Thursday, January 28, 2016

twenty eighth - tom

So you guys have met our new sheep, our new kitten and now it's time for me to introduce you to our new Maremma pup, Tom. Tom is four months old and the son of a Maremma who was born here on our farm.

Tom lives with and looks after our chooks.

He also lives with his best buddy Bingo the Maremma.

And our four sheep, Mittens, Beanie, Socks and Cardigan.

He doesn't live with Miss Pepper but she certainly does spend a lot of time with him and with the sheep trying to get them to eat a cucumber or grain out of her hands.

Tom loves to run up and down his fence and bark like crazy if anyone he doesn't know comes by.

He's not too sure about the game where Pepper pretends to ride him.

And his favourite thing in the whole world, apart from dinner time, is a big tickle on the tummy.

Welcome Tom and thanks for doing such an awesome job.

And thank you guys for doing an awesome job of reassuring me that we'll be OK in the next stage of our family's life. Your messages were filled with such kindness and understanding and they mean the world to me. Your suggestions of talking books and podcasts and conversations will definitely be taken on board. And your personal stories of how your lives have changed, what's worked for you and what hasn't and your opinions on how best to tackle long commutes have made me feel like we are not alone in this and that it is definitely worthwhile. A little part of me is even getting excited.

I'd love to think that I'll get back to each of you either on my blog or in the message you sent to me, but realistically I may not so please consider this a massive THANK YOU!! You are wonderful and you never fail to hold my hand and walk with me down the track and I appreciate it beyond words. I have a whole blog post in my head about how important my blog and your feedback is to my life and this is a perfect example of how and why. So thank you again.

And goodnight from me and Tom and the rest of the crew here at Daylesford Organics.

We hope you have the sweetest dreams.



  1. I am always in absolute awe of Mareemas. Just beautiful, beautiful dogs that do an outstanding job! And Tom is gorgeous <3

    Sarah x

    PS I've been researching wool breeds I can keep in the subtropics after seeing your sheep. It has renewed my desire to have wool sheep along with our Dorpers xx

  2. Hey gorgeous one ,
    I'm sending you my looooong Mamma arms to wrap around you !!
    Here's hoping new friendships are made and that BEAUTIFUL THING called CAR POOLING happens !
    Lovin hugs xx

  3. Hi Kate
    The Charlotte person is right- it will all be fine. Things much worse when you're anticipating them than doing them. I'm in the UK with three kids similar ages to yours. They're at three different schools! None of the schools further than 20 mins away, but opposite directions, very different schedules. I can do six school runs a day between swim practice at 6am and pickup after school-supper at 6:30pm for the different kids. BUT it works for them and what they each need. My eldest is 16 and growing so fast- this is such a short phase. I feel like a total taxi driver but know I'm going to miss this very very soon. Good luck with your new start! Thanks for your lovely blog!

  4. I read lots of the comments on your post yesterday and you were given lots and lots of good advice. I never had to do that kind of carpooling, so I don't have a lot of advice for you, but I just had to comment today and tell you how absolutely darling Tom is. What a sweet little face.
    Blessings, Betsy

  5. Tom is so cute..I'm sure Pepper is crazy about him. Looks like your feathered girls are very well taken care of.

  6. That is one fine looking cute and very clever. Thanks to the movie 'Oddball' I now know more about Mareemas and am in awe!

  7. Tom is just so cute. His little face is divine. I'm dreading the start of next month where you won't be blogging each day. I have so enjoyed reading your blogs each night. The give such a different perspective on life. I look forward to clicking onto Foxs Lane to see what has been happening in your world.

  8. could bury my face in his belly and just take a nap while breathing in his luscious scent.

    carpooling Will work out and it'll be fun too I bet; we'll be with you in spirit, kate, lean on us.

  9. Congrats on your new pup!! He's just adorable!! May he bring you many years of happiness!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  10. What a cutie! Hopefully another helper on the farm.


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