Monday, December 26, 2011

Quilt top!

One week after we arrived back home I decided I couldn't ignore the neatly packaged up, freshly serviced, sewing machine near the front door any longer.

One week after we arrived back home I was folding some fabric in my sewing room when I was struck by a sudden and very powerful urge to make a quilt.

I think at this stage in time I should tell you that I have never before made a quilt. I have possibly even made a little joke once or twice at the expense of my cutting up fabric and sewing it back together friends (sorry). I had always thought I might be irritated at the fussiness of quilting. That the exactness might not suit my personality. That quarter inch seams and self healing mats might belong to a culture I would never be a part of.

But like I said, the urge struck and who was I to ignore it.

So I gathered up some vintage sheets.
I measured them and cut some strips.
Then I dealt with an incident with Miss Pepper and the rotary cutter and some blood (lesson learned).
And I pinned and sewed the bits of fabric back together.
And then I cut them up again.

And then I got up on a chair and off the chair and on the chair and off the chair to fiddle with the design.

And then I sewed it all together and pressed the seams.

And ta-da!!! A quilt top!!

The wonderful and incredibly beginner friendly pattern is Kate's. I think the hardest part of the entire process was trying to take a picture without the wind blowing it up and around.

I'm a bit excited. And I can hardly wait until midday tomorrow when Merrilyn's shop opens and I can buy some wadding stuff.


In the meantime, as I wait, I'm rummaging through my scraps drawer and googling beginner quilt patterns and dreaming about my next project. I think I'm hooked.

Merry, merry.



  1. I'm honestly surprised it's taken you this long to get addicted. I probably spend more time dreaming and conspiring about quilting that I do actually DOING it, but it's just so much fun.

    I really like your quilt Kate! Enjoy the process if quilting it!

  2. Great job Kate! Only saying to Frank that when I get home I will be getting machine and overlocker serviced also. I have collected a few v.sheets over the last couple of months. I saw a pair in the packet at The Mill at Daylesford, heart skipped a beat but they cost $40. This isn't alot when you consider the cost of new sheets but couldn't come at it when you can be lucky enough to get some for $5. Hope you all had a great xmas!!

  3. I love it. Fresh and pretty. And the dog peeping around the corner. Priceless.

  4. Well done Kate!!

    So thrilled you had a crack, the top looks gorgeous...such a beautiful way to repurpose those special sheets.

    Very much looking forward to seeing some more quilty creations xxx

  5. Bravo Kate, I think I'm a bit the same way with cutting up and sewing back together but maybe I'm just scared I'll get 'hooked' on the whole process.

    Your quilt looks fab and I love the rear view with all those little seams. Great colours, I'm sure this is the start of something.......

    Claire :}

  6. It had to happen sooner or later Kate. No going back now, addiction guaranteed. Love your top.

  7. Joking! you will make great quilts, I think you have already made them before- like the curtains and bed spreads... I think the urge has been there for a while. I can't wait to see!

  8. Welcome home Kate! I love your quilt, its just gorgeous (OOp i think youve caught the bug!...)


  9. Hi Kate

    Your quilt is very pretty. I can't believe how little time it took.

    Your fabric reminds me of some really pretty vintage sheets I saw a couple of weeks ago at the local Salvos. It was like should I, shouldn’t I? Well I never did. I went back after the weekend to get them but they were gone.  Lesson learnt, don’t procrastinate.

    Happy quilting.


  10. Oh, that is sweet! So- packing away the crochet hooks and the knitting needles then? ;)

  11. it looks lovely! i love to quilt (although am pretty new to it)...and it is pretty addictive.x

  12. Hahhahahaha... in some form the dark side gets us all eventually.

  13. Hi Kate
    Just found your blog in the last couple of days, and have really enjoyed flicking through your posts and reading about your great adventure! You'll love the whole "cutting up only to sew back together process"! Your quilt looks beautiful.
    Cheers, Trudy

  14. Ooh, it's as gorgeous as I knew it would be :)
    I have been wanting to make a vintage sheet quilt,for,the longest time...hopefully 2012 will be the year it comes to fruition.


  15. Wow, so quick and it looks amazing! I look forward to seeing the end result :)

  16. Dangerous thing to play around with cutting up lovely fabrics..and sewing them back is addictive I believe. Looks lovely though why wouldn't you make another.

  17. wow Kate, that looks gorgeous! I think quilting was meant this way: making a new blanket out of old sheets. I love love love your colors and the design!

    Merry to you too ;)
    Love, Maaike

  18. Welcome to the dangerously addictive world of quilts! A good tip that works well for wadding is thrifted wool blankets. You can find them fairly cheap over here (UK) and they make the perfect middle layer for your quilt sandwich :)

  19. So pretty Kate, neat work. Patchwork is patchwork, like your sweet caravan decor, you'll keep making more & more. My only mission this Summer is to make 2 of my girls patchwork quilt tops, hexagons, yay. Love Posie

  20. gorgeous Kate, I might just have to give that pattern a go! I have tried once to do a basic square quilt, but am no good at the wadding bit! Lovely xx

  21. It looks great. I am itching to get home and unpack my craft things (about the only thing that I have to do) I love the colours in it. Well done.

  22. Its beautiful!!
    I always use an old wool/military blanket instead of that wadding stuff. It gives the finished quilt a lovely heavy feeling...feels more proper than that fluff.
    Depends what you want in the finish i guess.

  23. Welcome to the wonderful world of quilting. It seems that you have taken to this with the same skill you show in all the other needles arts! It looks great! Have fun with the quilting.

  24. Astounding that you havent succumbed before now.
    And what a way to make an entrance! So beautifully done Kate.
    It was only a matter of time as far as im concerned, x

    p.s.You do realise there is no going back?

  25. Oh please don't temp me to start quilting...yet! It is just amazing, I love it!

  26. See one door closes and another one opens! I really like your quilt it is so you :-)

  27. sweet as Kate, the first of many me thinks!

  28. I've been debating this pattern as my first ever quilt too, you just may have convinced me Kate....

  29. That is honestly the most stunning quilt cover I have ever seen. I love love love it!

  30. Very nice! I really want to make another quilt. I have only done a little baby one before. Hopefully 2012 will be the year of the quilt. I have been meaning to make one for about 5 years.

  31. It looks most excellent! Super effort.

  32. I'm not even sure I really believe you about the whole 'never making a quilt before' thing Kate. This looks too lovely and professional!

    I love the idea of using vintage sheets- has such a fantastic look to it!

  33. That is absolutely beautiful! Did I see this on instagram or something & it was lodged in my subconscious? I have made my first ever quilt top in the last week or so & it really looks alot like this. Mind you, I did not follow a pattern nor did I iron anything. You are way more disciplined than I could ever be. And strangely, I am bordering mine in yellow. I noticed you have a 'thing' for yellow. Uncanny. I found your blog when you were caravanning & this is just me returning for some updates. Kate [yes, I'm Kate too] xo

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