Thursday, February 3, 2011


Creative Space.


I'm not so sure.

I don't know if following a pattern to the letter is creative. Knitting when it says to knit or purl, or yarn over, or knit two stitches together.
I have questioned the creativity in long rows of knit and purl before. This pattern is a bit different to that one though. This pattern never lets me relax for a minute. This pattern has a complicated sequence called deep waffle stitch at the start and end of each row. Just enough to keep me interested.

This pattern also has darts in the waist. A little bit more interest.

But creative?? I'm not sure.

I guess I did choose the three grey speckled skeins of yarn I am creating a garment from.
At the end of the day, this knitting project has been the perfect buddy for these anxious days and nights waiting and watching and stressing as Mother Nature wreaks havoc on communities all over the world.

Meditative? Yes!
Soothing?? Yes!
Grateful for a craft that occupies my hands? Oh yeah!

Thinking of those in cyclones, flood, snow and fire affected areas.
Of course, I'm not forgetting those in areas of political unrest either.

I hope your Thursday has a little bit of creativity in it.


  1. It is looking wonderful :) I think I will have to add that one to my queue.

  2. Looks great and yes I still think it's creative even if it is straight from a pattern.

  3. Looks lovely Lace knitting is so pretty but as someone who has done it you really have to concentrate where you are up to so I would call it anything but soothing lol

  4. Great photos Kate :-)
    Very creative and very skilled!
    We're watching the cyclone news with fingers crossed as we sweat it out in our Sydney heatwave here too.

  5. Looking fab, love it, I've made a start on that little vest you made and id call it keeping my hands busy too. All the time looking for the next thing to start... will add this to my favs too. Such a copy

  6. Looks beautiful! Creative? YES! You are creating something. Enjoy and be safe out there!

  7. You are using your creative skills to make this so yes it is creative :)
    I find knitting very meditative too

  8. I am hoping that, chores done, I get to create some finger buns and cast on some rainbow yarn or trace out some patterns. I am sure those sorts of knitting patterns may seem like a chore at times but my, it is going to be just lovely.

  9. I havent knitted for ten or so years but ive never followed a pattern either, so my opinion doesnt count! Looks really good from here, x

  10. Wow, it looks great.
    That would take me forever to do.

  11. Sure it's creative, even if you can do the particular craft in your sleep!! My MCS today, planting pumpkins, it's too hot to actually sew & i have up to 4 extra children each day still on school holidays. Love Posie

  12. Meditative and soothing are good whilst our hearts create and send out our "be safe, be well" prayers.

  13. It's gorgeous Kate. And very creative. Each knitted piece is individual to the person who makes it and each will look slightly different I'm sure! We definately need something soothing and distractive at the moment. Hope you and yours are all okay. x

  14. WEll whatever it is ( creative or not) it's stunning Kate.
    Mediative and soothing are always nice too xo

  15. What a gorgeous sweater Kate! I think it has been an anxious time for everyone around here lately.

  16. 1. To cause to exist; bring into being. See Synonyms at found1.
    2. To give rise to; produce: That remark created a stir.
    3. To invest with an office or title; appoint.
    4. To produce through artistic or imaginative effort

    I'd say you are fulfilling at least two of those definitions. Wish Knitting and me went together but I will never create such beauties. Cherrie

  17. But it is so creative, Kate! It is so beautiful - that colour is divine and the photography in itself is just fantastic! :) Kx

  18. I'm not exactly sure why you'd be questioning whether or not this is a creative exercise? It certainly isn't deconstructive.

    I love it by the way. Grey is my favourite colour and I just love the style of this knit-up. UBER ACE!!!

  19. It sure is creative! You have to be creative to follow that pattern anyway. It's not for me that's for sure. You are doing a great job and it's looking amazing. Not long now!

    As for the rest of the world, goodness it feels like it's all falling apart sometimes. Not good at all. I hope everything settles down soon.

  20. That's coming along well Kate. Knitting is just so soothing to the spirit. I knitted through my dad's battle with cancer. It soothed me as I sat beside his bed. It occupied my hands while I sat through the discussion about his funeral. I have no idea how anyone gets through the difficult parts of life if they don't create. I've also sat and knitted over the last few weeks watching the trauma on the TV, knitting soothes that feeling of helplessness in me.

  21. I think patterns need to be read creatively as they never quite seem to get it right.
    It looks great!

  22. It's absolutely creative! Just because you make something using a pattern doesn't mean that you're not creating it. Not creating it would be buying it already made by someone else into the garment you want. Just because you're not designing it doesn't diminish your creative work. It's gorgeous, by the way. What's the yarn you're using?

  23. to make something with your hands is being creative to me . Its looking beautiful so far.

  24. Yes, I agree, it is creative!

    The mere fact that your hands have cast on each stitch and have then continued knitting and purling for the entire garment, that you chose the pattern and the lovely yarn, that it is made with love, that it is soothing to work with your hands, these are all reasons why what you are doing is creative.

    And also, because I can only dream if being so creative with knitting needles!


  25. That sweater looks amazing! And I definitely think it's creative, even when you make something with a pattern.

  26. But this IS creative! I wish I could knit like that - over even follow a pattern.. great work
    have a great creative day

  27. Oh you are so good! It looks divine!
    I thought of you this afternoon when I was at the local library looking at 'learn to knit' books in the kids section...your 'voice' in my ear telling me: 'no, no you don't need a book, the youtube lady can teach you'!! (LOL)

  28. This is so beautiful and you are so beautiful!
    Sophie x

  29. That looks truly amazing! I think it definitely counts as creative and ambitious and just plain beautiful!

  30. Wow, that hard work is paying off. It's beautiful so far! Wish I could send my sunshine your way...

  31. Yes - it is creating:) Or I would never be:)
    Love the colour and the pattern. I am off to add it as a fav too - I am getting quite a list together of patterns that I would like to make for ME - looking forward to July when we will know if we head back south for 2012 - 2013

  32. The sweater looks wonderful, such a nice pairing of pattern and colorway. :)

  33. I'm always a fan of yur work but I have a couple of Qs for you! I love seeing your knitted projects. Being a crocheter, how long does it take you to knit up a little cardi? And do you use a lighter weight yarn than you would when crocheting? I get a bit overwhelmed but would love to try out a bigger knit project!

    Thanks Kate!

  34. I've just borrowed and Elizabeth Zimmerman book from the library and on the back it says:

    "Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crisis."

    I think that describes perfectly the meditative power of the clacking needles!

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