Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Kitchen table makings.

Miss Pepper is threading me a necklace.

Miss Jazzy is drawing the best drawing she has ever done.

Miss Indi is making bunting for her new bedroom.
Do you recognise it?

And I am pressing some old hankies.

Its funny how time changes. The summer holidays used to seem endless when we were little. Long hot dreamy days that slowly tuned into weeks. But these past six weeks feel like they've flown by. We haven't done nearly as much as I'd thought we would. But we have hung around here a lot. We have really slowed down and followed our days where ever they have led us. Not many plans but lots of adventures.

I feel sad about the girls going back to school in a few days. I will miss these rambling, drifting days. I am no good at routine and don't really like watching the clock for drop offs and pick ups and always being prepared for the next thing.

But I will enjoy some quiet time. I will enjoy packing up from a meal and not having to make any more food again until the next meal and I will enjoy hanging out with the littlest and doing some three year old things with her.

And its less overwhelming this year because half way through we'll be heading off on our caravan adventure.

A huge and happy February to you lovely people reading along. May Mother Nature be calmer and may we all feel creative and inspired.

See ya!


  1. Hi Kate,

    I still read here most posts but infrequently comment. I immediately recognised Nic's beautiful prints in the Bunting and you all look to be having a lovely time, I can't believe your iron is so shiny the hankie is reflected! :)

  2. Enjoy your last few days lazing about before the kecticness that comes with school.

    Good to see your three girls happily occupied and making stuff - I hope you were crafting too, perhaps knitting your cardi?

  3. Hah! Tammy J's comment made me look. How SHINY is your iron??? Mine is disgusting, probably because I hate ironing. Whatcha doing with all those hankies Madam? x

  4. Now this is the kind of day I wish I had....Love those chubby fingers..Good luck with your routine, I am no good with them either...

  5. What a hub of activity your kitchen table is! Love the bunting, how clever they all are. School holidays are over here and I felt a certain melancholy on the approaching end, but am already back into doing my own things with the day, which is a LOT.
    Enjoy the last moments.

  6. great pictures of your busy girls! Now that the holidays are coming to an end they sure do seem to have flown. We've really enjoyed them but it seems that my boys are ready to get back into the swing of the school year. Lots of changes ahead, new teachers, new friends & the little guy starting big kid kinder..

  7. What a super productive kitchen table you have! Glad to see the bunting being sewn up by such a clever girl. Enjoy! Nic x

  8. Our school holidays don't seem to be quite so nurturing, crafty and interesting. But as the kids get older, I enjoy it more as I think that I am ready to move on from the really young people activities (yes, I know, in 10 years, I would be doing anything to have that time back)I have enjoyed those quieter hours of the past 2 days with just my youngest but I am already bored with lunch box ideas...

  9. What a hive of activity..it's wonderful to see children being creative like this :)

  10. These weeks have flown by havent they! I love Indi's bunting, Jazzy's drawings and Miss Pepper's beading. I used to sit for hours and draw pictures all day long on my school holidays when I was their age too, and the days did seem to go on forever but now they just fly by. Back to routines on Friday for us although I am sure I wont like it one little bit apart from the quiet time I might get, lol!

  11. As for us, the first month of the holidays were much like you have describe. But over the last couple of weeks, I think the kids are starting to need some structure and so am I.
    Bring on Term 1.
    I am VERY ready!!

  12. I love that indy has her own little sewing machine - what a great idea!! Looks like she knows what she's doing too :-)

  13. Wow, how about that for synchronicity?!?
    I just finished reading Maxabella's post on blogging tables and followed you back here to find you at your kitchen table!

    I'm going to enjoy spending time in your space, cup of tea in hand,

    Felicity x

  14. I wish I could say that I enjoyed the 'drifting' of Summer holidays, but they just send me a bit bonkers really. Mine are just not quite old enough yet to be... quiet!

    Enjoy those last couple of days with your beautiful and creative daughters. x

  15. Thanks for continuing to share inspiration ..all the best for school return.

  16. Loving seeing all that creativity! Wishing you a wonderful February too x

  17. Such creative girls, you set such a great example for them.
    I hearing you sister about not being good at the routine.. Every morning I stand comatosed staring at their lunch boxes hoping for some divine guidance. I too love the lazy days of hanging out & having few plans. We did lots of beaching & BBQs. Caught up with some top old friends that we don't get to see very often these days. It was bliss.

  18. I suspect that I'm looking forward to the holidays more than my daughter does. I miss being free to do whatever we enjoy instead of running backwards and forward to drop-off and pick her up.

    Love the photo of your ironing - such wonderful reflection.

  19. Great photos, Kate!

    I'm another one who doesn't like routine (wondering how I'm going to cope with the beginning of school...?).

  20. Looks like my kind of day, I'm counting down the days until our next half term and we get to slow down and some time to make.

  21. Oh, my, those dimples on the knuckles of her chubby little hands. Look at the crease in her wrist! Precious. Keep that picture in a frame forever.

  22. Ah, those little 3 year old hands are too cute. Makes you want to eat them up.
    I'm daunted by school lunches already, and I only start tomorrow...maybe the lunch box fairy will visit during the night.

  23. Is it wrong that I kind of want to nibble on Peps chubby little hands? I'll swap you a bite of yours for a bite of mine when it comes ;o)
    enjoy being three again x

  24. couldn't agree more miss kate. i love the absence of routine and running from one activity to the next. your busy table looks like a fun place to be. love those hankies (i may have a touch of hankie envy) i have been scouring oppose in search of them to no avail. good luck with the return to school

  25. I'm wanting some hankies..bid on some last year on ebay..guess I could try that again... I just have a few and I'm not sure where they are right now.

  26. happy smiley pics Ms Kate, love the look on Indi's face, Jazzy's concentration & Pepper's ...well..cute, little Pepper being adorable as always.

    hope you are keeping busy, not stressing & enjoying the end of the week.

    many hugs to you ♥

    p.s are you & Pepper busy Wednesdays?

  27. Oh I love all that kitchen table makings. What happy days you have shared together. So wonderful.

    ... and check out how shiny and clean your iron is!!! WOWZAS!


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