Monday, December 12, 2011

Spots in Belladonia.

Late Friday afternoon we finished our first leg of the Nullarbor, 242.5km, and I finished hooking my 20 crocheted circles in squares into long scarves.

We were in Belladonia in western Australia. A tiny dusty dot on the edge of highway one. There was nothing there except a roadhouse and a caravan park with a couple of straggly tenants, a western themed toilet and a scary looking motel. And there was us. Us and the scarves.

There were crocheted spots everywhere.

What fun.
What else are you meant to do on a Friday afternoon in the middle of nowhere?
To my farmer boy;
Happy twelfth on 12/12.
I adore you.
You are so ace.
You totally rock my socks. xx

To all of you;
I hope you have the most surprising and wonderful week.
I'm sure you are ace too. xx


  1. Kate I love your circles in squares they look fantastic, the colours are great.........

    They actually remind me of indiginous artwork.

    It will look wonderful when it's sewn together and will remind your of your adventures with Miss Frankie Blue.

    Congrats and happy anniversary too...........

    Claire :}

  2. I love the scarves!
    Such great photos too :-)
    Looks like you've managed to make the most of such uninspiring surrounds after the beauty of the WA coast.
    Safe travels.

  3. Happy Happy Aniversary Kate and Bren!
    loving the circles in squares too xo

  4. Your circles & squares look brilliant! Happy Anniversary to you!! x

  5. Oh My god- I forgot a post!!! You remindede me happy 12 on the 12 we were 11 on 11/11/11

  6. happy anniversary! love the scarves!

  7. Very cool scarves! Love them. Have a wonderful anniversary.

  8. happy anniversary gorgeous couple!!!
    loving that pic of you both ♥

  9. I love your dots - as scarves they are too gorgeous! Have loved following your caravan adventures too.

  10. Firstly, happy 12th - awesome achievement!
    Secondly, love the circles, the are completely adorable!
    Thirdly.... you have to knit/crochet bomb something whilst travelling.. something odd, something funny & something that screams KATE!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lovely colours & circles of crochet.
    Congratulations on your 12-12-12 celebrations!

  12. Happy Anniversary to you both :)

    Love the crochet.


  13. 'Twelve days of Luuuurve'? Congrats on 12 wonderful years. You make a mighty fine duo, it's true.

    LOVE the circles! x

  14. What absolutely brilliant scarves! I love them. Fab post hon - put a smile on my dial. Take care and have a lovely week.

  15. Congrats on the anniversary, we were 11 years in 11th month 2011. Loving the crochet and agree that you must crochet graffiti something surely before you get home. melx

  16. Happy Anniversary you two!!
    You guys all look so great and happy together! Loving the crochet that tells your story.XXXJennie

  17. That really is a beautiful photo of the two of you! Congratulations! The circles are very clever. Hope you having a great trip, sue :)

  18. the scarves are incredible,gorgeous colours,love them.......thanks for the continuing photos and stories,it has been lovely to follow you all on your adventures.....

  19. Happy anniversary and those scarves are amazing, love the colours and the design.

  20. Congrats on your 12/12 may you have many more.... I wonder if you will be blogging in another 12 years about your 24th anniversary. That would be awesome. Love your blankie and I want one so plse plse plse a tutorial one day plse plse plse...

  21. Congrats lovebirds! You have travelled a long road together already, even before this trip! May it continue on and on, winding it's way into the future. Much love to you both xo ps that rock shot is really beautiful

  22. Kate!!!! Those colours. That pattern. Those circles. So perfect. Such a beautiful way to remember your journey. So Australian. So vivid. So unique. I love it ... and these pictures are fantastic. Just divine. Love!!!!

  23. Have been reading all your posts, just not commented much. I cannot believe you are on the way home, gosh that went so quick. You have had amazing adventures together and after living all squished in together you and can say your boy still rocks your socks, I call you one very blessed girl. Happy Anniversary and may there be many more.
    xx Sandi

  24. What can I say?
    Brens are sock rockers!
    Happy, happy, happy anniversary to all of you.

    What an uninteresting place to celebrate...just saying, x

  25. happy anniversary mr bren and mrs kate. love the ❍'s
    at first i thought that big ol' tree had been bombed, but those scarves are way too nice to leave on a tree. happy travels. you all look so happy and relaxed. enjoy the ride and stay safe

  26. he op shops, he poses for crochet related photos and he even smiles doing it. i'd say he's a keeper for sure!!

    happy happy anniversary you two. xoxo

  27. Oh look at that water!! Crochet is always so great, love the circles & colours.
    Happy anniversary, what a great date to celebrate, big one next year?? Happy travels, love Posie

  28. Your square circles are gorgeous, and I love the colours.
    My farmer boy was just telling me that knitting is like alchemy to him, I replied with, that's what crocheting is to me.... pure alchemy.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.


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