Saturday, January 8, 2011

10 beanie things.

1. This beanie was the first birthday prezzy my Farm Boy received this year. I cast off and darned in the ends and gave it to him just after mid night on the seventh. Oh how I wish I could reach up there into that top photo and adjust the brim so the ribs sit straight.

2. Did you know that knitted beanies, like this one, are started on the brim and knitted up to the crown, whereas crocheted hats start at the top and work out to the edge? Fascinating huh!

3. Farmer Bren wears a beanie most days to protect his ears from the wind. He has two favourite beanies that his Nana once knitted for him. She was the most amazing knitter. I think for the rest of my life I will try to make him his favourite beanie.

4. Knitting this beanie from wool that a blog friend hand spun and then gifted to me was the most wonderful feeling. Thanks Tracy!

5. Knitting this beanie from hand spun pushed me a little bit closer to buying some merino sheep to have our own certified organic wool source.

6. The one hundred and ten meters of wool it took to knit this beanie were the first one hundred and ten meters entered into my newly installed KnitMeter. Its over there on the side bar. Oh my goodness, I really am a knitting geek now, there's no denying it.

7. This beanie is Raveled here.

8. This beanie was knit while watching season two of Weeds.
    9. I love that by knitting two and then purling two and then knitting two and then purling created these cool looking ribs.

    10. I love this beanie pattern. I'm pretty sure that I'll knit a few more in the future. But I think one of the best parts of it isn't the pattern at all, its the bit at the end of all the written, knitting stuff where the author wrote: Feel free to distribute it, copy it, profit from it, learn from it, discard it, and/or share it. Pah! on copyrights that keep loved ones warm! Pretty cool huh!

    Finally, thank you all for the wonderful Birthday messages you left for him yesterday. You guys are the best chuck out the rest!

    See ya! XX


    1. A belated happy happy birthday to Farmer Bren, what a fabulous beanie and beanie model :-)

    2. I'm loving your beanie facts!
      I love the beanie, ( I wear mine crocked too)
      I love Weeds too- where are you up to in it
      These is no doubt you've travelled into the domain of total knitting geek ( don't worry I'm a total bear geek)
      I'm so excited about this Merino Sheep idea!!!
      I think you definetly need a sheepy, called Shirley.

    3. Looks lovely. How lucky to score some of Tracy's handspun!

    4. But isn't it hot down there yet??? Hot here. No beanies.

      You certainly do have a long knitting season.
      it looks great onhim, very masculine colour choice.

    5. Yep - for sure you are a knitting geek!!! ... but hey - great beanie :)
      Oh and isn't Weeds the best show. I love it so much. So funny.

    6. Go the bean! Hey, do you know the origins of the word 'beanie'? I wonder where it got it's name...x

    7. I swear you are so gorgeous :) When I grow up I wanna be exactly like you :)
      The beanie facts are excellent and the Kint Meter ... well what more can I say.
      You're tops Kate :) xo.

    8. The beanie looks great Kate and how wonderful that he will now have 3 favourite beanies to wear. I think I will have to become a knit geek too and add one of those knit meters this year!

    9. knitting geek!!! blasphemy Kate!!!
      Oh dear, you've embarked on the beanie for husband endeavor. I've knit my husband many beanies but they're never as perfect as those his Nan knitted: knit from her own handspun. I even knit him a new one for Christmas.
      I love Bren's beanie, and I love that you've got a geekometer too now ;)

    10. I love your 10 things - and thanks for telling me the difference in 'starting point' between crocheted and knitted beanies - I'm glad to know that. Happy birthday to your farmer - he has a great face and he's gotta love that beanie!

    11. I love beanies! I'm a poor knitter though, so have crocheted many a beanie instead. I didn't know that knitted ones start at the bottom and work up! How cool! x Pepper

    12. That's a very handsome beanie!

      Happy belated birthday, Farmer Bren!

    13. Happy Birthday Farmer Bren. I'm so excited to see that yarn knitted up. It's the first time anyone but me has knit my handspun :D I'm so pleased you liked it.

      There are some very exciting sheep breeds out there better suited to hand spinning. I'd love a romney or Corridale or a crossbreed which are are wonderful to spin with their open fleeces. I'm loving spinning EL at present with it's beautiful lustre.

    14. Farmer Bren is quite a handsome Farmer isn't he (lucky you Kate!) Love your beanie but wayyyyyyy to hot for them here at the moment. All your points were interesting too.

    15. Tracy's spinning (and generosity) is amazing! With all respect to his nana, I am sure that one day you will make Farmer Bren his favourite beanie :) And now you have made go out and get the geeky knitting widget lol.

    16. OMG!! A knit-o-meter I must geek one too :)

    17. I would love to have my own sheep and spin their wool! You should do it if you want to!!!! How much fun - love this post - delightful you are! xo

    18. love the beanie, most cuteness!!!!!
      wait till you get to season 6 of weeds, I had to stop knitting just to see every single moment!! I must get me a knit-o-meter, as I too am a true knitting geek(nanna as my "friends" call me, even though I am only 36!), thanks for all the fascinating facts!

    19. Great beanie & great ten facts about it (but I think being able to write 10 facts about a beanie makes you a knitting geek even without the knitmeter - you are great!)

    20. I love the beanie and the beanie facts :0)

    21. fabulous beaning - love the colour of the wool.
      happy birthday to farmer bren for the other day - i hope this year brings him much joy and happiness :)

    22. Handspun is the best isn't it! Yes get a sheep then we can buy wool from you ;-) LOVE the beanie!

    23. I went on a new blog search from Lola Nova and found you. I'm really glad I did. You've a lovely blog that really shows your warmth, creativity and fun. I got back as far as a post where you asked how you define yourself as a mum. I think the answer my man gave to an arrogant idiot in a suit at a meeting is pretty good. He was asked what he does and he just said "I make miracles happen." smiled and walked off. He works with the homeless, young offenders and the mentally ill so he's not lying.

      I'll be back for more of a read soon.

      Lisa x

    24. knitting freak or not this is truly a rather cool beanie!!! TK xx

    25. Oooh that beanie is brill!!
      I really really need to try my hand at knitting this year!
      Belated birthday wishes to your farm Boy.
      Em xxx

    26. It's a great beanie! I want to somehow keep track of my yarn in and out this year - maybe meterage is the way to go? Though maybe I should go by weight or balls instead...hmmm.

      I love the idea of having your own sheep. I can do chooks in the city, but I think sheep might be pushing the limits just a little bit! I've always dreamt of owning sheep though, so maybe one day.

      It was good to see you yesterday. It was our first market since Emily arrived, so maybe things are starting to return to normal. Kind of!

    27. still wish I could knit!!

    28. Goooo the humble beanie. And good old Farmer Brendan doing the modelling!! x

    29. Thanks for your lovely comment Kate! I thought of you the other day when I bought a childrens book called Are We There Yet by Alison Lester - it's about a family taking a caravan adventure around Australia! just like you guys... I cannot wait to read all about your adventure here. And we all want new shots of the caravan I'm sure! x

    30. It looks great Kate. Lol at the ribs not matching up for the photo

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