Saturday, February 19, 2011



...for lazy Saturdays with no farmers' markets, that we live an hour and a half from Melbourne, for my Mum, for delicious new wool and the promise of new projects, for toasted sandwiches for lunch...

...for love heart lattes, that Miss Pepper only vomited once, that it stopped raining after 20mm, for plans to get outta here, for rocket that grows as you watch, for leafy green salads with lemon dressing, for blogging that gets it out of my head and onto the computer...

...for sleeves, for beautifully written and designed patterns, for knitting, for designers that reply to my queries with patience and compliments, for a new cardi that I cannot wait to cast off and wear, for your comments and emails and suggestions and gifts, for my editor, for quiet sister games that go on for hours, that you can't see the state of my hair today...

...for crochet, for sour plums, for my Farmer Boy and our girlies, for sunshine, for baths in the afternoon...

I hope you have yourself a long list of gratefuls too.

See ya. XX


  1. My head is full of 'gratefuls' but im too tired to write them all down. Nice post, x

  2. A lovely list of gratefuls, Kate. Enjoy your market free saturday with your farmer boy & gorgeous girls. I'm loving that beautiful grey knit you're working on there...x

  3. Lots of lovely gratefuls and lovely photos. Glad you are enjoying blogging it all out of your head :) Hope you have a lovely weekend. Lou

  4. sweet as...list Kate. I'm also grateful for the single vomit from 2 of my kids (thats my kind of gastro) & promise to be very very grateful to my computer when it returns.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

    p.s. cardi looks divine!

  5. lovely!
    the big things make us appreciate the little things so much more.

    hugs right back at you ♥

  6. Such a sweet list of gratefuls :)
    Love the grey of your knitting and the wool in the top pic...very nice.

  7. mmm lilypily fibreworks. One of my fave colourways. Lots of grateful here too. Saves me from noticing the not so gratefuls.

  8. lovely post kate. i confer with you on the hair issue. i'm in desperate hair strife at present. and i too am loving saturdays with no markets, no sport no nothing, just pottering

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  10. You're gorgeous, Kate. I'm grateful for that! x

  11. I am reading this from the house of vommies. The house where I am the last one standing (meaning that the cleaning up is all mine). I smiled. Thank you ever so much Kate.

  12. I think I missed something. Why do you have an editor? Are you working on something exciting?

    I'm grateful for Naked Ladies :Dhehe

  13. Hey Kate, even if we could see the state of your hair today, no one would mind, we all have those sort of days......weeks, even lives.....
    Always lots to be grateful for when we stop and look.
    After torrential rain this morning, the sun is out here in the North East and it's just a little less humid...
    Your knitting is looking fabulous, I can imagine it's gong to be a dream to wear.
    Baths in the afternoon, sounds very relaxing, hmmm, I think I'm feeling a little grubby see ya......

    Claire :}

  14. Thankful as always for being reminded to be grateful. It seems I can forget from one day to the next. Depending on the days events.

    Thankful that hubby took the terrible two-er to visit Grandpa so that I could have some time to make jewellery, thankful for the sweet cuddles and smiles that make me forget he can be terrible, for the basil growing so well in pots which will be delicious in homemade pizza tonight, for friends who are understanding of screaming two year olds and will still go out in public with me, for sales at craft shops, for crochet on the couch, for tonights scheduled family movie night.

    Better go start on the pizza dough now and concentrate on being grateful as I knead. :)

  15. I'm also grateful that I live an hour and a half from Melbourne... and for leafy greens with lemon dressing. I'm hungry.

  16. lovely list of gratefuls

    I am grateful for the green in the last image. Perfection

  17. Thank you for the sweet reminder to be grateful. Today was a struggle, but I managed a few moments of timeout to find the beauty.
    Your list is wonderful.
    I read your dad's blog everynow & then. It's quite an interesting read & I appreciate his humour.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekdend.

  18. Like Kitty, I read your dads blog sometimes too, a sneaky lurker who doesn't comment...
    a lovely list of gratefuls, that just reading someone elses makes me stop, breathe and be thankful for my thank you.
    (ps, if I lived closer I'd volunteer at your market stall. feeds the addiction you see.)

  19. Lovely grateful list Kate! Must pop over to the Market again soon and see if I can spot you :)

  20. All things to be mighty grateful for..thanks for sharing. You're cardi's looking great! Today I'm grateful for picnics that don't get rained out, hubbies that take a day off work and unexpected cuddles from affectionate animals! (and the hair thing too, if I was to be completely honest!). Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

  21. I hope you and your family have a great weekend Kate !

  22. what a fab list of hair is permanently in a pony tail at the moment so I just don't need to worry about it!!
    hope your little one feels better soon :-)

  23. Such a lovely list Kate. I love baths in the afternoon - especially after a swim or being caughtin the rain - so you feel extra warm.
    Hope you are having a lovely day.

  24. Thanks for the reminder.
    We have so much to be grateful for!
    Have a great week.

  25. That is a lovely pile of new yarn (and lovelier gratitude list). :)

  26. It's so nice to stop and take note and remember to be grateful isn't it, sometimes life just gets too fast and we miss it all unless we make to time. Loved this post, hope you had a great weekend :-)

  27. Grateful for having discovered this blog, and all it's lovelyness.

    I grew up an hour and a half from Melbourne, and really miss it. I miss the climate. (rain, hail and shine). Nothing like country Victoria.


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