Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A day.

We've been away at the beach for a few days. We left last Saturday when things just seemed too big and too difficult too deal with and came home last night.

Today is a strange, dream like, flitter from this job to that job kind of day.

We have been on the phone to plasterers about fixing our soggy kitchen ceiling, the boys have been chainsawing trees that have fallen down since the rains and have started to clean up around the place and we have been discussing leaving on our caravan adventure sooner than we had planned.

Indi is moving boxes of my stuff out of her new bedroom. Inside these boxes I am finding treasures from another time. Old diaries, fabric scraps, photos and other mementos from my life before now.

In one box I found the wings in the photo above. I made them and wore them to a dance party in the bush one time.

All my craft work used to be made in this fashion. I would draw an outline on a scrap of old op shopped blanket and then set my sewing machine to zig zag and colour in the shapes with millions of stitches.

After so many stitches, the work became hard and three dimensional. I haven't sewn like that in years.

This is today's craft. A row here and a row there on my grey cardi.

It is such slow going and the pattern is complicated but I am loving it.

And today the puppies started to eat food.

They gobbled it up using their whole bodies to launch them further and further into the bowl.

I feel the same sort of melancholy I felt when my babies started to eat solids and became less baby and more person. Any minute now they'll move away from our house and in with the chooks.

I'll miss these snugly, furry, sleepy puppies.

And I am thinking about all those affected by the floods. I can't imagine how emotional and physically draining this time must be.

I am crocheting round and around the back of the cushion cover and can hardly wait to stitch it all together and see how it looks.

Please be generous and make a bid on it if you can. ALL money raised goes to disaster relief for the families and communities that have been devastated by the recent floods.

What are you up to this sunny Wednesday afternoon?

Bye for now. XX


  1. Hope that the break helped revive the spirits, lovey. How much fun- finding a box of your creations and memories.

  2. The break sounded like an excellent idea to me, I hope it's helped get the strength to rally up again.
    However it must be hard coming home to the fix up and clean up. My offer still stands 100%.
    Things are always changing, and well sometimes it sucks, like with the pups and kids, but I guess unfortunately it's unavoidable. And there's good stuff with it too usually.
    big hugs to you xo
    PS yOU're old stitching is amazing.

  3. So lucky to be able to go to the beach, my hubby is a workaholic and I have been too sick to take the boys away after we did Sydney. Breaks are so worth it!

    Those pups are about to get very rambunctious!!! he he

    Great job with the cushion cover Kate :-)

  4. I bet you all feel so much better after the much needed break! You could have rung Paul to do the plaster work for you as he had a few days of slow work! I love seeing your wings, how wonderful would it be to be able to really fly away when you wanted too. Those puppies are just so adorable arent they. Now they are eating food does it mean they will be walking around soon as they get stronger. Your grey knitting looks very nice too. Have a great dry day Kate!

  5. Kate glad you got away to the sea, i love being by the ocean it really recharges me.I think the floods have really made even us from unaffected areas rethink just what is important to us in this lifetime. I have really been enjoying having lots of chillout time at home with the kids rather than rushing around from one activity to the next.Your caravan of love tour would bring plenty of that...sounds great to me.

  6. Its so wonderful that you all got away to recharge your spirits. So many people are going through cupboards and changing things around at the moment, weird. I agree wit STP that the flood has affected the whole country and there are big changes afoot as is usual after a natural disaster. Your caravan tour sounds well deserved.
    Your old crafting endeavours still required A LOT of patience if you ask me!

  7. Hope the break has given you both the clarity/perspective you need to make decisions. Love love love the wings, I used to sew like that too. Maybe I will throw caution to the wind and bust out something in that vein again once my machines are unpacked again.

  8. A beach break is always relaxing and revitalising, hope you haven't got to much to clean up.

  9. Glad you had a break Kate. Hope everything gets back to normal soon. We're still trying to get our shop back and running too. Take good care + much love :)
    Kylie x

  10. Oh, I hope that caravan of yours heads up my neck-of-the-woods Kate.
    What a year already.
    Chin up.

  11. I am glad you have been able to step back and gather your thoughts and inner calm. As you say at least you can now start to think of the clean up and new beginning. My heart goes out to those over there less fortunate.

  12. I hope the break at the seaside brought some relief and you are able to make the plan for fixing the things that can be fixed.

    I love your old wings and surprised none of your daughters claimed them yet.

  13. Oh those puppies, little paws in the bowl & everything, ahhhh, love Posie

  14. great idea to leave the troubles and head for the beach. i hope all of the water is receding and not leaving too much mess in it's wake. we had a trip to the beach at the weekend and head off to phillip island in the caravan next week. i can feel it stirring my inner gypsy and it's making me quite excited about the big trip, so i think i know what you mean. love your wings. pop them on and wear them around to remind yourself and everyone else that you are an angel. have a great day. ps. cute puppies

  15. I hope the situation is feeling a little less big every day... and that the process of clearing out uncovers a few more treasures like those wings!


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