Friday, January 29, 2016

twenty ninth

I hope you'll forgive me for being short and sweet tonight but I fear all the words have been used up in our house over the course of the past 12 hours or so. I'm exhausted, I'm tired of the questions, I'm tired of the demands, I'm tired of the whinging, I'm tired of the stories, I'm tired of the comparisons and I'm tired of being challenged all the time.

It's possible that it's me and that I slept badly last night because by 10am I was already pounding the cross trainer as a way to relieve stress.

It's possible that it's the result of waaaaay too many late nights and unstructured days.

It's possible that it's just something that happens as the end of the summer holidays draw near or perhaps it's the anxiety of the new school year looming.

It's possible that Miss Pepper was sick for a few days and is only now starting to recover.

I could go on...but like I said, too many words.

So let's just look at the pretty flowers and seeds and hope that tomorrow will be a happier, sunshinier, smilier new day.

Sorry for the grumps.


PS there are only two more every day blogs in January - wow!
PPS there are only six more posts until I hit 1,000 posts on this blog - WOW!!


  1. Never mind we all have grumpy days, it's not our fault though, the trick is to not feel guilty about them tomorrow.

  2. Love and hugs to you mumma. You need a day for self care!!! Now don't get annoyed and say you haven't got time. You need it and everyone will benefit. You will be happier and so will everyone else. Now go and tuck yourself back in bed with a cuppa, a book and your knitting. Take care lovely xxoo

  3. Do you know why I love this post? It proves that you guys are normal!! We all have days when everything is a bit shit & our people, no matter how much we love them, drive us a bit bonkers. I say it's the long summer holidays, lack of routine & little sleep that tips everything into crazy town. Tomorrow is a new day x

  4. Beautiful photos Kate and I know how you feel. We all have days like those where by the end of the day everything is overwhelming and you need some space and peace and quiet.
    I hope you have a relaxing and refreshing Saturday!
    Sarah x

    PS How amazing that you're nearly at 1000 posts!

  5. Don't feel bad, as the other ladies have said we all have those days, where everyone wants a piece of us and there is nothing left to give. Take a long walk alone and take deep breaths, by the time you return home all will be as it should be. Take care, Guida.

  6. I have so very much enjoyed this month's worth of posts, dear. Well done for making it through a hard day. May your tomorrow be far better.

  7. They are nice flowers and seeds! Pretty things are good at relieving temporary insanity.

  8. RIGHT! To bed early, young lady! With a cup of chamomile tea and a good bbok. Immediately. Don't not pass go. Do not collect $200.
    ;) x

  9. Without the storms, how could we appreciate the sun???? Hope you feel better today. Sending love and hugs. xxx

  10. Oh you poor love! I do hope the grumps got better and that you're starting the week in a better frame of mind - all of you. Good luck to the girls for school and for you and your Farmer Boy for the school travels. Hugs.

  11. I think we might have all had that same day, the one where we just got tired of all the questions and niggling and whinging and felt exhausted. I had more than one of those days, but I'm pretty sure we're all just ready for the routing to start again x

  12. Wishing you less stress and a peaceful mind.


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