Sunday, December 4, 2011

In Albany...still.

We are still in Albany. Still caravanless. 

Frankie Blue has graduated onto her second mechanic who is working through another list of possible problems. Apparently it's looking like she has a bent axle issue. Poor girl. We miss her so.

So we've been making the most of our time in this little sea side town. Pretending that we meant to spent two weeks here. Trying to make peace with the fact that all our road tripping friends are now living in South Australian time. Trying not to think about the fact that we have to be home in three weeks. And trying to ignore the teensy little thoughts and suggestions that are creeping into our minds and conversations, that we pop the caravan on a truck and drive home. Please no.

We are staying in a little cabin in a caravan park. It's about the same length as Frankie Blue and double the width. We have doors that close, our own bathroom and a kitchenette. And there's a tiny TV. We haven't watched any TV for five months and this little one only shows programs about murders and operations and infomercials so we're not watching it either. We did watch a dvd called Ramona and Beezus the other night and I cried. 

Of course I've been crocheting up a storm. Everywhere we go I trail little woolly tails behind me. Round and around and around and then into a square. Over and over and over and over.  Darning in the ends a bit as I go. Its such great therapy.

I think I only have two more squares to go before I start sewing them together. What fun!

I borrowed an iron from reception here the other day to steam the all the squares flat. The receptionists looked at me funny. I guess I don't really look like the kind of girl who irons her clothes. I didn't correct them though. And now I wonder if they watch my girlies running past the office to the playground and wonder about their creased sundresses and their unruly hair.

We've been to normal markets and farmers' markets and cafes and delis and shops. We've bought delicious local asparagus, cheese, feta, honey, bread, lettuce, avocado, cherries, strawberries, raspberries, rocket, lemons and coriander from the producers and eaten like queens and a king.

And for the very first time in their lives, we had a pizza delivered one night. Our girls were so excited they made up a song.

Oh and I've been op shopping and further developed my little obsession with Johnson ceramics.

And so I guess this is just another part of our story.

At home our farmer boys have started pulling up our garlic and the school kids are preparing to finish the year. There's most certainly a festive feeling in the air.

In Albany we are reading and making masks and blogging and finger knitting and obsessing over instagram and doing the chores and drawing and colouring in and playing and hoping and crossing our fingers and toes that we will be back on the road with our Frankie Blue before too long. That we will leave this chapter behind us and get on with the adventures...

So how are you?
Are you having a wonderful weekend?
I hope you are.
Is anything exciting happening in your world?
I wonder.
Thanks so much for listening to my ramble.

Happy travels my friends. xx


  1. I have so much catching up today lovely lady. I hope FrankieBlue recovers quickly and inexpensively. I missed you! xx

  2. I have over 200 pieces of Johnson Brothers Australia crockery. It is what we use every day and all I own. I LOVE IT! I have lots in pastel colours, sets featuring flowers and sets with geometric shapes. I cannot say no to any of it!

    Hope Frankie Blue is back on the road soon so you can head for home and finish your holiday happily. Take care.

  3. I made a beautiful mosaic bird bath made from the Johnsons plates. will search for the pics now.
    Had to laugh re the pizza. We have only got pizza delivered once when we were on holidays too. Kids were truly amazed that this could happen!

  4. Get well soon Frankie Blue. Oh I would love a tutorial on your amazing bulls eye blocks as they remind me of a dart board, not actual bulls eyes, just wanted to make that clear,not now but in 2012, no pressure.
    Happy trails to you...

  5. If you are going to be stuck somewhere waiting for Frankie Blue to be fixed, Albany is a nice place to do it in.
    Loving those crochet bits and pieces and looking forward to seeing them joined together.
    Take care,
    Anne xx

  6. you and your life are just wonderful. i'm so sorry to hear that frankie is still out of action. your photos are an absolute treat and i look forward to them on the gram. fingers crossed that you'll be on the road again soon. another visit to the oppy in albany perhaps until then? :) xxx

  7. I've got everything crossed that frankie blue is back on the road soon.

  8. So sorry to hear about Frankie, I have been a bit absent on the blog reading front lately and didn;t realise she had broken down. Hoping that she will be fixed soon! and that is so cute your girls making up a song about the pizza delivery :)

  9. Hoping you are back on the road soon, and can finish your adventure the way you want too.

  10. I want to hear the pizza song!!!

  11. I have those same Johnson brothers plates and they were the one's in my Grandma's kitchen as I grow up - I just unpacked mine from a box today!

    Had our first Squiggly Rainbow market yesterday in Kallista - and it was great!

    Hoping Frankie Blue will be better soon xxx

  12. If ONLY you broke down in driving distance from here and I could ferry you fresh eggs and JUST PICKED coffee and bread out of the oven. Frankie cannot go home on a truck, I have my fingers crossed that this week puts you back on the road. Lots of love and may your spirits stay jovial, gorgeous girl xxx

  13. Thanks for all your lovely pictures and word-pictures of your time in Albany. I love that your girls make up songs for "special" occasions - we do that too! (and my sisters and I loved making up our own songs for road trips - my dad did NOT love it!). I really hope your Frankie Blue feels better soon...

  14. I have been reading your blog for ages and followed your amazing trip. And, given that I live in Albany, it seems amazing that you are now 'stuck' in our beautiful town. I hope that it has treated you well, even though you are itching to be back on the road. J

  15. Albany is such a sweet town. There are worse places to be stuck.

    Hope Frankie Blue is feeling ready to rock and roll soon.

  16. I always enjoy redaing your 'ramble' Kate. Fingers crossed your caravan is on the mend very soon.

  17. I was at a farmers market last week and I almost squealed at the sight of fresh garlic (a rare sight out here unless you like the super bleached kind :P) I thought of you and your travels as I bought up a storm and sent a bunch of smooth return/transition home thoughts your way!

  18. That Johnson plate with the yellowy flowers was in the 20 piece dinner set I had when I left home in 1984.
    Bought it from Target for $2O I think? Still use the brown bowls as our cat bowls. Memories!

    Hope your van probs are sorted soon.

  19. I am hoping that Frankie's recovery from here on in is a speedy one. Beautiful collection of happy snaps as usual, Kate.

    My weekend was spent with 3 other lovely ladies south of home at the Deep Creek Park walking over 20km through gorgeous bushland, talking about everythiong and anything, drinking and eating, knitting...while the menfolk stayed home and tended to the kidlets.

    Apart from the humungous blister that I am now nursing, it was one of the best weekends that I can remember :)

  20. Kate - how we miss you all so! Frankie Blue is cute'n all, but she's being a real party pooper.
    Nice as Albany is, I'm sure you are itching to continue your journey. Fingers crossed and love to you all. xo

  21. Everyday life is way too busy for me right now. Reading your delightful blog reminds me that I need to take some time out to explore the world. And relax.

  22. Kate, Bren, Indi, Jazzie and Pepper - our travelling buddies, we miss you! Don't let Frankie's brakes break your spirit. The campfires, monkey bars and laundries aren't the same without your smiling faces (and one usually bare little bottom). We are keeping our fingers crossed for Frankie's speedy recovery so you can spread your wings again. A special hello to Jazzie from Grace.

  23. We have just pulled up our garlic too. When you get home, can you pls put a tutorial up on Daylesford Organics about how to plait garlic? I can't work out to do with so many strands. Love to you guys and Frankie Blue. xx

  24. Well Kate, I think seeing as you're gonna be in Albany for a while, I should offer the suggestion of taking a drive back to Denmark and check out the apiary, if you didn't go already!! It's wonderful - fresh honey, mead, beeswax... They even have a working hive enclosed in perspex within the main shop, with a pipe leading back outside, so the kids can see how a hive really works up close and personal.

    Make sure to taste the 'dry' mead and the methegdalin spiced mead (which, incidentally, is amazing in winter warmed over the fire).

    It'd be a lovely way to spend the day!!

    Also Strawberry Hill farm in Albany; I think they do free tours and the scones in their English gardens are to die for!! The tour guides were so well informed and even shared some spooky ghost stories!!

    Let me know how you go!

  25. I second that on the mead. Maybe this is part of your getting home adjustment period, getting used to stillness. Whale world was terribly sad but also amazing - can highly recommend it. You have Cape Arid on the horizon - hope you can get there, it will wash all that angst away. I love that South West coastline.

  26. oh dear, poor Frankie Blue, I hope she's getting better. My grandma was a librarian and she introduced me to the Beezus and Ramona books, I really liked them. Haven't seen the film though, I wouldn't mind a good cry in a film right about now though. Nothing bad, just a healing cry would be good for me I think!


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