Friday, October 22, 2010

Farmer Bren says...

This morning my farm boy took a look at me making the girl's school lunches and said he'd quite like to blog bomb my blog with photos of me in my grey, holey trackies, a stripey hoody, ugg boots and my hair all piled on top of my head. Apparently I did not look very glamorous.

Its almost been a whole year since he came up with the words blogutation and blie and it probably was time for a new one.

He says that where yarn bombing is using knitting and crochet pieces to decorate and make a statement in public spaces, blog bombing takes real, unedited, photos or video of a blogger perhaps not looking or acting their best and uploads them without permission onto their blog for the whole blogworld to see.

This morning my farmer boy told me the list of the things I had to do today was nothing, barely even a list compared to his, even though mine included make a dress for Indi to wear to a wedding on Sunday, pack everyone up for farmer's market in Melbourne tomorrow, throw together a small, family party for Pepper for Sunday, wash, cook, shop, clean, make a birthday present for Pepper for Sunday...

Funny how when I explained to him how long each thing on my list was going to take he offered to finish work early so he could help out and pick the girls up from school. Love him.

And finally, Farmer Bren said that there is no way he could decide on the two grateful giveaway winners so he asked me to ask Mr Random generator thingy who he thought should win. Lucky he didn't ask me, I thought they were all wonderful and worthy of fabric.

Soooooooooo without further ado, according to the random generator the winners are:

Levin; I'm grateful for people like you who make me feel 'normal'. People who make me realise that it's okay to get frustrated with your family, to want to have time away from them, to need to be alone. That these feelings don't make me a bad mother - just human. And I am also extremely grateful for my family - both the one I have created and the one that created me - I get so much love and support and encouragement and it's absolutely priceless :)


Megan K: Oh how I would love to raid your fabric stash Kate! Now that would be something I'd be grateful for :)
Right now I'm feeling grateful for the past three days of absolutely stunning sunshine, just in time for my big girl's birthday, after weeks of heavy rain.

Please contact me with your details lovely ladies and I'll pop your fabric in the post on Monday.

The apron dress Jazzy is wearing in the pics is in
my shop. And this photo shoot showed me how impossible taking photos of her for my blog is going to be now that she has her very own camera.

Have a wonderful and happy weekend out there.


  1. sounds like you have a very busy day ahead! That description of you this morning Kate made me giggle, sounds like me most of the time, I definitely score very low on the glamour scale! Hope you don't get too snowed under too enjoy all the celebrations at your house, have a lovely weekend!X Julie

  2. OH Who said we have to be glamorous when we make up the lunch boxes!!:)
    Lucky luky winners & your shop looks very nice well done Kate!x

  3. I had to have a giggle too as I am normally in tracky dacks and a t-shirt looking a bit bedraggled. I wonder if Miss Jazzy will be taking those blog bombing photos of you for your blog that Bren mentioned. I do hope you get your list finished and that Pepper has a lovely party on Sunday. Love the dress too, you must be working through your stash quite a bit!

  4. Oh that Farmer Bren, he's such a keeper. I love his blog words he comes up with, blog bombing is inspired.
    I am glad to hear you look less than glamorous sometimes, makes me feel better about the crap I kick around in. (but today I'm wearing a dress!!)
    but come on ugg boots are just the best.

  5. Ix-nay on the og-blay oming-bay! Too mean! But it's good to know you're as human as the rest of us, Kate. ;)

  6. "SQUEAL!!!!"
    Wow, you've made my day Kate!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeezzz, lucky farmer boy and chef don't talk, I would hate for them to swap ideas- eeeeeeekkkkkkk

  8. :) that farmer Bren is just too funny. Glad to hear that you are just like the rest of us though:)

  9. October 24 is quite simply the best day to be born!

  10. Congratulations to the worthy winners ! Lovely dress too Kate .

  11. Hah! My Bren just started a blog as a joke called 'The Rough Bark'. They think they are so funny!

    How can we not do the whole hair on top of our head thing? Otherwise there would be hair in everyones food!
    Its either that or shaving our hair off which ive done twice and threaten to do again.

  12. That dress is such a sweetie Kate. You've done well!
    Congrats to Levin(loved her "grateful for") and Megan.
    I figure you definitely have a fab catch in that farmer boy. :o)) x

  13. Hope you managed it all!! Blog bombing is something my Huz would love to do too. Must not mention it to him... That dress is just gorgeous, Kate. Keeping an eye on your shop on behalf of my owlets ;)

  14. The most gorgeous post from go to whoa Kate! WOW your dresses are in a style of their own, well done! Adore your Bren too what a classic he is!
    Have a fun filled, action packed weekend and please tell us how it all went when you catch your breath. Big HUGS to ALL. OOOOO.

  15. I love the way you have combined such different colours into a cohesive whole. Gorgeous. Cherrie

  16. How absolutely divine is that dress?
    i'm off to look at the shop!

  17. Oh I love the idea of blog bombing!!!!! (providing it is everoyne else and not me ha ha ha ah ah ah)
    Great stuff.... the last thing I would want on my blog is me in the two different patterned polka dot pj's and mismatched socks whcih is my at home uniform!!!

  18. You are wise to put wash/clean/shop on your list of things to do. I usually don't, just get them done, which of course leads to finding no time to do the items on the list.

    The dress is gorgeous in its colourfulness and cheerfulness.


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