Saturday, January 2, 2016


You guys!!!!!!

This morning I sat up in bed and read all of your comments on my last post and I cried. From wondering if anyone would even see my blog, to over 100 blog comments, Facebook messages, and emails filled with such kind and generous words and sentences, I was and still am overwhelmed. From the bottom of my heart thank you, I can't tell you how happy you've made me.

It's funny, I always tell myself that it doesn't matter if anyone reads along, that I'm doing this for me and for the girls later on. But deep down I love to think of you all as I'm writing, checking in on my blog as you drink your first coffee of the day or as you're waiting for the pasta water to boil at night. I love to think of you rugged up under so many layers of clothing in the snow, or heading off for a swim in the lake. I love to think that the Internet and our blogs can connect us and make this big wide world a little bit smaller and friendlier. 

So let me tell you a little story about a crafty thing we got up to today.

Just after I came in from watering the garden this morning I got the feeling that everyone was feeling a bit stuffy and grumpy inside, so I grabbed Miss Pepper and we went for a walk through the forest and collected some sticks with deep V's in them.

Then we came home, set up a crafty picnic at the edge of the forest and called out to the others to join us.

We did some branch weaving.

We made some pom-poms. We drank ginger beer and ate some water melon.

We listened to music, talked about music, sang along to the music and we chatted.

It was pretty windy at times and bits of bark came flying down from the tall trees but we didn't mind, we just shouted louder to be heard and then waited for it to calm down.

We had a gorgeous day. A real summer holiday crafty day. I do hope there are loads more ahead of us this year.

I wonder what you got up to today. Was it windy? Was there singing? Did you feel better at the end than the start?

And thank you again, for reading along, for taking the time to let me know and for sticking with me through the highs and lows and the gaps and the glitches, you've made me the happiest girl in blogland.

Big blog love,



  1. Thank you Kate. Your blog brings a smile to my face.

  2. Hi Kate, I was so glad to find 2 new posts here tonight! I started a blog at the end of last year, and I still love reading blogs, and yours is one of my favourites. I'm a country girl myself so I enjoy reading what other crafty country mums get up to, it's a lovely way to connect. Looking forward to reading about you adventures this January! Kelly xx

  3. Looks like a really lovely day.
    cheers Kate

  4. Thanks Kate, it is lovely to check in and read your blog and know you will be posting. I look forward to reading your blog-2015 was tough for me, and finding somewhere friendly and kind is sort of a relief-especially on social media :) x

  5. Your blog makes me smile Kate...getting out of the house is ALWAYS a better option isn't it? Your afternoon looks perfect. Tonight we packed homemade bread and sausages, headed to the paddock, lit a fire, had a cold beer and watched the pretty light. All free, all ours and all good fun x

  6. So windy isn't it! Today we travelled to Melbourne to see the illusionists 1903, a magic show that was a gift to my youngest for Cristmas, it was amazing, such a great show, I still don't know how they did what they did.we also wandered the streets, visited the state library and the royal arcade and ate in an alleyway cafe.

  7. I love you blog so much. I think we seem like very similar people Kate, I started my blog about a year ago - your stick weavings are gorgeous, we've made many things from sticks, like dreamcatchers, painted sticks etc. You are very inspiring.
    Sarah from Surrey, UK (

  8. Gorgeous crafty picnic! Sometimes it's hard to stop what you are doing and get everyone involved in a relaxing project when so many chores have to be done but it's worth it in the end hey. We're trying to get back in to daily life after traveling across NSW seeing all the grandparents and cousins. Emotions are all over the place. So today I pulled out canvases and we did tape painting with my two boys. Acrylics for the 8 year old and washable paint for the 3 year old. It felt so good to show the boys my "cool" arty side as they only know me as crafty mum.

  9. A very hot Summer's day in Central Queensland. We worked cattle, and our four kids mostly fought! Ended with a meal that had been simmering all day in the slow cooker (knowing we'd be outside) and a couple of cold beers, life is grand isn't it. Here's to a wonderful 2016 for all.

  10. We did crafty things yesterday too. Today we are going to the theatre as our holiday treat from my in laws. Looking forward to tomorrowa'a post. Jo x

  11. A hot day here too - we went to the beach, puppy and kids. We dug potatoes - put shade up over our chickens. And I blogged!

  12. I love the idea of branch weaving, how wonderful. It is cold here today by Lake Ontario, so no outside crafting going on here, and I must take all of my Christmas decorations down today and put away. But I also love the memories they evoke even as I put them away. Cathy in western New York state by beautiful Lake Ontario

  13. What a lovely day you and your girls had! Love the weaving and adore that pom-pom necklace :)

  14. Hi Kate,
    I'm so pleased you've found your blogging mojo and even more pleased that you're going to blog through January. When my reality wasn't that great I became a little 'blog dependent' - nowadays yours is the only one I read. Great images, great words and great personal/global values.
    Blogging & Instalove

  15. Kate, so glad you're back with us. I missed seeing the girls and living your life.
    The stick weaving is a great quiet activity I'll plan on using with my grand children when the snow melts and the sun shines here again.

  16. What a lovely day and a lovely post. Great pics of the girls as always. I didn't get around to commenting yesterday as I had people over for dinner and loads of cooking to do, but I am so glad you got such a great response. I say just keep pm with these great posts, everyday life stories told from the heart. Really heart warming. Elaine

  17. Your lovely photos have brought warmth and a reminder of sunshine to a very wet, miserable day in Buckinghamshire (England). I am fairly new to blogging, love your photos and look forward to a daily visit throughout January - a little dose of sunshine! The twig weaving looks great and shall give it a try with our junior textile group. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Today has just started so I don’t know what it will bring. I do know that it’s the first day in weeks that the sun is out and the sky is blue, and the temperature is finally near normal. A huge relief! :-)

  19. Aw beautiful memories you're creating!
    Have been reading blog stats lately, if you received 100 comments!! and only 10% of readers apparently comment, then you have a huge readership :-)

  20. I'm still here! Today has been yucky weather here in Cornwall but me and my man have demolished a garden wall and lifted some old concrete ready for the foundations of our new extension. We are trying to do as much as we can ourselves to reduce the cost of the builders. I am now showered, in my PJ's infront of the fire. Time to chill and catch up with my bloggy friends. Much love to you down under. X

  21. still wet here. We don't seem to have had any winter at all which is rather worrying but I do wish the rain would cease! x

  22. Your crafty picnic looks ideal!
    It only gets very windy her during winter; yesterday was hot and humid, which I don't like so much but the pasture grows like crazy in this weather which is wonderful.
    Have a lovely Sunday,
    I'm looking forward to reading today's post later
    Sarah x

  23. ...and here you were wondering if anyone was reading! Gee, for your post Procrastiblogging, I left a comment but when I checked my emails on New Year's Day, my comment had bounced back to me - why? Because your message box was FULL!!
    It just goes to show that one person like yourself does have the power to make a difference in this world and it is wonderful that you use that power to spread joy, peace, love and beauty and friendship.
    I hope your windy weather was the cooler breeze flowing through from South Australia. Yesterday it was just divine to feel a cool breeze again after the intense scorching heat and dusty, sneezy north winds. As for the branch weaving, I love how the branches themselves influence the shapes in the final woven design. Here's to more happy holidays with family. xxx

  24. What a fun summer day for you and th children. Memories are made with simple things like these. :-). It was cold today here. -3F this morning. Brrrrr. At least no snow fell. Hubby and I kept busy buying two new chairs and a television for our Christmas gift to each other. He is happily whistling while installing the television. Boys and their toys! :-). I'm so happy you're back.

  25. What a great day you had!
    I'm reading this, still in bed with morningcoffee & rusks, dead tired, because yesterday - yesterday we celebrated 2 nd New Year and went to see the Kaapse Klopse parade in Cape Town, after breakfast in Kalk Bay and a train ride to Fish Hoek and walkabout to the beach there. Great fun!
    Happy new year to ye, looking forward to the Sheep Project!

  26. Hi Kate, Looks like you had a great crafty day. Today we walked along the beach as part of the recovery process to help our daughter's foot recover from an injury from May, she walked for 40minutes straight without pain-what a miracle. Then we drove around our beautiful part of Tassie and stopped at road side stalls buying spray free cherries and organic blueberries. We stopped at our favourite picnic point,looked for dolphins,took pictures of a stunning herd of cattle and ate muesli bars and cherries for lunch. Light and Love, Jude

  27. I'm reading this at a bit after 11pm, my time. Today was brilliantly clear and crisp again after an overnight frost. I sorta lie - the frost persisted all day long in spots where the sun did not reach, and there are a lot of those spots at this time of year in Seattle! I wound more yarn, knitted on my Exploration Station (check the pattern out on rav!), wrote some of my latest rancid story and walked to the local beach to watch sunset. After we hit Home Despot, DH took me out to dinner (cos we were both hungry and tea would be over an hour away otherwise) :-) And then I looked at your blog, with its pictures of the sort of bushland that makes me homesick

  28. Kate, I continue to love reading your blog. I live in Cork Harbour. In the south of Ireland. It has not stopped raining since Christmas Eve. Our winter is not that cold this year, but oh so wet. So different from inland South Africa, where I grew up. But after 13 years here, I myst say I prefer a winter Christmas. Keep blogging, I'll keep reading.

  29. Ooh! Gonna do that with my girls this weekend! x


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