Thursday, January 21, 2016

twenty first

Sunflowers at last.

We've planted eight or nine rows of them, all along the driveway, all a week or two apart. As each lot of fresh new leaves poked their heads out of the soil, we planted the next. Hopefully we'll have sunflowers for weeks and months to come.

I've loved watching the girls measuring themselves up against their towering stems. I've loved listening to them marvelling over the fact that all of that came out of a tiny seed. I've loved being part of the wondering when the first yellow face will pop her head out. And I've loved the squeals of delight that accompanied the very first sight of golden petals.

My farmer boy just alerted me to the fact that we still have a bag of seeds to plant, perhaps we'll dig them in around the farm gate stall. Maybe they'd flower just in time for apple sales. Wouldn't that be gorgeous.

I change my mind with every season and every new blossom over which flower is my favourite, but today and until that whole row is aglow with sunshiney blooms, it's most definitely the sunflower. How could they not put a smile on your dial.

So tell me honey bunches, what's your favourite flower?
And do you love to eat salty sunflower seeds as much as I do?




  1. Beautiful Kate! Those photos are stunning. Do you mind me asking what camera you use? I dropped my poor beloved Nikon D60 at conference in October and haven't had the heart to replace it yet. Don't want to spend a fortune but do want something that takes as good a portrait as the Nikon did.

  2. What great pics Kate. I love sunflowers, but I think one of my favourite flowers are morning glory (ipomea) I plant them in between my bean plants and with sweet peas. I love the way the flowers only last one day and they give me great pleasure as I see the new flowers open each morning. I love sunflower seeds dry toasted with a little tamari added just as the pan comes off the heat. Elaine x

  3. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  4. Love the photo with the girls amongst the sunflowers. Very hard to pick a favorite, I love ALL flowers, sunflowers are definitely on the list (I like to plant lots each year) along with daffodils, roses, I'd better stop Enjoy the sunflowers!

  5. I never used to like sunflowers, cos they were yellow! But now I appreciate the bright colour, the sunshine they bring to a field or home. I love lots of flowers, zinnias and canna lilys are my summer faves, violets for their scent and memories of time with my Nan, and roses - especially the big old fashioned scented ones.

  6. I never got to plant my seeds this year and I thought it would be too late now. Do you think we'll still get some flowers? I'm in Melbourne.

  7. I don't think I can narrow it down to a single favourite flower either. But I do love sunflowers, they are just such a happy little flower. When I pick them for inside, they still turn around to face the sun and follow it throughout the day.
    I find sunflower seeds good for carsickness, but aside from that I don't really enjoy them :-)

  8. They are soooo beautiful Kate. I have many favourite flowers. How can you just pick one? I love sunflowers, calendula, nasturtiums, lavender, alyssum, roses, violas, list goes in and on. Thanks for sharing your happy sunflowers with us. xxoo

  9. There are too many flowers to choose from. I pick one then another one captures my imagination! Your sunflowers are beautiful

  10. I'm fascinated by the mathematical look of passion flowers but peonies are my favourite.
    Ms Zeb xx

  11. I love hellebores - such deep colour, and like the skirts of someone dancing.

  12. I love hellebores - such deep colour, and like the skirts of someone dancing.

  13. Daffodils! Some previous resident of this farmhouse had the foresight to plant little groves of them all around the farm. So each year they pop up, and each year we have little oasis' of yellow around the farm. Love it <3

  14. I guess I'm a yellow kinda girl cos I love sunflowers and daffodils!!! xxx

  15. The sunflower is a favourite of scleroderma sufferers and has been adopted as an emblem for the Scleroderma Australia association because "The sunflower is symbolic, which, like the sunflower which turns towards the sun for warmth, people with scleroderma are usually more comfortable in warmer weather."
    More info:


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