Thursday, January 13, 2011

So far.

Oh crochet, I had forgotten how therapeutic you are. I had forgotten that meditative feeling of letting your fingers do what they know so well; yarn over, through the loop, draw up a loop, pull back through, over and over and over and over.

I agonised for ages about colour orders and combinations but decided in the end to go with something watery, it makes sense after all. Maybe I'll keep with the blues and greens or maybe I'll turn it into a bit of a rainbow, I'm not sure yet.

So this is my Queensland flood relief auction cushion so far. Michelle's pattern is so beautifully written and designed and is such a pleasure to follow. Thank you so much again Michelle.

My auction will be starting next Monday but if you are eager for some crafty fundraising action now, you can visit Jodie's softie raffle, Cath's brooch and cushion raffle, Nic's fabric giveaway, Georgie's Sorello and Fratello donations, Tas's handbag raffle, Tracy's quilt auction, Jenni's doll face cushion auction, Wendy's wrap dress auction, Becky's red cardi auction, Jennie's crafty goodness raffle, Lizzie's quilt pack auction, Fat Quarterly's subscription raffle, Sophie's brooch sales, Sarah's wall hanging auction, Alexandra's fabric auction, Michelle's Molly doll auction, Off The Peg's red dress auction, Brydie's t'shirt and dress auction...

Holey moley, I know there are so many more. Let me know if you're having yourself a bit of a fundraiser and would like me to add you to the list.

Stay safe. XX


  1. Thanks for taking the time to list my auction that is running. Am saving some money so I can bid on your cushion as of Monday, it feels good to be able to band together and help in the bloggy way :)

  2. Stick to the blues and greens!!

    We are holding a raffle over at Fat Quarterly too.


  3. It's beautiful so far - you work quickly don't you!!

  4. Looks fantastic. I'll be auctioning a kids bag and a quilt which was in Homespun magazine. Due to the shocking weather I can't bet it photographed. So great to see so many bloggers fundraising already!

  5. It's look stunning already!!!
    It's going to be amazing.

  6. Oh boy does it make you feel less helpless to be able to create & get people to donate. My darling husband is off to help with rescues & recoveries (that is horrible) so he's busy in Brisbane too. Love Posie

  7. What a list of beauties that is! All fabulous artists AND fabulous women. Can't wait to see the finished result, Kate. x

  8. Awesome, Kate! Thanks for plugging the fundraising efforts so far too. Nic x

  9. Oh that is looking so beautiful! And what a wonderful list. All of the support is just so amazing. I am giving 100% of all my sales to the Flood Appeal throughout January and I've created brooches especially to share the love and hope.

    Thanks so much
    Sophie x

  10. Looking beautiful Kate. I bet the creation is therapeutic for you too.
    The whole thing is so unbelievable and overwhelming, the footage on TV is so hard to watch. It seems like it is happening far away, not in our own country. The efforts of you and fellow crafters help to make it seem more tangible. we can make a difference.

  11. well done Kate & awesome love going around in the blog world.
    makes me get all goosebumpy with all that people are doing.

  12. Ooohh yes Kate, stick to the blues and greens, gorgeous. I'll be back on Monday for the auction..

  13. Wow, you are streets ahead of me. I took my hook and twine to the dam today and crocheted some appliques for bunting to auction, while the kids had a swim. This is a beautiful pattern. Great work.

  14. clever girl you are :-) and you didnt forget-its second nature now :-)
    me and my pencils made a drawing to auction, starting monday.. manda x

  15. I'm loving your cushion!! Very nice indeed. I've just started my own auction of a mini quilt wall hanging. Pop over if anyone is interested.

  16. HI Kate,
    love your cushion. It is going to look wonderful!
    I am offering 2 x Saffron Craig Fabrics for Auction. Could you add me onto your list of Auction Action???

    my blog is

    Thanks heaps and enjoy the crochet therapy.


  17. oh kate, i was hoping it was going to be that delicious flowery pattern. it looks divine. i have put up a molly doll for auction on my blog and i would love a shout out from your place if you don't mind. you are so kind and generous to offer to add punters to your post. good on you. enjoy your hooking

  18. Hey there! I am taking part in the Make it Perfect appeal.

    All this fantastic fund-raising activity is amazing! A little bit of generosity is going a long way.

  19. Oh Kate, it looks amazing! Just so loving it. Clever you. x

  20. I'm liking the blues and greens for the water...and yes crochet is a good meditation isn't it :-)

  21. So much generosity makes me so proud to be an Aussie. I've donated cash! Hope the respective winners enjoy the extra meaning these gorgeous items from the gorgeous auctions etc. have at this sad time! You take it easy too beautiful Kate ;)

  22. oh I do love the idea of a rainbow.. for after the rain :)

  23. Oh I have a whole lot of crochet to do before I could begin to contemplate something like that! What a beautiful pattern. Hope you raise lots of money with it Kate.
    (I jumped in with an auction as well.)

  24. looks lovely - hoping you're OK this morning xx

  25. The cushion looks fantastic Kate! I think it is wonderful what everyone is doing too.

  26. Kate...
    Your cushion is coming along so beautifully...
    I love the colours you are using...
    I do hope there isn't any mistakes in the pattern...Let me know if you come across any...I always get nervous about these things...
    Fabulous list of auctions...
    I will be taking a look at all of these...

  27. Oooh, I can't wait until Monday. I love the way this cushion is looking:)

  28. So far it's looking just beautiful !


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