Friday, December 9, 2011

The Le Grand finale.

We spent yesterday at Cape Le Grand National Park just near Esperance.

Everything they say about the beaches in this area is true. The whitest sand. The bluest, blue water. Rocks. Greenery. Kangaroos. Birds. Magnificent.

It was too cold to swim but that only meant we had most of the beaches and roads to ourselves and that was totally fine by us.

We ran and climbed and tried unsuccessfully to fly the new parachute kite. We sang and yelled and screamed and laughed. We felt wild and windy.

The sad part is that those were our last West Australian beaches. The end of our five months on the coast of the West and South of the West. Wow! I really shouldn't be sad when its been so amazing though, should I.

As I type this my farmer boy is packing us up tight. Soon we'll hitch up, set off North and then later today we'll turn East and onto the Nullarbor. The next part of the adventure. Let's hope it's not Nullarboring.

Travel safe my friends.
See you on the other side, if not before.


  1. you're coming home!
    sad..... but ace too.
    the start of new beginnings as all you have gathered in your soul from these travels takes part it's palce in yuor life back home.
    places visited.
    people met.
    experiences remembered.
    set in your heart for ever.
    soooooo special.

  2. Oh I love those beaches so much. I've not swam there either... Regardless of the time of year it has been too cold! Bad luck. Good thing they're so wonderful to explore - such great rocks to climb. Isn't it windy? And yes the white sand and stunning blue colour if the water. So good.
    Goodbye :(
    .... It's been so lovely having you in the same time zone.

  3. Oh sheesh- could I edit before I publish??!!!
    that should be...
    ".......takes it's place in your life back home"

  4. What an amazing Grand Finale!!
    Travel safe, I'm sure it will be less than boring :)

  5. Amazing post, Kate. Godspeed across the Nullarbor, you and your precious cargo. You take so much with you. (Not just sand & op shop finds either!)

  6. Farewell lovely people.

    Brace yourself for lots of boring and lots of bad coffee ahead!!

    We're planning a Tassie trip for early next year. Perhaps a little stop over in Melbs and a side trip to Daylesford is in order?

    Rachel xo

  7. Don't be sad Kate + co. The best is yet to come! By that I mean South Australia of course.

  8. So glad you enjoyed our West Australian hospitality. We have booked in for some Esperence camping in January. Safe travels

  9. Oh I'm so glad you made it to Hellfire Bay (although I can't believe it was too cold to swim at this time of year!).
    We did the Nullarbor earlier this year and there were some parts that were just straight road for miles, but lots of funny little towns (with a population of about 10) along the way.. The highlight for my 3 year old were the frogs at Eucla. (Out the back of the Eucla Motel) and the old telegraph station.
    Oh and eat as much salad/ fruit as you can before you go!

  10. drive safely and enjoy the last bit of travel.
    It's happy and sad at the same time when a big trip ends....
    I know you have created some incredible family memories on this trip. Good on you for having the guts to pack up your lovely family and spend some amazing time in some amazing country. Most of us will only ever dream about doing it!

  11. We did our trip in reverse to you...many of our friends warned us about the boring Nullarbor. I'd do it again any day! Just be warned...make sure that when you leave your camp spot that you turn east, not west...MY hubby twice turned the wrong way and it took a lot of convincing him we were heading back home! Only the GPS would convince him! Safe travelling the last leg.

  12. I think the Nullabor might surprise you. People carry on about it being boring but we do it every couple of years and its never the same twice. All that space is so liberating. Enjoy! sue

  13. Nullaboring!!! bahahahahha. That made my day. Drive safely. xx

  14. Here's to the next stage of the big adventure - nullarific I reckon

  15. Am so pleased you are up and running again. Also, that you too fell in love with the west coast.

    From one stranger to another Happy Travelling!

  16. As an outsider looking in from far away Wales, UK, one of the best bits of following your whole adventure has been seeing the bits of Australia that I simply wasn't aware of! The Western Australia part of your trip mostly fell into that category, and the Nullabor most definitely does. Safe journey home, and I look forward to seeing what this last leg of your journey brings :D

  17. So pleased to read you're back on wheels and visiting other places! Safe travels on your way back home.

  18. Kate thanks for letting us all enjoy this trip with you and your family .
    Safe traveling homeward bound x

  19. Hi Kate
    I have really enjoyed reading your blog, LOVE your caravan and am really inspired to visit WA's beaches - they look beautiful. I'm sure your kids will treasure this trip for ever. Safe travels

  20. It really does look stunning Kate! That last picture of you walking toward the water is almost unreal..enjoy the next part of your adventure! x

  21. Kate,
    Great to see you are all back on the road again and that you are making your way across the Nullabor. We took 3 days to do it but it was big days in the car for the kids. I hope the girls travel well. Nigel still wondering what ended up being wrong with the van? Get Bren to explain it to him. I never listen to mechanical stuff either.

    See you in SA. We may cross paths as you push to make it home for Christmas.

    Fiona, Nigel and the kids. xx

  22. i bet the nullabor will be anything but boring. have you packed the golf clubs for the worlds longest golf links? safe travels kate and co

  23. Already! Wow, I can't believe we have been reading about your travels for 5 months! Safe travels xx

  24. that water looks magical- we really do have the best beaches in the world.

  25. One of my favourite spots on the planet ... so glad to stop by and see you were off again. Safe travels!

  26. You have seen more of WA than I have and I live here! The South West is absolutely gorgeous Denmark is my fav spot. Enjoy your trip home.

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