Tuesday, December 27, 2011


A sunny afternoon.
A ride on the back of the ute.
The front paddock.
A bunch of friends and sisters.
Some bush poles, some baling twine and some rope.
A pile of old sheets.
An old blanket or two.
A tee-pee.
A loaf of bread fresh out of the oven.
Jars of homemade blackberry jam, Vegemite and hummus.
The tin of cookies we made and iced two days ago.
Colourful tin glasses of cold water.
A game of Sleeping Beauty, some mud balls and a bit of relaxing.
A bit of crochet.
All the while keeping watch on Buster and making sure that he didn't bust out.

Bye. xx


  1. What a fun teepee! When it is summer here, I think I will have to make one for my girls, they would love it!

  2. Sounds wonderful and unique and something that the girls will remember with fondness when they are grown.

  3. is this as easy as it looks Kate? Might just give it a go! xx

  4. perfect! loving your renewed embracing of all that you adore in your home space!

  5. Flynn has the same shirt as Miss P. (You know, the important things.)

  6. Ah Kate. It's just fabulous to see you back and living life to the fullest. Just as you want. J x

  7. That is perfection right there :)

    We have been whiling away many moments in the tent I made for our little guy...love these lazy summer days.


  8. That is so darn cute! I wanna build a teepee in my backyard.

  9. How weird we are on the same wave length, today i got the teepee out and am about to make a new permanent home for it on the old deck- a permanent play space for when it is raining but Busy needs to be outside.

  10. Oh what fun that would have been, all the girls in there hanging out together, special memories were made today. xx

  11. That is the perfect way to spend a summers day.

  12. Gorgeous tee-pee, gorgeous girls! Watch out sheets, they may be needed in the next quilt project!!

  13. What a fab idea Kate! Love it!!! I'm thinking a big person size one just for me in the back yard would be just the ticket indeed. :)
    Welcome home too by the way! Lovely to have you back. x

  14. That is just gorgeous!

    I've been meaning to ask - what bread recipe do you use? I've just tried Tassajara bread but it's really sweet and doesn't keep well. The best I've made so far is the no-knead bread recipe from the New York Times, but I actually feel like kneading!

  15. Looks like such fun! Reminds me of tee-pees in the back yard with my brothers when I was a kid. Being in the suburbs, I think we used tomato stakes and blankets.

    Great photos!

  16. Oooh, I'm coming over to play too. Though I'm liable to nap in that tee pee and then not be able to get up again! (30 weeks!)

    Lucky girls, having such kick arse parents, honestly Kate. You guys deserve a big pat on the back! I just thought I should let you know I thought so, in case you don't hear it enough. :)

  17. looks like fun kate. happy faces all around

  18. wow i am getting all kinds of Julian dick and anne and george and timmy the do-o-og feelings looking at that picanic in the tent... 'lashings of blackberry jam' indeed... thanks

  19. Love it. came across this when I was looking for a teepee for the children in my room at childcare. I think they will have so much fun just quiely i will too!!!!!!!!!!!


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