Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wondering...(between 11am and 11.22am).

When I play Mums and Dads with Miss Pepper why do I always have to be the Mum? That's not a game to me.

I over heard Farmer Bren being interviewed yesterday and being asked what his most memorable food experience is. What is mine? What is yours?

How is it possible that we have lice when we've only been back at school two days?

There are zillions of dragon flies around here at the moment. I wonder what that means. Gosh they are gorgeous creatures.

When Farmer Bren takes Miss Pepper with him to take the girls to school and says I should go back to bed because I look tired, why don't I? Why don't I even consider it?

When Jazzy says there is a girl in her class who is cleverer than me, does she really believe it? Could it really be true?

How you are meant to pass through your day when you know that a loved one is preparing for some yukky, invasive hospital testing this afternoon.

Is there is such a thing as a silencer attachment you can buy for your magimix? I've been making bread crumbs and the noise is driving me nuts.

Yesterday when I was stirring a huge cauldron of jam, Liam called me wholesome. Is it possible to be wholesome and cool? Or do they cancel each other out?

When you are explaining something to a ten year old and they say 'I know, I know' do they?

If the colour I chose from all the colours at the paint shop went from being my favourite to I'm not so sure, was it because they named it Brittany?

If you halve a baking recipe, does it mess with the science of it?

Do meringues look better piped or spooned?

Got any answers?? Or questions of your own??

Hmmm I wonder....


  1. Well I know for a fact that when a ten year old says "I know, I know", that means just be quiet. Merringues taste great any which way.
    Wholesome is the new cool.
    Sleeping is for people who don't have enough to do.
    You have lice, we have fleas in our house, but I've dealt with them now. We don't even have pets!
    A memorable meal is any meal that I have not cooked myself.
    Enjoy the rest of your afternoon Kate, and lots of luck for your friend. Hope it's all OK.

  2. this made me laugh! {mostly}.
    agree re the going back to bed thing, there's always far more exciting things to do!
    the skirt is divine.
    fingers crossed for your friend.

  3. I also hate playing Mum's and Dad's because I'm always the Mum - that's not pretending if you ask me! I HATE IT - AAAAAARGH! I'd much prefer to build tables and chairs and beds for the dolls with the lego! Perhaps Pepper could come and play Mum's and Dad's with Matilda?

    What is your most memorable food experience? Mine's probably from childhood where we'd be sent into the garden to forage for our dinner amoungst the radishes and peas. Also, eating apricots warm from the tree. Or mostly anything I've ever eaten in Italy!!

  4. I reckon the dragonflies are eating all the mozzies we have after so much rain. We've had some amazing red ones here - which I'd much rather have than mozzies.

    Personally, I find wholesome to be rather hot, but that's just me :)

    I hope the medical tests go okay and that the results are too.

  5. I'm not alone! This is what goes on inside my head too!

    I'd say your always Mum because you do Mum so well. There's an Italian restaurant on the Coast here, Fellini's. Most memorable food and a wonderful evening, watching the sun set over the water as a storm blew in. Amazing. Lice is quick! No, no girl could be cleverer than you. Can she play Mum, knit skirts and bake meringues? I vote piped meringues. Halving a recipe has always worked for me. Brittany was a poor naming choice on their behalf. Perhaps re-name it and see if you still like it? When my 13 year old nephew says 'I know, I know' it means, 'whatever'. :)

    I'm wondering, what is with Cohen's full-on, into everything, destruction mood he gets into of late. Is this the beginning of terrible two's? Is he testing his boundaries? Is it a phase? I hope so!


  6. No helpful answers from me honey!! except I think you are both wholesome and cool, and a whole lot more! I have many questions today too but I'm trying to set them free, I'm going with the flow instead and trying to just be. I hope the medical issue sorts out and isn't too horrible, fingers crossed. Lots of love to you xo ps saw Bren getting bossed around in the playground!

  7. My sister in law and I had the same experience paint shopping - our favourite was called bogan :-)
    I do hope wholesome is the new cool, I'm sure its true in some circles. Oh and those ten year olds, they only know half as much as they think but they can't be told!

  8. I thought wholesome was cool!
    Gorgeous skirt - nearly as cute as Miss Pepper !

  9. Wonderful post Kate. No answers here. Haven't had enough coffee to work out if you can be cool AND wholesome (I'm not either lol) But this morning I am wondering what adolescent kittens will chew and claw to pieces after they have finished with our lounge suite, our toilet rolls, our shoes, the dog, each other, my knitting, the kids' books, the bread bag, the fly wire screens and the Magnetix set... PS Hope the tests turn out OK xx

  10. Haha Kate. Just found your blog. I have to ask, do you drink your coffee at 11am? When I have a morning coffee, my brain runs amok with questions and thoughts much like what you shared. I'll visit you again for sure!

    xx Fi

  11. Meringues definitely look better spooned. Definitely.

  12. Being wholesome makes you sooo cool Kate. Lots of dragonflies here too, especially in the evenings. If I get left at home to rest I always do housework?????

  13. I say .. "I don't wanna be the mummy anymore. You be the mummy today!" No one wants to be the mummy, mummys have too much work to do.

  14. Miss Pepper looks so cute in her new skirt! We have dragonflies too which are really quite pretty. We seem to have the bluish ones around and I do hope they are eating all those awful mozzies, my legs have been attacked enough this year! I am sure wholesome is a fantastic compliment Kate, and no it doesnt rule cool out at all. I too suffer from the "I know I know" which usually means she is busy doing something which she doesnt want to be interrupted from, or I have forgotten that I already explained it to her!

  15. Hello darling.
    Thanks for sharing the tidbits rattling around in your head. It makes me feel a bit less crazy myself.
    I don't know that I could paint anything named Brittany.
    My favourites - Blue Satin and Tea Rose (Both Dulux)
    Happy Days. xx

  16. Your head is exploding right now! To relieve some of the pressure I am going to do my best to answer all your questions... here goes...

    Mums and Dads... ask if you can be the Dad. Better yet, play Brothers and Sisters and ask to be the Sister!

    food experience... I will never forget eating a wiener schnitzel in Munich in Germany. It was the yummiest thing ever.

    lice ... it is not just possible, it is probable!

    dragonflies... from memory symbolise depth of character, so I think you are just particularly wonderful right now!

    tired... just go back to bed. Sleep is essential if you want to get everything done well and easily.

    cleverer... yes, she believes it. No it is not possible.

    sick loved one... you think about them constantly and make sure your vibes are positive.

    magimix... if you find one, can you see if it comes in 'microwave', 'washing machine' and 'pool filter' options for me?

    wholesome... is the new cool.

    I know, I know... of course they know. 10 year olds know everything.

    Brittany... you can't paint your house in Brittany.

    baking... no but you need to make absolute sure that your measures are true.

    meringues... spooned. I like rustic.

    My question... how can we live in the now when our heads are full of all these questions?


  17. aaaah, shit, i don't know the answers to any of your questions or any of mine either! oh, except that wholesome definitely means cool, yes, yes, it definitely does.


  18. Maybe reframe the paint colour as Brittany, or Bretagne, the region in France. Then it becomes quite a lovely colour in my head.

    Oh, and definitely as someone else said, wholesome = cool.

    That's those 2 issues squared away. Now for a cup of tea.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. My lovely partner's a painter and he often brings chips of paint or charts home. I like lots of them, then read their names and go eep! Yuck! But sometimes a colour I don't particularly like has such a cute/interesting name that I decide I do like it.
    I think paint companies should just number their colours, that way none of us would be influenced by their names - positively or negatively!

  21. Could write a whoel blog post about my besdt food experience... enjoyed your stream of consciousness... as for the colour being called Brittney and it putting you off... I wouldn't couldn't go into a cafe because the font they used on the signage looked so bad....... I sound mental... I am going before I reveal to much.....

    PS I think wholesome IS cool!!!

  22. what can I say.. cute with cute on top - great pictures - wonderful skirt and beautiful girl.

  23. AHHH, this sounds a whole like my head but with different stuff. But if it's any help...
    Please try to go to bed one time
    You know how I feel about you and cool- and can totally be wholesome and cool at the same time. It's funny though wholesome is not a word is not the first word to come into my mind when I think of you.
    Im not sure I could paint something called Brittany either.
    I hope your loved one is ok.
    PS SOme of the things i've wondered are
    with tinned alphabet pasta do they try to get equal amounts of each letter in each time. Is there one big stamp that runs through the alphabet, of a individual stamp for each one?
    How do they make those chennille chickies? Is it all down by machine, even those tiny bits?
    Why do they still make black jelly beans if no one likes them?
    How will Sydney (and I) go without Kirky?
    Is this it for me? is this as good as it gets.

  24. That's a lot of questions.

    I think you are cool, though I'm not sure that you are wholesome.

    You probably don't go to bed, because there are so many other fun things to do. The other day my four-year-old told me on leaving the house with her dad "Mum, I think you should lie down on the couch and have a rest", so I'm the same as you.

    I hope the hospital testing won't bring any bad news.

    I have plenty of questions of my own - most of them about what will happen in the next 12 months. The changes could be quite significant to my life, but since I have only minimal control over them I'm trying to keep the questions away from my mind for now.

  25. You can definitely by wholesome and cool. Wholesome is cool!! And Pepper's knitted skirt is very cute! I definitely think a grown-up version is needed now!

  26. Oh Kate !
    I LOVE this post, and I love Maxabells and Kirsty's comments too !
    Enjoy the rest of your week, Dee x

  27. I'm glad to read someone elses brain has lots and lots of thoughts too! xo My 11 year old says 'I know' or the other one is 'I wasn't'.

    Gotta love it! xo

  28. I wonder what I'd capture if I stopped to write down the thoughts in my head sometimes?

    re: the paint colour - does it work to think of France ?(the main thing I know about Brittany is that they're really good at pancakes, and I REALLY like pancakes so Brittany is not so bad in my books - is the paint pancake coloured by any chance??)

  29. Every time you look at that paint you will think of Brittany - can you stand it?

    Spooned meringue - I like wonky.

    Wholesome is definitely cool.

    Going back to bed - always tempting, but never happens.

    Hoping your loved one will be fine. x

  30. I think questions are wonderful things. I'm going to take up the 'wholesome' one:
    Wholesome is as wholesome does (you're doing good things)... whereas cool exists before you do a thing (and you've got that in SPADE LOADS, Kate!)
    Still loving that gorgeous skirt :)
    Hope things went well with the hospital tests.

  31. Wholesome and cool definitely coexist.

    I loved this post, Kate.

  32. We have loads of dragonflies and mosquitoes!
    I always play the next door neighbour to my 3 yrs old, which means I can get on with my gardening, sewing etc but have to call over when the pretend cakes and coffee are served. I usually take a bunch of flowers for the cubby table and bring my dogs for a visit :)

  33. I always say I don't want to be the mum, I want to be the dog. Some times it works than I just chase them around barking and trying to bite their ankles. Much more fun. Usually ends in a bundle, much more fun than Mummy's and Daddy's. When it doesn't work I say ok lets go play making a cup of tea!
    Apparently wholesome is the new black.
    My question is why do children always save their meltdowns for 5 mins before the latest possible time to leave for school on a Monday morning.

  34. Lice :( I remember getting them when I was little - not fun

    Brittany doesn't sound like a color name to me - so I think I would just rename it in my mind.

    I am getting the I know I know and my oldest is 8 - What is 10 going to be like for me?

  35. I think that you can certainly be wholesome and cool!!

  36. Haaaaaa love your post but no answers here Darls ... there's a zillion Q's & A's as well as a 12 lane highway going through my head while I constantly wonder ... phew, does it all really matter ;~)

  37. Nice to see someone elses brain flits around like mind does. I love a stream of consciousness post.

  38. Some days your head must hurt a lot. We've got the whole dragonfly thing going on too.

  39. Piped only one I can help you with

    Best wishes Laurie

  40. Not being a mum, I can't answer any of the mum or schooling questions, however favourite food?

    Anything my mum makes me. Bless her. She's the best cook ever.

  41. Firstly, i just popped over to your blog following on from a comment on MaxabellaLoves most recent post.
    Secondly, that skirt is divine.
    Thirdly, I love this post. Love it. Love it. It sounds so much like what would go through my head in 22 minutes. So funny.
    Just a couple of answers...wholesome is definitely cool...the new cool. And I am so with you on the ten year old saying 'I know, I know'! Scary isn't it, because I think they really do know.
    Looking forward to following you : )

  42. Awesome post kate you got me thinking all day :)

  43. Wow, I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. It's lovely!
    My best food experience would be the 17 course tasting menu we experienced at Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck. A once in a lifetime experience.
    I'd say that the particular species of dragon fly that's around your house has just recently emerged, i.e. gone from the aquatic nymph stage to the adult flying stage. They all emerge at the one time so that would explain that. Also it may suggest that the water quality of your nearest water body is good.
    For myself the more wholesome I've gotten the less cool I am becoming.
    Beautiful skirt!

  44. Oh man I am just waiting for nits! What is with the teacher (ours) putting all the hats in a box together!! ah hello brains!!!!!!!!! I told lil miss to put hers in her bag :-) Oh I always have a zillion questions. Maybe i should put it out there like you :-)

  45. Kate you are so darn cute and incredibly cool not to mention insanely clever. I am familiar with the know it all syndrome too. That can drive one mad. I hope the testing turns up nothing and you one day convince yourself to take that nap. Atleast take one for me dangit. I never get that opportunity haha...

    Can I just kiss your cheeky munckin she is so darn adorable...

  46. One of the best Foxy posts I think! Just lovely.

  47. wholesome is definitely cool. trust me.
    hope all is well with you and your family member who is having tests.
    I'm not sure about the science of halving a recipe - I often do it but then my baking rarely turns out perfectly - it's yummy - but not perfect.
    Meringues are yummy any which way you choose to have them - especially with a little dollop of cream on top :)
    take care

  48. i think most of your ?'s have been answered. i will leap in and share with you that i heard on the radio that the dragonfly population explosion, like that of the mozzie population is due to the rain, water on the ground and increase in humidity.
    have a great day and please give that cute girl a little pinch or squeeze from me

  49. HAHA you crack me up with these wonderings! You obviously have a very busy mind lol Most of my wonderings are about what I am forgetting, what I need to remember, what I need to remind other people to remember and if I forgot something of priority or something lower down the scale that I can remember later.


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