Wednesday, December 7, 2011

On the road again...

We're on the road again.

To be honest I have no idea what was wrong with Miss Frankie Blue. She's all better now and that's all that matters. When the mechanic called early yesterday morning and started babbling on about electric brakes and drums and backing plates and said Bren could go and pick her up I almost cried. I think part of me really thought it was all over.

But it's not!!

Yesterday we packed up, hitched up and drove about 480km until we got to Esperance.

Esperance!!!! Home of Australia's best beaches and whitest sand. Yippeeeee!!!!

We spent the day today checking out some of these awesome beaches. It was raining and wasn't exactly swimming weather but maybe it will be by the end of the week. And we don't care anyway, we are just so happy to be here.

We drove up to check out the Esperance wind farm.

We sat and stared at the pink lake for a while but it wasn't very pink today.

We did a spot of op shopping and I bought my first floral sheets of the trip. I'm not usually into the orangey ones, but at this late stage in the trip I had to buy what was there. It helped that two of them were in their original bags too.

There would have been more op shopping but I had an incident with an overly keen shop lady who WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE and drove me insane. She chatted, she offered advice, she leaned over me and got in my way and.....she didn't smell the best. So I thought I'd call it a day and we headed home.

Home!!! In our cozy caravan once again. Where the girls are catching up on some journaling, Bren is playing the ukulele and I am writing this.

Home. It is so great to be back.

Home. There's no place like it.

Oh and we won Explore Australia's - Road Trippers Hall of Fame!!!! Hooray!!!!!
How cool is that!
Apparently a craft blogger can turn into a travel blogger after all.

I hope things are going to plan in your world.
I hope they are not too crazy leading up to the end of the year.

Happy travels.
Later dudes! xx


  1. Oooooh, I can say that I knew you before you got so famous :)

    Glad that you are back on the road again. I can only imagine how relieved and happy you must all feel. But tough luck with the overbearing oppy chick. Ah, well, there will be more down the road...

    Travel safe. x

  2. Your unalloyed joy at your homecoming just bursts from this post! So glad for you guys that all is well and you're back on the road with Frankie Blue :D

  3. Oh, and congratulations on that win, I was so busy being pleased for you I forgot to say Well Done!

  4. I'm so glad you're back on the move with Frankie Blue!
    And congratulations, famous friend! xo

  5. Woohoo! Ye-hah! and hip hip hooray! Wonderful news. Agfter the 'brake' in transmission we can get on with our Aussie online tour again. And you can too. Very happy for you. Cherrie

  6. Suuuuuucchh brilliant news Kate!
    Not so much about the op shop lady, that was a bit weird! I love the sheets you got, I was never into orange either - but with a little one who loves it, it is growing on me! Much love and hugs, XXXJ

  7. Oooh yes I remember Esperance - we stayed there on our way to Perth over 20 years ago, and I've always remembered it as the place with white sand and tropically green water. So beautiful!
    It might be time for another visit, me thinks!!

  8. Yay I am so happy you are back on he road

  9. When my mum and dad drove around Australia Espereance was their fave place. I hope it fines up and you get to swim in the beaches. Glad Frankie is on the mend. Frankie and Busy have the same second name. Xx

  10. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! so happy for you! those beaches, that water! those sheets!!!!!! welcome back frankie blue. xx

  11. Okay, now I need a map to see where Esperance is :) Love the look of that beach, just gorgeous.
    Glad to hear you are on the road again..happy travels Kate.

  12. Congratulations on your award. So glad you are back on the road.
    Esperance beaches or rather beaches of Cape le Grand National park were my favourite beaches , hard to believe we only left there just over 3 wks ago.
    It was my favourite location. The walk up Frenchmen Peak leads to an astounding 360degree vista.
    Depsite our 5 yr old smashing 3-4 of his front teeth out on our last day in the campground it was the a highlight..

  13. Yay glad to see Frankie blue is on the road again...I'm loving hearing about your adventures ...hope the weather fines up soon for ya's

  14. Kate I can hear the happiness in your voice, it's so great! Congratulations on the Road Trippers Hall of Fame, fabulous! xx

  15. Happy for you and your beautiful family that you are on the road again and happy for me that i'll see your travels via your lovely blog :)

  16. FAR OUT our country is HUUUUUUUUGE isn't it!
    to drive 480km's in one day! me oh my!
    There are so few places on earth you can actually do that.
    i am so glad you have your shell back on your back!
    ANd YAY on your prize!
    It is sooo exciting when you win a prize isn't it Kate! :)
    and regarding that.....i do hope it makes you think about that book that you are so very capable of writing.

  17. Hello !!!!

    I have loved reading about your adventure and am so happy you are back on the road.

    And funnily enough, what tickled my fancy the most is that you won a copy of the Australian Beer Companion. Enjoy!

    Safe travels XX

  18. WoooHoooo Yayyyyyyyyy Great win, Deservedly so, book deal next please :) Happy to know you're back on the road ♥♥♥♥♥


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