Tuesday, January 26, 2016

twenty sixth

Somehow I've gotten myself all the way to the twenty sixth day of the new year without a single craft post. Strange but true.

I guess that considering the amount of daylight hours we're having and the amount of farm work that needs doing, it's possibly understandable that not many stitches are being stitched, but still some are and I should tell you about them.

Starting with this shawl.

In the middle of last year my beautiful instagram friend Lori posted photos of the shawl she'd just knitted and I fell in love. To date I haven't really been much of a shawl knitter but I have made two and I enjoyed knitting them and have worn them often. But something about Lori's shawl made me stop scrolling and look at it for a while. Possibly the colour, maybe the tassels or the criss-cross design and definitely Lori's gorgeous photos of it both being knitted and complete.

I left a few comments gushing about my love. Lori ridiculously kindly offered to send me the yarn and the pattern to make my own. I knitted it. And then I waited for Miss Indi to come home after being away for ages so I could photograph it and share it with you.

There's something about shawls. They're kind of old fashioned but comforting and cozy at the same time, and that extra layer that you throw over your shoulders can make all the difference to your body warmth.

Someone once told me that when interviewing for prospective employees, they had a rule never to hire anyone who wore a shawl because of the time they'd waste fussing with it. I just giggled as much then typing that as I did when he first told me. Bit silly hey. But I guess there are people out there who can wear them effortlessly. They throw them on, twist them up and walk away looking fabulous. And then there are those of us who need to spend a little bit more time getting it right. And then readjusting when the end slips out. And then tucking Maybe I should get my farmer boy to carve me a shawl pin.

I think I might just have a another shawl or two in me before the year is up. There's something very meditative and calming about those long rows.

For those who like details - my Aristida shawl is raveled here.

Big love,



  1. Beautiful. Hope it isn't scratchy like A.congesta :-D

  2. It's beautiful! Lori is my knitting idol ;)

  3. The shawl looks great Kate. I've got my pattern and the wool came yesterday. I have to finish the present project though as I have been doing some (twiddle muffs) in between and it's taking longer than I would like. You are right though shawls are slightly old fashioned, comfortable and homely BUT uber stylish and modern as Indi shows. As for not blogging about crafting what on earth are you thinking, all the pickling and cooking you've been doing may be a necessity to you but it is still crafting.

  4. It's a fabulous shawl and perfectly modeled! I'm in shawl making mode at the moment (made three this year!) lol Wearing the latest now, it's crocheted in a smoke grey mohair/wool mix lace yarn with a three petal flower edging. Love the swishing action the flowers give. Must try my hand at a knitted one soon.

  5. Your shawl is beautiful. I love the yarn and I love the stitch pattern. I haven't made a shawl before, aside from my very first knitting project which basically just an extra wide scarf worked in stocking stitch. It was more of a tension correcting strip though than a shawl :-)
    How funny that someone automatically discounts people wearing shawls as employees! I wear a lot of scarves out in winter and with a bit of practice I have the method to keep them in place down pat. I think shawls are the same too, because mine never hinder me whilst wearing them doing farm chores :-)

  6. That is an absolutely beautiful shawl. I need to get another one on my needles. I haven't made be in a year or so. I laughed out loud at your story about people hiring/not hiring people who wear shawls.

  7. wow I've had this shawl on my list for a while, and yours is just gorgeous!! looks stunning on Indi

  8. Love the earthy colours and the weight looks perfect for that extra warmth. It disturbs me to think that someone has the attitude about employees with shawls - a shawl is a workplace essential in many air conditioned buildings in summertime. I heard about some research into the differences in men and women's average temperatures and it found that men had a higher body temperature than women. This was blamed for the incidence of ridiculously cold air conditioning settings in workplaces because men complain of being too warm so it gets set to a colder temp. This annoys me - what about the women who complain about being too cold? It seems that is another battle of the sexes to be waged. I wonder whether it was a man who said "never hire an employee who wears shawls". Maybe he is to blame for his own prejudice by putting the a/c so cold wherever he goes that everyone around has to fiddle with a shawl to reach a comfy operating temp!
    Anyway, I am rambling, your shawl looks great for indoors or outdoors. I look forward to seeing a beautifully matching shawl pin very soon. ;-)

  9. oh I love it Kate! This yarn is beautiful, as is your Indi. I've been thinking of making a shawl for our lovely neighbour and now I'm inspired x

  10. I crochet myself a shawl to put over my wedding dress and I love wearing it ever since. And I'm also a person who has to spend ages fuffing around with it so it looks good. A shwal pin might really be a good idea!

  11. Love the knitting, the artful model and the yarn. It is lovely. Jo x

  12. What a beautiful piece of work! Your model is quite lovely as well - Indi has such a fascinating face.


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