Friday, December 30, 2011

Pretty spots.

Strange old day. Unsettled feeling in my tummy. Can't seem to stick to a task. Feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending kid's craft area declutter. Missing my boy and my big girl who have been in Melbourne since yesterday. Can't think of what to make for dinner.

So I'm focusing on the smaller details. The details of my day today. There's so much to love when you look at the small stuff. It goes along with my theory that home magazines barely ever show you the entire room, they focus on pretty spots.

So here are some pretty spots that I'm loving from my day today;

I'm loving my wool basket and my growing pile of grannies.
I'm loving my little jug collection on the windowsill in the kitchen.
I'm loving capturing little moments in time on instagram.
I'm loving baking bread.
I'm loving that no TV or movies during the week make us be more creative, read more, play more and be less lazy.
I'm loving reading all about baking bread in River Cottage Handbook No.3 Bread by Daniel Stevens.
I'm loving that my girls are big enough to be great company for brunch out at Breakfast and Beer.
I'm loving playing the records of my childhood.
I'm loving the spontaneous dancing in the lounge room.
I'm loving it when the girls get lost in a game that goes on and on and on.
I'm loving the sunshine drying my washing.
I'm completely overwhelmed by Pip's post. Wow! And I'm in such ridiculously ace company.
I'm loving the kitchen garden.
I'm loving blue things.
I'm loving the hula hoop craze.
I'm loving fetta and rocket on everything for every meal.
I'm loving the thought of Emily coming to visit early in the new year.
I'm loving pretty pyrex.
I'm loving the lighter feeling I get every time I come back from dumping a load in the op/shop pile.
I'm looking forward to cider-o'clock.
I'm loving that my farmer boy and my big girl will be back before bed time.

Ahhhhhh that's better.

I hope there are just so many pretty spots in your day today too. Care to share a few?



  1. It helps to slow and look around doesn't it! Have you read 1000 gifts? It is all about being thankful for exactly the things you have mentioned! xxx

  2. I'm loving myself for having my highest iron count ever!!! at my blood bank appointment today.

    I'm loving reduced Christmas lollies at the supermarket.

    I'm loving my hydrangeas, agapanthus blooms and how many butterflies and bees are visiting because of my buddleia plant.

    I'm loving school holidays and cruisey meal times.

    I'm loving my evap cooling cuz I'm a bit of a sook when it gets too hot.

  3. pretty spot/ highlight of my day was hearing Busy and her two friends discuss at length all things about fairies- what they know about them etc. my heart was bursting with wanting to freeze time and record the moment forever. There was squealing and giggles and it was the most beautitful background noise you ever did hear.

    AND: I only have 150 sales until I can reward myself with an ipad. Woot!

    AND: I felt like I was some help to someone who needed reassurance and that always makes me feel nice.

    I do agree, it is the small stuff.


  4. Hey Kate, I'm loving your wool basket too.....full of beautiful colours, it's just gorgeous.
    What am I loving today......time to 'play ' and try some different crafts.
    I'm loving the view of the mountains from my window, the beautiful countryside we live in.
    I'm loving seeing my rooster Noddy, fly up onto the bench seat in my courtyard and start crowing. I know he's happy when he does that.

    Yes, it's definitely the small stuff that's the most enjoyable.........

    Alll the best for 2012,

    Claire :}

  5. Today I'm loving the google hunt for 1 minute games for our New Year's Eve party.

    I'm loving the excitement of starting a new knititng project.

    I'm loving hiding in the air conditioning tonight while husband goes and does the shopping for our party (because I babysat while he went for a bike ride today)

    And I'm loving sneaking a few naughty foods before the 1st january healthy eating agenda comes into force

  6. I'm loving your wool basket as much as you.
    Loving the seemingly endless summer days (although it feels more like spring than summer)
    Am loving feta and labne
    Am loving dill
    Am loving cucumbers
    Am loving juicy cherry toms
    Am loving a nice glass of vino too..

    Happy new year


  7. I am loving the kids rooms again after decluttering and finding homes for all the new stuff...I am loving my to-do list of crafty projects for 2012...I am loving the new fabric and yarn on my desk and the new crochet books I got for Christmas...I am loving school holidays and the relaxed routine...and on these hot days I am loving (alcoholic) ginger beer!

    Always good to slow down and focus on the small things xx

  8. im loving your post
    im loving my boys company
    im loving that the youngins are loving their new home
    im loving that my Bren never expects me to cook unless i want to
    im loving winding down at the end of the year
    im loving watching old movies
    im loving music up real loud
    im loving opening up the back doors
    im loving ummm, loving things

    gorgeous thought provoking post Kate.
    thank you, x

  9. Hi Kate,
    This is my first visit to your blog and I enjoyed it very much. I so love knitting and when I spotted your basket of wool, I was over the moon. I would be happy all day to see a gorgeous basket like that!!! Hope your gang will be back soon. Regards, Anita.

  10. I'm loving finishing up my old job today.
    I'm loving my bestest friends being back in Melbourne and spending time with them.
    I'm loving that in just 1 days time, I'm no longer going back to study next year, but THIS year!!!
    I'm loving that all my workmates are convinced that I'm 20ish and must be lying when I say I'm 35.
    I'm loving the balmy summer nights.
    I'm always loving your posts :-)

  11. I would be loving everything on your list too, especially your pretty Pyrex :-) Right now we're in Kununurra and I'm loving pretty much everything, the fact we dodged a cyclone, the chance for us all to be together like this, bird watching, croc spotting, kids sleeping peacefully, wine drinking, happy days xx ps I loved your blog while you were travelling as we were just about to start our trip but it's just as awesome now you are at home. Mel x

  12. I'm loving sprinklers, and icy poles and cute little pink baby bean seeds. And your post of course, gorgeous as usual - I have the blue spotty jug and blue bowls to match your yellow numbers.

  13. There's so much to be said for slowing down and appreciating the simple joys isn't there? I love that I am now too taking time to notice these sorts of things.

    Love the yellow jug :)


  14. I'm loving your Instagram moments too!
    So much to like (and comment on) about this post, but i picked this one.
    Dee x

  15. Such a good practice when things are feeling not-quite-right. I'm loving that I'm going to get to see my sweetheart tonight and that I'm wearing a tie-dyed cashmere sweater. Tie-dyed cashmere! Also, I love that picture of the pyrex bowls - brings me back.

  16. Hi
    I'm loving that it's the last day of the year. I love a new year.
    I'm loving the warm morning and blue sky.
    I'm loving the smell of toast cooking.
    I love the catch up I had with with a close girlfriend last night.
    I love my husband for who he is.
    I love how my cats put their tails up whenever they see me.
    Happy New Year to everyone as well.

  17. Nice post Kate, with some lovely little pretty spots. Esp loving your fab line up of jugs on the window sill, and now I know exactly what to do with mine! They've been living in the pantry, for lack of space, and getting something out to eat was the only time I would see them and love them. Never thought of the window sill. Time for some changes in my pretty spaces I think.
    Loving that when I look out the window in this pooter room, that mostly all I see are the trees and blue sky!
    Loving all the different bird calls coming from those trees!
    Loving that I can go on jaunts to Tambourine Mts with my very goodly friend!
    Loving that I have the freedom to have all these things and more! xx

  18. Oh I'm with you Kate re: dumping the op shop stuff. So far I've donated clothes from two adult kids, books, a TV and a printer. I feel so much lighter now!

    Is that really a photo of your kitchen window? I wouldn't be brave enough to do that... everyone would see my dust! :-)

    Happy New Year!

  19. Your whole blog is a pretty pot for me. So thank you!
    And LOVE Breakfast and Beer. My girlfriends and I stayed in Daylesford for a weekend a few years ago and went there 3 times over the course of the weekend, it was sublime and cosy and delicious and have to love any place that plays The Smiths and The Beastie Boys all in one morning.
    Happy NY to you and your crew. x


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