Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Would you??

Would you wear it as a hat?

Would you use it as a mat?

Would you place it on your chair?

Would you use it for your hair?

Would you give it to your Mister?

Would you use it to hit your sister?

Would you lay on it for a rest?

Perhaps you'd use it for a nest?

Whatever the reason, whatever you choose,
Please, please, please, please make a bid, you cannot lose.

All auction details here.
HUGE apologies to Dr Seuss.


  1. GORGEOUS KATE!!! I would I would I would for all the reasons ( except the Mister one, but you bet if I had one a mister that is, I would want to give it him!)
    Cmon peeps!!! xo

  2. sooo cute!
    Jess, you are funny.
    Aidan would definitely use it to hit his sister with.

  3. Wonderful :)!!!! Love the picture of your girls "would you hit your sister" lol

  4. Very amusing! I'll check it out. You may want to pop in my blog for my latest giveaway :)

  5. I wish I would.
    I wish I could.
    Maybe I should, Kate.
    Maybe I should...

  6. This has made my day! Just delightful!
    PS. I think it makes a very cute hat!
    Sophie x

  7. Love it, love it! My Master J knows many a Dr Seuss book off by heart. xo

    You are so clever - it is sublime!

  8. Whoever wins it will know it was well loved :-)

  9. wow its so pretty!! its good to see the balls of yarn transform into something so stunning... :)

  10. I think you will need to make another one for everyone at your house to keep playing with! Very cute post. All the best with the auction. Looks like it is going well...

  11. Bella la tua famiglia, bellissimo il post, straordinario il cuscino! Che dire... ho una sana invidia per te.

  12. Super cute post there Kate :) Brought a smile to my face on a day that it was hard to smile on :)

  13. I'm sure Dr Seuss would be proud of you and the cushion cover is gorgeous. Best of luck with the auction.

  14. as it turns out, it works very well as a hat :)

  15. Kate
    would you, could you, count those bids
    would you, could you, flip your lid?
    Gangbusters. Hooray

  16. Dr.Seuss would be proud! And that top photo is just adorable.

  17. No apologies required you rocked Dr Suess! Great Post!

  18. brilliant. love a bit of Seuss. you are funny, love it

  19. Hello Kate
    I think you've done a truly lovely thing by crocheting/auctioning this cushion. It's always the small things that make me smile the widest, which is why I've called my blog small things, simple pleasures. Thanks for making me grin today. Vera x
    ps. as I love to crochet too I realise your contribution isn't small time-wise!

  20. I would definitely use it to hit my sister. xx

  21. What a beautiful cushion cover i have never seen a round crochet one,well done,and i am new to your blog and i love it.
    cheers Sheryl

  22. ¡O como me gusta es genial!, enhorabuena por un trabajo bien hecho, saludos desde EspaƱa.


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