Thursday, December 22, 2011

Things I am liking @ home.

(pics; our garlic, our bed, our kitchen table, our 80 Mile Beach-shell mobile, our raspberries).

Freshly Miss Jazzy cut flowers on the kitchen table.
Showering without thongs.
Our own farm produce.
Hot running water at the sink.
Our own eggs.
Not bumping into each other all the time.
Sunlight streaming in through clean windows (thanks R xx).
The dishwasher.
Not having to hunt for four one dollar coins whenever I want to do the laundry.
Walking around nudie-rudie.
Not going anywhere.
Berry picking every day.
Our own bed.
How happy the girls are with their classes and teachers for next year.
Music we never got a chance to upload to the ipods.
Walking the farm.
Our things.
The compost bucket.
How calm and content the girls seem to be.
Reading Pippi Longstocking together every night.
The space we are starting to feel on day three of the great declutter.
The quiet nights without TV.
Walking in the bush.
Meal planning.
Using the bits of crockery we bought on the trip.
Looking forward to Friday night-family movie night.
That feeling you get when you chuck out ten years of odd socks.
Rediscovering old favourites.

I'm hoping your home is a wonderful place to be right now.

Bye! xx


  1. Sounds like you have had a safe landing. Yay for no TV. It lets your kids grow inside themselves too. Cherrie

  2. We call it rudie nudie too. I would miss it too. The spacesuit be so good. Xxx

  3. my home is a wonderful happy sparkly place to be right now. . . yours must be feeling pretty big. . . and i very much need to throw out ten years of odd socks too. happy days x x manda

  4. How amazing is all your linen! I'm having such a laugh that you're appreciating showering without thongs on. Some of us just take things for granted don't we?! Kellie xx

  5. Thats a great list....rudie nudie, odd it.

  6. Ha. Laughing at the $1 coins for the washing machines. Can so relate to that for two weeks every year.

    My girls are very happy with their lot for next year at school too. And just quietly, I'm over the moon.

    And I spy my friend Jenni's cushion on your bed. She is gorgeous, as is her work.

    Glad you are settling back in x

  7. Awesome 80 Mile Beach shell mobile Kate and Miss Jazzy certainly picked a lovely bunch of flowers.

    Well done on the decluttering, isn't it liberating........

    Love your list lots on it I can agree with.
    So glad you're pleased to be home.

    Best wishes to you all for a fantastic 2012

    Claire X

  8. Well that list of goodness sounds perfect to me. (And those raspberries! Oh YUM!) Welcome home Kate and family :)

    Katie x

  9. The novelty hasn't worn off our new house yet. Each time I pull up the driveway I smile. It's so nice to have our own space, our own things, our own garden and our own rooms to decorate as we please.

    We did a big cull of our things when we moved as well. After having some of our things sitting in boxes for 10 months we realised how much of it we no longer needed. Feeling lighter as a result and more of a resolve not to introduce more clutter.

    I brought our first blueberry plant today too and am looking forward to picking our own berries one day. :)

  10. I'd be loving all these things too, especially being nudie rudie :p


  11. I'm so glad it is nice to be home. I was worrying for you a bit. That downer feeling that can sometimes happen after the high. So good to nicely be getting into a new rhythm in your home. Lovely. I am so glad.

    Decluttering. Always good. I do it so often. At the moment I am struggling because friends who have ceased to have babies are off loading all their bits and bobs onto me rather than taking it to the op shop. I say no. I leave their houses without taking the things and then they still drive by to drop it off. I don't want or need their clutter!!! This is my third child. I know what I need - not much! Urgh. It is really really annoying me. The problem is they can't really let it go and accept that that part of their life is over. I have empathy - but still - for a non-hoarder who can't handle clutter they're driving me bonkers!!!

    Phew. That vent felt good. Sorry about that.

  12. Okay- on that note, I think I will chuck out my odd socks tonight. Pippi Longstocking rocks. I dressed up as her for bookday in grade 3! And our dog is Pippi in her honour too.

  13. Welcome home!

    Bet you're enjoying the pants off of nourishing whole organic homegrown food! What an amazing journey you've been on.

    I must say - well done for having the balls to do it (although I must say that vaginas are much stronger, so maybe it should take place of balls - or as a collaborative effort!)...

    I can only imagine how sublime sleeping back in your bed must feel - when we've been away, I always crawl into bed and tell Nic "I love you, and my babies and THIS BED!"

    much love to you and yours from me and mine. xx

  14. Crap, I think I just deleted my comment... try again:

    Kate, I love your list. So many of these things made me happy too when we returned home from our trip.
    I can really relate to you loving the compost bucket. Sometimes I think my compost bucket looks so beautiful, I want to take a photo of it... but I resist.

  15. YAY! I'm so happy to hear this! So happy you are loving being home and all the things home brings.
    And yep there's nothing like rediscovering old favourites, whether it's music, bits or places. xo

  16. What a fabulous list of goodness....sounds like you guys are in for a fantastically peaceful Christmas. xx Have a lovely one.

  17. Welcome home Kate - thanks for taking us all on your trip.
    You made me laugh - our youngest sometimes asks if she can wear her 'rudie-nudie'!!

  18. Home! *sigh*

    Nothing better than coming home and seeing things with fresh eyes and a new energy.

    It's lovely to go away and have a change of pace, but it's always so good to be home and discover all the things we took for granted.

    Enjoy your Christmas.


  19. How wonderful! I am so glad that you are finding joy in your home again. It is nice to looks at our lives with fresh eyes every now and again, and as you ar doing re access what is important. :)

  20. Glad to see you are settling in. x

  21. Seashells in a green grotto.. doesn't get any lovelier than that xx

  22. It's inspirational!
    I would love that freshness of coming home and seeing things in a new light. Hmmm .... now how to do that without going away ????????
    Maybe that can be january's project...
    Glad you back and thanks for sharing your trip.

  23. So much good stuff!! The glimpses i see of the copperart house look pretty darn lovely!!

    Merry Christmas guys. It's been an exciting and memorable year for your gang.


  24. A very happy new year to you and your gang.

    Looking forward to seeing what you guys get up to in 2012 xx

    PS: Had my fill of bubbly...hitting the sack ;)


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