Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inspiring you?

Yesterday I made up for the loss of the day before. Yesterday I spent the morning in the kitchen baking and jamming and cooking and scrubbing and the afternoon in the little girls' room. I filled five boxes up for the op shop and two boxes up for the tip.

I sorted and folded and chucked. There were baby clothes in Miss Pepper's shelves and too many clothes in Miss Jazzy's. I was ruthless and it felt great. My three year old played DJ and helped me with the folding and showed me her dance moves.

Yesterday I didn't stop until the girls were in bed. Then I had a long bath, listened to a This American Life podcast and went to bed. Wrecked.

Today I have paid for it. Today I am so sick again and I have barely achieved a thing. Today I feel flat and sorry for myself. Miserable.

So lovely people I was wondering if you could help me out. I need inspiring. Please.

So what is inspiring you today? A blog you love, a new craft, your clever kid, an exciting project, your garden??? Anything. Please.

And thank you. You guys are the greatest.



  1. The boy scored student of the week at school and star of the week at nippers so that is pretty hip hip hooray here.
    I am inspired by the brief thought of winter and a new wardrobe to sew with cord and linen and new jackets - yay!
    Desperately want to learn crochet this winter.
    So mcuh sewing - never enough time to blog! Ha. You rest up young lady and feel better and leave the inspiring till tomorrow and dream sweet dreams instead

  2. Just take it easy and get better.
    The inspiration will come!!

  3. The way I would have to look at it is that yesterday you ticked some major boxes, including the long term one of the girls room. It always reminds me of the line "and another one bites the dust" though I don't actually know the show I really like that line. Today, as with every Wednesday, is about saving enough energy to be able to do my weekly paper fold and drop off so I have been doing lots of sleeping (what's new about that?!!) and snuggling in bed with a book. I've also sewn on the final outside strip on my Blanket of Love and gotten it ready for quilting by using the spray to stick all the layers together. Then there was one load of washing, unloading the dishwasher and folding a few pieces from the great pile on the table. That's it. So please don't feel guilty for doing very little. Some of us do it all the time. Listen to your body and let the dreams flow over you. Cherrie

  4. Today after wanting to do so for quite a long time, I finally have managed to change my blog header!!So feeling really good that I got it done!!Your sorted wardrobe inspiring me to do some sorting. But not today!!

  5. I have a hate/hate relationship with my bathroom and came across this sweet post today - just cute, sweet, gorgeous - yes all of the above - take a trip on over & check out - I see yoru girls tripping around delightedly in this space!! Hope you get better really really soon, TK xx

  6. I'm so sorry your energy was short lived Kate. Look after yourself, maybe you DO need a day knitting in bed?

    I bought a tea cozy yesterday, shaped like a pineapple, which is not usually my style, but it has brought me so much pleasure already. I love the way it softens the look of my stainless steel tea pot. I love the way a tea cozy + tea pot (instead of tea bag) mean that my tea waits for me, snug and hot, until I finish changing that nappy or hanging that washing. Simple pleasures!

    Take it easy...

  7. this fresh so autumny day we are having here in the mountains dd's sudden relocation from the states (with family = my 3 gorgeous grandchildren) and a little crochet....sounds like you did need that day in bed being still and a little slow up kate. Get well. Housework will 'ALWAYS' be there. Love your sweet little tea cups full of berries...xx

  8. Oh inspiring me?? I have the next 4 days to purely sew, clean, tidy, gym, parent & cook, yippee!! As for sewing inspiration, i need to get cracking on stock but i REALLY need to sort my studio so i'm inspired to share the love & pack up big kilo bundles of fabric into cute stacks to sell off incredibly cheap. Yay for me. Constantly downsizing!! Love Posie

  9. Sorry to hear that you crashed :(
    Inspiring me at the moment are beautiful yarns waiting to be given a pattern, quick sewing up of lovely knit dresses for friends' daughters and cooler evenings and mornings reminding me that summer is waning...bring on the cooler weather.

  10. Oh Kate, I hope you feel better soon! I hate those slumps and being sick only makes it seem so much worse. Good time to stop and nurture although it is so hard. I've blogged my inspiration, because it comes with a picture ;)

    Wishing you lots of love and bowls of soup. xx

  11. i am finding it hard to get inspired... although the impending birth of the my new bub is sort of forcing me to sit down and get things done! amy

  12. Aargh, you poor thing. It's so frustrating when this happens. Try not to burn out too hard. Giver your body a chance to recover.
    Huckle & I just spent the last 10 minutes dancing to romanian gypsy music. By the end of it we were exhausted, me from dancing around with an extra 11 kilos & Huckle exhausted from 10 minutes of non stop giggles. That's what's inspiring me right now... living life to the fullest despite all of the hard bits.
    Love to you & your family. Rest up gorgeous lady x

  13. hmmmm, some inspiration...... i came across a quote today that i wrote on the front of my diary last year, it made me smile again today because prior to coming across it i was having a cup of tea with a friend who was saying that her kids say that she looks old and that she's much more boring than daddy. it made her feel sad. anyway the quote goes like this... 'character contributes to beauty. It fortifies a woman as her youth fades. a mode of conduct, a standard of courage, discipline, fortitude, and integrity can do a great deal to make a woman beautiful.' author unknown
    i found it inspiring. hope you feel well soon Kate, look after yourself girl!


  14. sorry to hear you are still ill, just goes to show housework is not good for you. Today I am inspired by the fact I am off to teach a sewing workshop to teenagers with special needs. I've run so many workshops over the years with both children and adults, but never with a. teenagers and b.people with special needs. Bit daunted but very inspired. Nervously looking forward to it.

  15. i will give the link of the most wonderfull blog i found yesterday and i loooooooove it, to me was like a crash and all the inspiration is cooking inside, enjoy:

  16. YOU have inspired me, I've been crocheting!

    Get better!XX

  17. I've been feeling awful too, but I'm getting better.
    I've been sitting out in the garden admiring all the green and pulling a few weeds. Earlier I harvested some tomatoes and checked the pumpkins.It's been a beautiful day. When you get better you'll feel great about the organising you've done. Pics of our garden will be on my blog tomorrow.

  18. :( to feeling low.

    I found Pinterest yesterday - oh my it is great - let meknow if you want an invite:)

  19. I am still so inspired to make your green cardi! I hope you feel better, but to get all that sorting done should feel a little bit great x

  20. hi Kate..ok heres a joke my veda girl told me when she was in kinder 7 years ago (gulp).
    why did the horse go behind the tree?
    to change his jockeys. take it easy super girl...and when you get some energy back...make yourself a new dress ..thats gotta make you feel a little better :-)
    and i have no inspiration because my same veda girl is away on camp and i dont like when shes gone for days. x

  21. Sorry to hear you're not feeling up to par Kate! Sending a comfort hug out to you. :)
    Currently I'm being inspired by egg cups!! :))) Pinkeeps in little brown eggcups. Thoroughly enjoyed designing them and dressing them up.
    Take care and hope you cheer up very soon indeed! x

  22. Take it easy tomorrow wonderwoman!!:)
    Well I started cutting a pattern for a little girls apron and started crocheting again.This is after a long time hiatus (couple of months) of non creating.Hope you feel better soon.

  23. Today after watching the news I was reminded that every single day is so very precious and that if we don't make this day count by living it in the way that we think is important and wonderful then we are wasting our opportunities. I don't think that it means that we have to be working or doing chores but by being in the here and now in whatever we are doing. Be gentle with yourself, value what you have achieved so far in your life and give in to the need to nurture yourself and you loved ones. Take care!

  24. Hi Kate, Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit flat today, I spent the morning today at our local community garden with my 5 yr old niece, and we weeded and planted a heap of seeds and picked a big load of fresh tomatoes, basil, carrots and other bits and pieces, and chatted to the other gardeners, and it was a very pleasant way to spend the morning! Fresh air and growing stuff always cheers me up! Hope you are feeling better soon. Julie :)

  25. Hope your feeling better .... maybe a nice shower, warm PJ's, and a cuppa will help? That or ice-cream - ice cream fixes lots of things in my house. Thinking of you x

  26. Hope you feel better soon! I'm off wedding dress and brides maid dress shopping today with my sister as she is getting married ! So I am going to kick my own butt to try and get creative with wedding ideas for my sis as I'm sure that's all we are going to be talking about today.

  27. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling too good honey, I'm sure tomorrow will be a better day. Why not write the rest of the week off and do the bare minimum? Inspiration will come, perhaps you need to get properly better first. Thinking of you xo

  28. My students have inspired me this week. They gave me the courage (through their enthusiasm) to try the 'giant swing' at camp. But also they remind me how inspiring I can be to them just by letting my guard down and dancing around and encouraging them not to take themselves too seriously :-)
    Life is fun after all!!

  29. Badgemakers
    The difference a coat of paint makes
    country real estate
    old episodes of Dr Who
    Elizabeth Abernathy
    I'm sure there is more but I have a sleepy brain.
    Hope your feeling better soon

  30. you inspire me all the time! i have 2 boys 22mth & 3 1/2, would love another & think about all the things you do with your 3 & it makes me think maybe i could get it all done too :) you also have inspired me to learn how to crochet & my mum is going to teach me over winter (i have always been the one who knows how to do everyting but i've never really thought i needed to crochet until i saw your ric rac)
    & the best thing about my day is my hubby is on holidays & i got to go out for lunch with a gf & no kiddos :) it was sunny & beautiful today & my kids were filthy at the end of it so it must have been great! feel well soon, xx

  31. A lumpy, colourful crocheted beanie for Little Monkey. My first hat, no pattern, still working out how to crochet, and probably a little too much enthusiasm :-)

    Look after yourself Kate.

  32. Kate, I hope you feel better soon!!!

    I'm inspired by gorgeous yarn - malabrigo to be exact, and the feeling you get from finishing a new project and seeing it on a loved one...

    I too have dark days and often wonder how others make it through them..

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  33. I'm inspired by many things but having bought our house in Fulcher St, Lilly, daughter Matilda and I are looking forward to moving there after I finish in the Navy (no more submarines!!) and enjoying the produce from your farm and bringing up our daughter in a wonderful community and environment. So when you're feeling a bit down, there is a family that can't wait to get out of WA and back home to Victoria, this time not to the Peninsula but to our future in Dayleford. We cant wait. Keep growing that beautiful food!!

  34. big hugs Kate, hope you're feeling better soon.

    A fridge full of produce; beetroot, zucchini and the most deiclicous peaches has inspired me to bake and cook. Such a shame that just as I was embracing baking my oven met an unfortunate accident. Oh well, tomorrow I can still make Freezer Peach Jam and beetroot chutney!!

    Delicious soft silly yarn, gorgeous greens and sunshine yellows are also inspiring me to knit cardigans! I do so love a good cardigan.

    And my little Toby who loves to sing, "you make me feel like dancing", quote at length from Hairy McLairy and tells me everyday I'm his best friend!!

    A good cup of organic licorice chai always makes me feel better. :)


  35. Hope you feel 100% real soon Kate.
    Inspiring me? A friend up from Sydney reminding me how lucky I am to have good friends who have seen me through (and loved me through) so many times, good and bad.
    p.s Love those berry pics from yesterday in the sweet teacups.

  36. I'm afraid I'm careening down the same path. Everyone in the family has been sick lately except me and I've been rushing around like a crazy person, trying to get everything done before it hits me. But I'm starting to think that's not the best approach.

    As for inspiration, I get mine from Ravelry and lovely blogs like yours. If you need an instant lift, check out this group on Ravelry -
    Lovely members, sweet threads. See what you think, and I hope you feel better fast!


  37. Ironically enough I just read a post on another blog titled "Finding inspiration::London fashion week"

    Hope you feel better soon. Get some rest and take good care of yourself.

  38. when I read your last post I remembered how I would enjoy spending a day in bed away from my job when I would take a sick day. Now that I'm a mother and a full time domestic director it's another story all together.
    Then I thought how lucky I was that I "never" get sick but it wouldn't do to brag about that in the comments, then I don't know what happened yesterday but I got home in the afternoon, walked in the door, handed over the baby and went straight to bed feeling soo awful haha. A good reminder to myself to eat well and take care.
    As for inspiring... I came across this link yesterday about cycling with babies in Denmark that I loved
    oh yeah, and get back in to bed miss and drink plenty of water!

  39. Spinning! There is a woman obsessed in this house and not much else is getting done. SO much to learn, overwealming really..but so, so much fun :)

    Be well soon, be kind to yourself and nap plenty.

  40. No inspiration here....but I did think this was BRILLIANT...


  41. I just adore the cardi you are wearing! I'm going to knit one myself -I love love love the colour!

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