Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Last night.

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of Pip's new book Sew La Tea Do.

It is a great and beautiful and chunky book. The styling is gorgeous, the projects look fun and like things you'd really want to make and use.

It was great to finally meet and chat with Pip. She is as ace as she appears on her blog and was kind and generous and surprisingly calm amidst all the goings on.

And it was also such fun to hang out with lots of other bloggers. It was a strange feeling to look around the room at one stage, and see so many familiar faces and know that many of them I'd never even met in real life.

And it was wonderful to be surrounded by like minded people. People who love craft. To be asked what I make rather than what I do. To stand next to someone and have them pull their knitting out of their bag to show me. To share this with my not so crafty but very musical sister who was my date for the night. To argue the benefits of crochet versus knitting. To not feel self conscious snapping away with my camera. To be complimented on the green cardi I was wearing that I'd made.

The venue, food and drink were all pretty fab too.

Today I am slightly weary and snatching moments between the chores to gather strips of fabric and bind bits of doily and I am looking forward to putting the girls to bed tonight so I can have a closer read of the book.

Have fun out there. XX


  1. You are so lucky being invited to Pips launch. I saw her on the Circle yesterday and her book looks amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on one!

  2. Oh My Goodness.
    I bet you had such a fabulous time!!!
    Sounds brilliant! V V envious here!xx

  3. Great to finally meet you, Kate (and your sister). Great wrap-up of the evening - you sum it up perfectly.

    (Oh, and it's nice to be able to pull out knitting at a social function and not feel like a complete nerd).

  4. How wonderful for you.

    I was so looking forward to watching her on TV yesterday, then got caught up doing something else and completely missed it. Grrrrrr!

    I think she will be doing a book signing at a book store near me soon, so hopefully I won't forget that.

  5. Oh you lucky ducky! That book looks awesome. I would love to meet pip. I just want to go inside her shop one day. My life would be complete if I did that.

  6. How nice that people asked you what you make not what you do. sounds heavenly. When people ask waht i "do' and I tell them they kind of freak out and feel the need to tell me horrible stories and think they know all about my job etc whihc is quite annoying...but now i am babbling so i am going...xx

  7. What fun. I have total craft envy.

  8. It was such a lovely night. There's truly nothing better than a room fully of crafters!
    I have the same plans as you tonight - I'm going to plonk myslelf on the couch, put my feet up and check out my lovely new copy of Pips book.
    PS - great photos - I forgot my camera!

  9. It sounds like a fab book! How wonderful to meet so many new people who are crafty and creative too. It must have been very nice to meet Pip and there is a little bit of jealousy here too, lol!

  10. how lovely to meet. the book looks wonderful..on my Chrissie list!

  11. Oh that sounds so wonderful! All those lovely things you did and talked about. My fav: "To be asked what I make rather than what I do"... *happy sigh* :)) Kx

  12. ooh sounds like the perfect evening, one with lots of other crafters!!
    I love the idea of being asked what you make not what you "do"; I get all flustered when I'm asked that question!!!
    Uber jealous of such a fab evening!!!

  13. Great to see you there Madame, hope you got home OK in the rain!

  14. Kate, looks like a great night, lucky you to be on the A list.
    I love the photo of you & your sister that is posted on the Mikes blog. I presume it is your Sis, you look almost twinnies.
    I was lucky to check out the book over a cuppa at my friends place today... It's good, looks hot, but I prefer the projects in the first book... I know I'm living dangerously talking this way.
    Your green cardi does look mega cool.

  15. You lucky, lucky girl. What I wouldn't give to have been there! I hope you had enough fun for both of us...

  16. Sounds like a great night out. Lucky you! Lou.

  17. Ho nice to meet Pip - she looks very nice - glad you had a great time!

  18. Sounds like a heavenly Melbourne evening :) I was lucky enough to meet Pip at Finders Keepers and I have it on good authority that her new book will be waiting for me under the Christmas tree!
    Yay for you being complimented on your green cardi - I'm not sure that there is a better feeling in the world than being complimented on something you made for your self.
    Hope you have a great day, Dee

  19. I am not a party person but that sounds like it was perfect! I can't wait to see that book of Pip's. Yay for the green cardi :-)

  20. so much fun. i love the name is so australian to me.

    ps. her mexican dress is super cute too.


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