Friday, February 4, 2011


Today I cast on a new knit. A test knit for a girl in Canada. After the grey, grey, grey I've been knitting, I decided to make this one stripey just for fun. I like the changing colours bit. Perhaps I'll work towards a bit of Fair Isle at some point. Maybe.

Today was hot and humid and at times felt like there wasn't enough air to breathe.

Today I sewed a dress for a little girl to wear to a wedding.
Is that the sort of thing you had in mind Cath?
Is it a bit too mixy matchy for you?

Today it poured with rain and hopefully got rid of all those pesky locusts that invaded our house last night. They might do awful things to the farm, but when they were flying around inside last night, it felt just like a horror movie.

Today when it poured with rain it made the usually white Maremma puppies grey. They are still pretty cute though.

Today my big girls went back to school. It was so quiet without them.

Today I did lots of stuff but none of the stuff I should have done. No housework or baking or jam making. Plenty of time for that on the weekend.

I hope your today was great. Did you get much done?

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

See ya?


  1. I bet it was quiet with two thirds of your little girl posse at school! How did your little one cope without them?

    I love your greens, although I've just finished a grassy green vest so it might be a while before I can pick up that colour again!

  2. loving the greens of your fresh and vibrant.

    like you, today has been productive but not in doing the things that really require my attention

  3. Kate, it was a beautiful, busy, toddler-filled, baking Thursday in sunny California. In the middle of our rainy season we are in the midst of a Remarkably Dry Month, unheard of here in my beloved state. We rocked, read, ate, napped, ran and had a glorious fun-filled day.

    We are on the better side of the solstice and the daylight lasts a bit longer, bringing joy.

  4. Just a normal day at work :(

    and I love the greens of the new knitting project.

  5. I didn't get much done here - too cold!!! We have been dealing with ice and snow - Love the dress you made, so cute for a wedding.

  6. Bits and pieces and none of what I should have, like you.
    I love that DRESS!
    Ive just been and bought some grassy green for a wrap dress. Maybe we're on the same wavelength today?

  7. Love love the green. and the pretty dress!


  8. gorgeous pics Kate. back to school here today too. Then spent way to long at the pool when the other one locked himself in the shower. Made for an interesting day.

  9. I'm knitting a soaker in those exact colours - love em! Hope you don't get flooded again in the downpour this evening.

  10. The green stripes look great Kate, sounds like an exciting knit. Love the little dress too, how sweet. I dont think I would like locusts flying around either. Ooh the puppies look just as adorable when their muddy, hehehe!

  11. mmmm, not too bad of a day Kate. Apart from the constant sweaty sticky feeling all day long! ick! Almost finished an order today, for an Annie which has pleased me... and two more to do.
    Also loving the greens of your yarn and that dress is too sweet.
    Very interesting piece in your previous post. Fabulous colour and pattern. x

  12. The dress looks lovely. I hope she loves it for the wedding.
    Did nothing that I needed to do today. Instead hung out with my much loved brother who lives far too far away.

  13. I have had a fair isle dress in my head all this winter season long. Maybe I should knit one?

  14. i got nothing done,
    but the quiet was enjoyed immensely.

  15. What a beautiful blog, so colorful and creative. I love that dress you made for your daughter, I have a love for vintage fabrics.

  16. It sounds like you had a very productive day. Hope the rain wasn't too heavy where you are.

  17. All your pictures have made me smile, whole lotta gorgeous going on!

  18. I love love love love love the dress!!!!
    LOVE it!!!

  19. the greens are beautiful kate, as are the girls and the frock and the puppy. i think the first day back is always an empty, lost, hard to focus day. the kindof day that you need to just indulge your whims

  20. your work is so inspiring, enjoy your weekend ♥

  21. Hope it all turns out okay with all that rain, Kate. I love the green stripes - just gorgeous. I always spend the first day back at school rattling around the house feeling lost but then routine kicks in again. Take care. Kx

  22. love the green stripes!!! And best of luck for smooth back to school =)

  23. gorgeous pic of your girls Kate!
    hope you are back into routine and enjoying some little Pepper time.
    hugs ♥

  24. Gorgeous, totally ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous ♥♥♥


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