Saturday, January 16, 2016


the very first apples of our season

the ripeness test

hello sunflower?

new potatoes and a couple of beans

miss pepper's flower bed

nasturtiums catching the light

Hello lovely blog buddies, how are you?

I'm good. I started today, the 16th day of the new year reading a few pages of my book in bed. It's a school holidays luxury that I'm loving and will be sad to see the end of. It's such a gentle, quiet way to start the day. Lots of people do yoga first thing or go for a walk around the block - I like to read, I love it actually.

After breakfast we walked down to the orchard to check on the progress of some of the apples and cover one last row. And then we spent the rest of the morning putting up fences and planting the last of the tomatoes. Finally. Grow well and fruit abundantly my friends.

While I watered the tomatoes in, farmer Bren bandicooted some new potatoes which we cooked and then ate for lunch with butter and garlic and rosemary and salad. Best lunch ever!

After lunch we were both exhausted and slumped on the couch to watch an episode of a series. There was iced coffee and a bit of knitting involved too.

Once that was over we did a fire drill. We got in our fire clothes, closed the doors and curtains, grabbed the pets and our bug-out bags and headed down the hill to the cottage. Once there we ran around turning on sprinklers and doing the things we think we'd do if there was a bush-fire. It was good to run through it and we learnt a lot about how we'd do things differently next time. Like keeping the cat inside on fire danger days because she really did not want to co-operate and was completely freaked out by the cat carrier.

After that my Mum came and picked up some cucumbers, she's going to go and pickle them with my auntie the way my Nana used to and document the method so we can do it too.

Once she left I went out and picked a bowl of blackberries to make a cake, then we gave the girls their dinner and settled them outside to camp in the tent.

Which brings us to now, it's almost dark, my blog is almost written, and I'm thinking about having breakfast again for dinner. Muesli with cut-up stone fruit and some seeds and nuts. Yep, I think I will.

And then we'll probably watch another episode, shower and fall into bed. Then read. Then sleeeeeep.

So tell me sweet things, how did you spend the day?
What did you eat?
What dd you watch?
Who did you meet?

Catch you tomorrow.

Love Kate

PS Photo credit to farmer Bren for the one of me.


  1. Lovely photos as always Kate. The one of Pepper's flower bed made me smile :-)
    Your day sounds perfect! I've never done a for drill as they are generally a worry in our area, cyclone prep is a thing more practised :-)

    I like to start the day with my knitting, it's such a peaceful start to the day but like you not something I always get to enjoy.

    I'm looking forward to tomorrow's post,
    Sarah xo

    1. Oh that auto-correct! I shouldn't comment on my mobile.
      That's supposed to read "fire drill" and aren't :-)

    2. Oh wow, cyclone prep is something I know nothing about. Sounds terrifying. But then I guess bushfires do too. I hope you get to start the day off knitting so many times this year. xx

  2. Hey love , SUCH a delish day you've had !
    We are just about to have breakfast for dinner as well , only now came in from the garden & walking the dogs !!
    Spent this beautiful day mostly pruning roses & the mad thing that was stopping the clothesline from going round , so silly but was making me bonkers !!
    Good for you doing a fire drill , hope you never need to do it for real !!
    Big hugs xx

    (Ps , I snuck in 40 mins of 'Truly,Madly , Deeply ' shall watch the rest now x

    1. Hooray for breakfast for dinner and for sneaky bits of movie watching in the middle of the day. xx

  3. My goodness you guys have full days!! I'd be absolutely knackered doing all that!!

    I spent the day suit shopping with my eldest boy & his girlfriend ( it's her year 12 formal soon). It was much less painful than we anticipated! I then hit then shops to get stuff for my people- sunglasses, socks, lunchbox, nerf bullets & some clothes I can wear at the gym. The shops were so busy I had to leave after that & go back to my local area to do some groceries ( school holidays mean food goes out FAST!). When I got home I had a swim with the little ones, made dinner, then once everything was tidied up I listened to some podcasts while sewing.and finally I stayed up far too late watching a funny, sweet movie on TV with Tim. It was a nice way to kick off the weekend :)

    1. I love that you are getting into the sewing. I wonder when you're going to have a go at the dotty angel dress. xx

  4. What an accomplished day you had. Mine was spent making things for our grandchild that is due for arrival in May. I suddenly realised that there is only another 15 weeks until the due date and I hadn't finished anything!
    Love, love, love reading your blog!

    1. Oh my goodness, making things for your grandchildren, how super wonderful.Mine are probably a while away yet, but it makes me excited thinking about knitting for them. xx

  5. Your first photo drew me in and then your question at the end left me wanting to write. We had apple crumble with apples from the freezer that someone left on our doorstep but I still don't know who! We talked about who it might have been and why people often leave gluts in our garden/doorstep - because they know we are clever enough to use them is what I told the girls. I had a massive rhubarb stash too but I found out who left that last August and gave them a bottle of the wine we made with it all - still got 6 bottles left. Jo x

    1. I love that you are those people!
      Just the kind of people I love.

  6. Freshly dug spuds are the best aren't they?! And how exciting to have the first apples of the season! I spent a bit of yesterday packing boxes and sorting through papers... I ate a healthy and allergy friendly version of coco pops (cos I'm a big kid really!) and this fab new dessert that's everythingfree and delicious (and some other healthier stuff like veggies too)... I watched some old Bowie clips and listened to an old Ziggy cd... And I considered what stuff from my craft room will be packed and what I might leave out to play with... that shall be tackled today but I'm still not sure what to pack and what to leave out! x

    1. It is so terribly exciting that you are packing up and getting ready to move farmward. Yayayay xx

  7. I didn't know you could get fresh apples in Aust. in Jan, I am constantly learning every time I read your blog, a very BIG THANK YOU. Guida

  8. I love seeing you on your blog Kate! I think perhaps I need to make an appearance or two on my blog this year? Love your photos generally, just so much goodness happening! How wise to do a fire drill. Today we ate cold roast lamb and cold fried rice. We spent the day with our cattle sorting out new baby calves and their mums and getting some ready for market. Farming is full of variety isn't it? x


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