandy sometimes?) Kx

  21. Your just teaching your girls that there is more important things in life than keep a spick and span house...I call it being balanced!
    Another great dress Kate!

  22. Very cute indeed! It's a lovely dress and I'm sure that who ever embroidered the cloth would be delighted it's going to be so appreciated. Your time management is right up there with mine, house chores are so dull let's face it and there are always so many yummy distractions that need addressing first!

    My kids are not thrilled with asparagus either, I can't understand it as it's one of my favourite foods. I sell it to them because of it's 'smelly wee' properties, they think it's hysterical! Just a silly thought ..

  23. top dress as usual! disguise the asparagus - my boy munches them straight in the patch - literally doesn't pick them just mouth over the top and munches down - so no advice from this neck of the woods on that one!

  24. Beautiful dresss Kate and the pic of Pepper in the previous post is just STUNNING!


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