Friday, January 28, 2011


Today is the last Friday in January, we're four weeks into 2011 and its the only Friday left of the school holidays. Today I have that fluttery happy feeling in my tummy for no real reason at all. Today it feels like its all good and I'm not going to question it but I am going to record this little moment in time.

Today; I am reading The Secret Garden to the girls.

I am eating sun warmed, just picked apricots, plums and berries. Mmmmmm

I am wearing a sundress, jeans, thongs and a straw hat when outside.

I am knitting bits of my charcoal cardi.

I am threading elastic through the neckline of a little dress.

I am trying to remember to get to critical mass at 5 this afternoon.

I am marveling at how grown up my big girls are. This morning I dropped them off at a cafe where they ordered and drank hot chocolates. I met them half an hour later at the fruit shop when I'd finished my deliveries. I must say my heart almost burst when I drove past them crossing the road holding hands.

I am loving that the boys are laying irrigation lines and planting carrots and beetroots. Farmers need to farm and after the uncertainty of the last few weeks after the flood that's what they are doing. Hooray!!

I am looking forward to the weekend when our Farmer Boy will be ours and we'll go swimming and hang out by the dam.

I am smelling lavender. Jazzy has been making fairy cups full of sparkles and flowers and beads and lavender.

I am imagining what it will be like when my parents build and then live on the block opposite ours where these photos were taken.

I am popping the auction cushion in the post.

I am listening to Pepper 'read' to me the pages and pages of stories she has 'written'. I must remember to film her.

I am marveling at Indi making eggs for the boys for lunch the past few days.

I am not shopping for school uniforms. A lovely lady stopped me in the street the other day to offer me three bags full. She saw I had girls and her girls are off to high school this year. Yay!

I am worrying about those communities trying to pick up the pieces of their lives after the floods. Like people have said all along, the recovery will be a marathon not a sprint, and we cannot forget about them now that the media circus has moved on.

That's me today.

I hope you are happy and I hope you have the most wonderful weekend.

Bye for now. X


  1. What a lovely much happiness!!
    And absolutely lovely photos too.
    Hope you guys have a great weekend.
    Em xxxxx

  2. This is a beautiful post Kate! :) Love the pictures and all of your real thoughts!


  3. Ah..The Secret favorite book as a child! I read The Forgotten Garden this past year by Kate Morton...Loved it! Was kinda like a grownup version...

    No floods here yet, but we are dealing with record snow fall, so come spring I expect there will be flooding, but nothing near the devastation there...

  4. I agree, your lovely happy post made me smile :-)
    That cushion is a work of art Kate, absolutely beautiful.
    How nice that your parents are moving in nearby, that looks like a beautiful bit of land.
    Happy Weekend. x

  5. This post made me happy too. Congratulations on the finished cushion - it's beautiful. Annd yay for beautiful half-grown daughters.

  6. Yay for handmedown uniforms! Now you can spend that saved money of wooly goodness right?

    And you're so right about the cleanup from the floods. It is still ongoing and heartbreaking. Everyone has stopped helping!! I am headed out there again tomorrow. We are helping a small business clean out there warehouse and see what can be saved.

    Ahh so glad it's Friday!

  7. your post made me smile. Have a lovely weekend Kate. xx

  8. terribly happy that the farm is getting planted to something!

    yay for your guys!

    I can only imagine how your heart bloomed when you saw your girls crossing the road.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. What a great moment to record, lovely. It is so important to recognize and cherish these bountiful days, and to keep in mind just how fortunate we are when others may not be.

    Today my girl got all smiley faces at school...For The First Time Ever!!!
    She was so proud of herself and smiled and sang all afternoon. We celebrated with fruit smoothies that she made herself, they were delicious! That's my moment today, one I want to remember.

  10. Im happy youre happy. The part about them holding hands made me go all gooey inside. They are the thoughts for a mother to fall asleep by, x

  11. Ohh, what a lovely post. Made me smile and relax. I will try to stop and "smell the roses" with my kids this weekend too. They have been back at school for a week already here in Queensland.

  12. How fantastic does your finished cushion look! Wonderful news that your parents will be living so close to you. Isabelle and I watched the Secret Garden the other night on tv and she absolutely loved it. I will have to find the other one which I think is called Return to the Secret Garden, or something like that. Enjoy your summery weekend!

  13. I love that you stop to take in all you have around you, the simplicity of everyday. I love your weekend plans, enjoy...

  14. beautiful words kate...thank you!

  15. Your cushion is gorgeous! I'm happy to hear that there's some good stuff happening at your place at the moment, and I especially hope the carrots and beets grow abundantly!

    Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the last few days of the school holidays.

    Anna x

  16. Gorgeous post Kate, and the cushion looks stunning!
    I'm so happy to hear you're happy xoxo
    PS your girls are just special, and the Secret Garden is one of my favourite books.

  17. I've loved hearing about your wonderful, happy moment in time, and hope your weekend is great too! xx

  18. What a lovely list of things to be thankful for Kate.
    A very cheering post.

    Claire :}

  19. So much good stuff. But what really caught my attention was that your parents are building opposite you guys.
    Is your Dad starting up a practice in Daylesford? Or is he retiring proper like?
    What an amazing journey those 2 have had.
    Now they can settle back and babysit your kids while the 2 of YOU go and have date nights.
    Andi x

  20. I just found your blog and it's really lovely. That cushion is especially awesome. Have a nice weekend!

  21. Gorgeous post Kate - you're cushion cover is so beautiful!

    How wonderful to have 3 bags full of uniforms from a kind stranger! We have just had to get both the girls uniforms for starting school here on monday. Didn't realize our little one would be wearing a uniform!X

  22. You live in a pretty neat part of the world Kate. It's just a shame about those temperatures! But how nice of that lady to give you bags of uniforms, I'd have been speachless. Hope you remembered 5pm! Clearly your weather is better than ours for a change. It's been pouring down all afternoon here.

  23. You are... just fabulous. Love it all. x

  24. wonderful happy moments & gorgeous pics Kate.
    I haven't had many moments lately just some craziness.

    hope your weekend is filled with special happy moments
    hugs ♥

  25. I am glad to be home and catching up on some beautiful blogs. You know that we all want your life, don't you? ;)

  26. I love your blog its full of really lovely stories thanks for sharing.

  27. Beautiful post Kate..I really need to learn to put myself out there like you do. I am just so worried I will bore everyone. But you prove that is not the case. So glad to hear things are back in action on the farm and that you were offered such a nice surprise of uniforms. I am thankful the kids don't have to wear them in California like they did in Louisiana. It's quite a pain getting boys to wear clean clothes that way lol....

    Have a wonderful weekend, we plan on going swimming too :)

  28. a lovely positive post kate. i loved reading it. thank you

  29. It sounds like you are having a wonderful day Kate. It's wonderful to hear that you are able to plant :) And also fantastic about the school uniforms, I am dreading the day DD grows out of hers...

  30. I really loved this post, so much warmth and happiness. I'm so glad that your planting is able to go ahead, yay!! Thank you for sharing :)

  31. Just could feel the love and life in your gorgeous post. thankyou! One little thing though...that "media circus" you speak of. It is that very circus that beams images and information to those of us on the other side of the country (and the world for that matter).It is how we know whats going on . We cry and gasp and shake our heads and talk about it and pray and worry - and everyone including the kids hold fundraisers for you even though we ourselves in WA have had our own floods. That media circus helps create a sense of community - because over here we care about what happens to you guys over there. We really do. sue x

  32. Any room at your house for me to move in? What a wonderful life you live, what a gorgeous family you have and what a very lovely lady you are!

  33. Kate...
    Thank you for such a lovely post...
    Your picks are sweet...
    So glad the cushion is going to such a lovely home...
    It looks amazing...

  34. Oh my goodness! What lovely moments.
    I hope all the rains in Victoria this weekend aren't effecting all hard work Bren has done with the irrigation. Such uncertain times.


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