Monday, January 3, 2011

I choose.

So here we are on the third day of the new year and I have yet to commit to any resolutions. I know I don't have to, but I like the contemplation of the past and the optimistic look towards the future that a new year brings with it.

I've had the usual: be more patient, live in the moment, make more, buy less, drink more water, exercise, call people back....rattling around in my head but I make them every year. This year I like the idea of a word or two that will underpin everything.

After much contemplation I have decided on my words: I choose.

I am great at being chosen, great at letting other people choose for me, great at wandering along for a while before I realise I have no idea what the choices were that helped me arrive at where I am and I am great at avoiding conflict. But I am not great at putting what I want first and choosing and sticking up for my own choice.

This year I will choose.

I know I have many years left of putting my family first but that's not really what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about learning to say 'no', about getting in touch with who I am and making choices accordingly and about making choices socially.

Over the past few days I have started putting my I choose into action and gosh it feels good. I have been doing some great things and hanging out with people who I really enjoy. There will be difficult times and choices ahead I know that, but bring on the I choose, I'm so ready for it.

Do you choose?


  1. I choose to Hurrah! your choice.
    I am have made a list, but for me the list is my way of choosing. I get where you are coming from - It was great during the year to hear(read) your spark being reinvigorated after little breaks.
    Looking forward to peeking down the lane at you all in 2011.

  2. I do choose. I decided a couple of years ago that I had to be a little more caring of me, and part of that was choosing better. Choosing who to spend my time with, choosing what kind of work I do, choosing what I make and for who, and choosing what I share of myself.

    Life is too short to be exposed to toxic people, bad workplaces and avoidable bad experiences

    I'm glad you've chosen to choose!! *chortle*

  3. You're ace.
    And well I think I need to choose too. I've tried doing it a bit more at the end of last year. but I think you and I are quite a like - the description you've given is sounding so familiar.
    So if it's ok I'm jumping on the choose band wagon ( that and really learning to drive this year)

  4. I like your choice of words, Kate!

    I could do a little more active "choosing" too...

  5. I hear ya.

    I choose to hang with people that are only supportive and nice, don't have UNrealistically high expectations about me and our friendship, but above all, if I offend them in some way they either let it slide or they tell me they are upset straight away rather than passive aggressive shit.

    i choose to be treated with kindness.

    I choose to visit you this year!! xxx

  6. This is the VERY best new year statement I have read. I choose to agree with you wholeheartedly; and, if I may, also pledge to choose?

  7. oh the power to choose - i'm starting to feel i'm able to do it. It feels like everyone/thing else takes over sometimes. Saying 'no' is a good start to choosing.

    Thanks for putting these thoughts out there Kate!X

  8. I love the sentiment behind this - it really makes you stop and think!
    There are things in my life I would like to change, but think I can't 'choose' to change them. But perhaps it is mind over matter? What if it was just a matter of saying 'I choose' and then devoting the energy into making it happen?
    Worth a lot of thought...

  9. I think actually choosing ourselves is one of the most diificult things to do ever!

    I've tried and completely failed before - I even bought myself a t-shirt with NO emblazoned on the front (I tend to say yes to absolutely everything anyone ever asks of me)...

    I hope you're much more successful in your quest to CHOOSE

  10. Great words to start the year with Kate. Mine are "let go" x

  11. well put Kate - beats wondering what others choose for you or falling into things by chance.
    Brilliant plan and good luck with keeping on track with your wonderful resolutions.

  12. Great word for a year. I'm less ambitious and want my to be "walking" - there are so many great walks around London & England that I want to do, but something else always takes precedence.

  13. I chose to have more fun this year but I like yours too :)

  14. Love it... I like the way you think.
    Just been catching up on all your posts over the past two weeks. Puppies- too cute! and love the caravan idea.

  15. Hi lovely lady! Happy New Year to you! It's really very very weird that you've written this. Just today at the park I was trying to think of some sort resolution (for want of a better word because I don't really believe in them) that would guide me through this year and whilst I couldn't think of a word the general emotion I had was of being more true to myself in my "choice" of things to do, ways to spend my time and people to hang out with. Of course you have so eloquently put this all into words so thank you ... and may the CHOICE be with you!!

  16. In my mind the thing about making a choice is that you have to be in the 'now' to make it. Obviously one has to also consider the impact and outcomes of said choice but the actual decision is of the moment. An exciting 2011 lies ahead!

  17. Hell Yeh!!
    Best of all I choose everyday to live a full and happy life!
    Awesome post Kate! Right on the money :)

  18. Hai ragione, condivido pienamente! Brava.

  19. Lovely post -

    I too am learning to choose ... sometimes it's easy, as in "I'll have that big piece of chocolate cake please" - other times it's not so easy, as in "I don't want that extra work commitment, thanks very much" but like you, I'm determined to give it a go this year.

    Happy 2011

  20. I love this Kate. Thank you :) I hope you don't mind - I'm going to print this sign and put it above my desk here... hopefully it will inspire me too ;) Kx

  21. I chose to read your blog post!

    Sorry :( that was cheesy!

    Good for you, hopefully some of your choices will be a little luxury now and then!


  22. I choose too.
    That was perhaps my biggest lesson of 2010. Especially saying no to certain situations and people. But, at the end of the day, as you allude to, if you don't choose, the choice gets made for you - and that's not an empowered and true way to live.

    I'm so happy for you Kate.

  23. I choose! My personal and not creative new years resolution is to be able to allow myself to say no more often. I think moms have a bad habit of going with the flow of things. I am so on board with your I CHOOSE slogan :)

  24. Amazing Kate - I'm on a very similar journey. I have been setting more personal boundaries by chosing a quieter life. Many around me have not accepted that I have finally voiced my voice. It is very refreshing to learn who respects you in these times! xo Rach

  25. i ♥ your choice to choose kate. i am not very good at the N word and should hone my skills, perhaps i would feel emotionally bankrupt less often if i followed your lead. my resolution was to have more fun (and to dust more often and floss more regularly)
    so far so good

  26. HIya lovely!...My 'resolution' was/is 'to own my choices' thereby forcing me to really contemplate my action, in-action etc. Must be the year for it! It feels really good too. Hoping to see you this year - more often..if you choose! Cheers, Peta xo

  27. Just found your blog, what a lovely way to enjoy a cup of coffee. Your use of colour is really inspiring. I look foward to following your blog this year

  28. And I hope you are planning to screen print an oversize white t-shirt with fluro pink large letters "I CHOOSE" to match your spunkiness, Kate. Hooray for choosing. Have a great year and fun working out what you want to choose. Yipee.

  29. Very Cool Kate, sounds like something I need to do as well..

  30. Yes I choose!! Good on you, those are only two little words but they seem to be really hard ones :-)

  31. Yes I choose as well.
    I choose not to make resolutions but to follow my dreams. I wrote a post about it.
    Love your thoughts and words Kate, I think this will be a great year for you if you keep on choosing.
    Much love
    Jen x

  32. Great word Kate - good luck - I have started a new blog and have a few very vague things that I would like to achieve in 2011:)


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