Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Stripey Flower dress.

I had a feeling Miss Pepper was playing with a bigger imaginary animal than usual yesterday when I watched her duck her head to fit through the front door as we were leaving. When we got to the car she confirmed my suspicion when she asked me to put carrots on my shopping list because her horse was hungry.

When we got into town she insisted we take turns riding her horse. First she galloped up the aisles of the organic shop and then I had to. Yes, we live in a small town. Yes, people were probably looking and wondering but no, she didn't make me neigh and for that I was grateful.

The rest of the shopping trip was pretty uneventful. She rode, or walked, or fed her horse and I sometimes rode but mostly encouraged her to leave him outside the shops.

Then while we were walking back to our car, all of a sudden she burst out crying. Really crying. I think there may have even been a few tears.

I couldn't work out what had happened as she was happy and chatty one minute and sobbing the next.

Until she told me her naughty horse had bitten her on the hand. Naughty horsey!!

I consoled her and then we agreed that from now on the naughty horse should probably wait for us in the car.

Imagine Dave the fruit shop guy's face when he was informed in the most serious voice that Miss Pepper's naughty horse had bitten her and that he was waiting in the car for an apple to eat.

She keeps me on my toes that one.

The Stripey Flower dress is made from vintage sheet bits, op shopped denim and bias binding and a gifted zipper. Everything but the thread is stitched around the bottom of the dress. If you want a closer look, its in my shop.

Have a fab day y'all. XX

PS. today's email count is 2,856. That's 136 less than yesterday.


  1. Cheeky horse, better keep him in check ;)
    Beautiful dress, love that stitching around the base, it is so sweet.
    Getting there on those emails, an endless job!
    Busy here finding and/or making outfits for friday-early century clothes for dress-up at school-eek!

  2. Hello Miss Kate, dont you just love the vividness of their imaginations. It leaves me spellbound and unable to even try to use my own sometimes. Hope your shop is a super success, you go girl! xx

  3. Oh how gorgeous! Both the dress and Pepper.
    Pepper reminds me of me when I was little always running around with such creatures and having a ball( most of the time) Naughty horsey though, but she's braver than me I'm a little scared of horses. Personally I chose lambs to hang out with more.
    THe dress is BEAUTIFUL kate, I just lllooove it. xo

  4. Its the creative ones who have the best imaginations! How gorgeous - the dress too! Another one-of-a-kind beauty. (and i was totally shocked when checking how many emails i had sitting there too - crazy)x

  5. Oh Kate, I had to laugh reading your story. Pepper, certainly has a wonderful imagination.
    You just have to make a 'naughty horsey' dress.
    Love your flower dress, very sweet.
    Rain here, maybe up to 100mls over the coming days.

  6. Oh goodness, Ponygirl and Ms. Pepper would get along famously! At least until their horses started biting each other.

  7. She is too cute, and you are an awesome mommy! I love the dress, those flowers are super sweet.

  8. Another gorgeous dress Kate! And you have to love those kids imaginations! Kelvin has been telling off his stuffed toys for biting him! And Matilda often has to rush out of the kitchen to check if her babies are awake. Got to love them and the things they make you do in public!!

  9. is there any day that you dont sew? its gorgeous!

  10. I hope the naughty horse is being nicer today :)

  11. I had a pretend mouse and one of my mums friends sat on it as she didn't "see' it on the cahir. i was devastated. I feel peppers pain.
    great frock. xx

  12. Yee har!! (Slap my ass!!)
    Giddyup cowgirls!!

    Love the dress. The back especially.
    When are you going to make that quilt? All those fabrics would be perfect.

  13. Well a horse is better than an elephant, imagine trying to fit him in your car LOL

  14. Oh Miss Pepper has the best imagination, and your such a great mom too for riding the horse in the shop! The dress is simply gorgeous and your so good sewing your name around the edging too.

  15. Great Dress! Your so clever... Im sure it will be snapped up! Hope pepper's bite is better!

  16. What a great imagination she has! And you know how much I love your sewing projects. I just love the embroidery on the bottom! I have a Pfaff that just might do that. You certainly have my wheels turning!

  17. Gorgeous girl she is. Much more creative than your average" imaginary friend".

  18. You are such an awesome mama.... such a shame we didnt see you at the shop we would have all loved a ride as well :) Gorgeous work on the new dress :)

  19. Poor Pepper. I once spent an hour looking for Turkey - an imaginary pet chicken that got lost in David Jones. Luckily we found him and he always wore a leash on outings after that.

    The dress is lovely.

  20. Classic! They really do say the funniest things! Unfortunately not always so funny depending on the circumstances. You've got to be quick-thinking and one step ahead (usually I am in hindsight!).

  21. Kate, there's a saying that 'you can't manage what you don't measure'.
    I think a daily count of the emails in your inbox will force you to achieve your objective.

  22. oh, I hope Pepper's hand is much better now... and the happy flower dress is so much fun!

  23. ..reminds me of when Conor was 3 and a dog for 6 months. He had to be led down the street with a collar and lead. He wasn't a nice dog, he tried to pee on Dave the fruit shop mans leg,and was always biting and snarling. Also always had holey trousers

  24. Love the flower dress, it might go nicely over a pair of jodphurs for the next outing perhaps?

  25. I used to have to be a horse for about a year when Matilda was 3-4. It is bloody hard work on the knees, especially when you have to be a showjumping horse. The shop looks amazingly good...well done you high achiever you.

  26. another sweet story...i have a horse lover too.


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