Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cushion cover ramblings.


I was speaking to my farmer boy just before and he told me he thought I would have much better chances of raising some big bucks in my auction if I made something useful. Some thing practical. A cushion is all very nice and all, but a beanie is better.

I hope he's wrong.

I was loving the calming watery blues and greens but then the sun came out and changed everything and so I added some purple and pink.

Michelle's gorgeous pattern has five rows of petals but I'm thinking mine might need one more round before its finished. Maybe a red or a burnt orange. Did I just consider orange??

I just visited the biggest haberdashery shop I think I've ever been to and they looked at me funny when I asked if they had any round cushion inserts. Is that such a strange request? Well they didn't of course but they did suggest I buy a round velour Bratz cushion to fill my cushion. Sorry but NO WAY!! No Bratz cushion even for the inside.

Did you notice I'm sewing in the ends as I go? I am being so strict with myself on this one otherwise I'm scared I'll never do them. Jazzy's rug, my first ever crochet project still has all the ends undone.

Because I had to take a bit of time out from the cushion making yesterday to deal with our own water issues I might not finish this by Monday. I wonder if people will bid on a work in progress. Hmmmm...

So do you wanna see the back of the front?

So how are you? Are you auctioning? Buying? Making? Sewing in the ends?

Bye for now. XX


  1. Bad news, I'm afraid. They don't make round ones. I emailed Michelle about it, as I found some round covers at the oppy, she makes them herself, pulls the stuffing out of the square ones, I guess (well, that's what I'd do). It looks GORGEOUS, don't listen to Farmer boy, we all want to win something luzurious for pleasure sometimes!

  2. Hey Kate, the speed you crochet at it won't be a WIP for very long.
    It's looking absolutely fab and the colours are gorgeous.
    Tell Bren I'll take a cushion over a beanie any day and if it gets that cold and I'm desperate than guess what I'm wearing on my head?..........

  3. At least a cushion will fit, no matter what size head you have! (Not that anyone would actually put it on their head I hope!). Given everything, I think you could auction the cushion cover (without having to make the insert too) - you probably have more than enough on your hands right now...

  4. Looking great! I'm having a "giveaway" for the flood appeal - 9 fat quarters, one of each of my designs - just incase anyone missed it:
    Hope things dry out for you soon. Very warm here in melbourne this afternoon. Nic x

  5. That cushion's looking gorgeous already! I was thinking of the floods in Oz. We're getting these flash floods here in Saudi(!) because there's no decent drainage system. So schools are closed and some of us were sent home from work too. It's nothing compared to what's happening in Australia, the Phillipines and Sri Lanka.

    Hope you and your family are doing well.

    BTW, I NEED to weave a zillion ends in too!

  6. Kate I just emailed. . I have 18 inch round inserts you are more than welcome too!! Let me know and I'll pop one in the post on Monday for you.

  7. I'm sorry Bren, but most of us can make beanies ourselves, but I for one would never attempt anything like this! It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure it will go off like a rocket :)
    I think you chose well Kate - I can't wait to see it finished.

  8. How lovely, it is really a piece of art.

  9. Cushions are very useful and beautiful and comfy and yours is also cheerful.

  10. Gorgeous. I am sure whatever colour you use will work. You have the gift of colour. I am trying to make some softies but ended up helping friends move today instead of sewing. Still that was fun too and made me gfeel not so bad for not being able to help physically with the cleanup in Qld. Cherrie

  11. When I read your post from yesterday, I looked at the pattern you had won. My only critic was the colour.I like the gorgeous colours of Alice in her blog 'crochet with Raymond'. So that I want to make Michell's pattern with Alice's colours. Just a little more intensive than your choice. Your choice made me so happy that my man came to see.

  12. That Bren, he's just beaniecentric, cushions are most useful. It's looking stunning Kate, and I love the idea of burnt orange. ( it's very different to orange orange, almost brown really)
    I'm with Catherine again, honestly you should auction it off without a insert, it'll be stunning with or without it.
    You've got enough on your plate at the moment Kate xoxo

  13. Looks fantastic! I agree with a bit of orange... and I envy your crocheting skills :) I have never got past a chain stitch! x

  14. It's looking wonderful and has a real wow factor that I think will appeal to a lot of people/

    Apparently the Anzac biscuits I made last night went down a treat with the locals and volunteers cleaning up West End this morning. Dave said seeing the people cleaning out their homes and helping each other was enough to make a grown man cry.


  15. I'd much rather have a gorgeous cushion than a practical beanie, sorry farmer Bren, that's the truth. Of course people will bid on an unfinished thing, my guess is they would even wait for it to be finished...

  16. Yep I'm with every1 else! Much prefer that gorgeous cushion than a beanie!! I'm thinking maybe a rust or brown might be nice or even a darker green.
    Finally got my first auction up Kate. Yay! Best of luck with yours. x

  17. Lookin good, keep those fingers movin xx

  18. OH ate!! What bad luck ...would you believe that our little fabric shop sells the round inserts....or at least they did last yr ...everything is coming along so beautifully for the auction :)

  19. O definitelt the cushion!! What is that man thinking of! It's looking very good BTW.

  20. They will absolutely bid on a half finished cushion if it looks as promising as yours!!!

    And, no, a beanie would be wrong on so many levels. Too hot, for a start. Too beanyish for another... A cushion cover is perfect. x

  21. The cushion cover looks wonderful Kate. I hope your water problem is being sorted so you dont have any more problems with all the rain. I had a little laugh when I read you were considering orange as I know you dont like it. Lachlan used to love orange but outgrew it so I sort of got used to it after a while. Maybe you can sew an insert and just use some stuffing out of an old cushion or pillow.

  22. Oh hurry Kate hurry! I can't wait to see the finished product and put in my bid!

  23. Of course, given the difficulty with finding an insert, you could just make it into a beanie! Farmer Bren could model it for the auction
    ;) I am raffling and buying and also doing some personal sewing and knitting. It seems odd and I feel somewhat guilty to be living a normal life when there is so much upheaval in so many other parts of our beautiful country at the moment. On the flip side, after tears for the devastation this week, tears today are for the unhesitating generosity and community spirit that has come to the fore.

  24. It's looking so pretty!! I'm sure he thinks everything would look better as a beanie (he's a boy - they're not known for their love of cushion covers!!)
    I've finally found something that I can do to help that feels right for me - so I'm making little 'hope softies' - actually, I can hardly focus to type eyes have gone all funny from the sewing...but all good :-)

  25. Dear Kate...
    Looking fabulous!!!
    Yes I do make my own inserts...
    I found it impossible to buy any locally...
    I did just read through your comments and I see Sarah has some available...
    Which will make it so much easier for you...
    I love seeing your progress with this cushion...

  26. That is gorgeous and much better than a beanie. So sorry for what is happening in Australia now....

  27. it is gorgeous and i will absolutely bid on a w.i.p. tell farmer bren that if he want bid he could wear it as a beanie. good luck with the receding water. i hope the clean up wont be too hard

  28. A nice burnt orange would be good??? But then again you and orange ;-)

    I think Spotlight have round inserts??

    Maybe Bren could model it as a beanie, that would get some bids!!

  29. Hi Kate, Bren sounds like he is a very intelligent and wonderful man but, he is wrong. I would quite happily make myself a beanie. I would probably even make a cushion for someone else, but for myself, not likely. So yes a cushion is a good idea, especially one as beautiful as that one. I like the front back just as much as the front front and yay for weaving in the ends as you go. I should do that more often too.
    I'm currently at the making point too and will have a wee little raffle on my site for some handspun once I have finished spinning it. Maybe tonight even.

  30. isn't sewing in ends the worst?
    it looks really great! piffle to 'functional' items!

  31. Looking lovely! I applaud you for saying no to the Bratz cushion and I will bid on your work in progress. And I think orange will look amazing.

    I'm doing some quilt blocks for Corrie's Quilts for Queensland drive.

    Wishing you some sunshine this week Kate!

  32. Il tuo cuscino è molto molto più bello dell'originale. L'accostamento dei colori è fantastico. Non vedo l'ora di vederlo finito!

  33. WaBandits strike again;).. love your work good to see the arts and the teaching is still past through the families nice to see :)

  34. Oh, it's so beautiful! Aren't Michelle's patterns lovely?
    I can't wait to see it finished!
    I think a cushion is just perfect for the auction!

  35. Nice one guys! We might try to work a reference to this one into a blog post about where to buy cushions next week.

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