Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grumpy 2 grateful.

It didn't start all that well this morning. Tired from lying awake worrying about the rain, a loved one with a sore heart, tangles and knots in my knitting wool, girls who tripped over the texta bucket and wouldn't pick them up, a laundry overflowing into the the living room, a visit from a gorgeous friend that turned into a conversation about promiscuous teenagers and left me with a stomach ache and a sticky kitchen.

Nothing was working, everything was annoying me.

So we put on our boots and walked out.

We walked, skipped and danced. We picked and ate berries and plums and apricots. We squealed and sang. We jumped in puddles. We got scratched on prickles and got muddy and wet. We roared like wild animals. It was exhilarating. It was exhausting.

One of us had to be bribed with jam sandwiches to finish the journey. One of us wasn't allowed to take her camera (pic from Bren's iPhone). One of us ended up at Lola's house up the road. One of us was thrilled to show off the lettuce, rocket, carrot and beetroot seedlings and was devastated by a few enormous puddles. And one of us danced the tango with a rose in between her teeth.

Sometimes when we leave the house all I can see is farm jobs that need doing. Today I remembered the reason we moved here ten years ago. I saw the wide open spaces and the trees, I breathed the fresh air and felt excited about this wonderful place to bring up our family.

That two hour walk changed my day, I went from being grumpy to grateful.

I wonder what sort of day you are having. I do hope its a happy one.
I'm off now to watch Madeline with the little girls, eat popcorn and knit a few rounds of the stripey green skirt.

See ya.

ps. More grateful at Maxabella.


  1. sounds like a wonderful walk. it's a good thing, being able to remind ourselves why we do what we do.


  2. Kate, I am the same. If ever I am grumpy or the kids are going nuts (which is most of the time on both counts!) we just get out of the house and go for a walk. We always return refreshed and renewed. Happy times. x

  3. I defy anyone to read this and not feel a little happier themselves!

    You have painted a beautiful picture of your transformed and transformational morning and it was such a pleasure to read.

    I hope that the rest of your weekend reaps many smiles, hugs and giggles,


  4. OH wow, what a roller coaster read. We've been jumping in puddles but without worry. I love listening to friends with older children, well for me, teens, so i can get an edge on what to expect & plan for. High school on Monday, just thinking of what to pack in her bag. Love Posie

  5. I've just discovered your blog via Maxabella and I'm so grateful I did.

    What a beautiful post!


  6. I started the day off grumpy too. A bit of fooling in front of the camera whilst decorating a cake sorted me out. I was Julia Child if you want to know!

    Glad you sorted yourself out as well. You have a great life but it's very busy as well. Hope your knitting goes well.

  7. Those moments are wonderful. You just made me smile and feel happy from just your words. Thanks Kate.

  8. Isn't it great how something so simple can fix us ! Thanks I really loved this post .

  9. Beautiful special post.
    Im grateful to have you share this with us, and grateful to know you xo

  10. We all need to remember more why we do things instead of what it is that we need to do. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Oh how I can relate. I've only recently learned how excercise can improve a grumpy mood and use it often now. Wasn't the rain last night something amazing!

  12. Ah, the power of a walk in the fresh air....lifts my spirits everytime :)
    Beautiful post!

  13. Nothing like a walk to put a smile on the dial.
    My day has been productive - de-cluttering spaces ready for a verge collection that isn't for another seven weeks but I just wanted to clean up now because I know the coming weekends are going to be filled with fun :)

  14. It's the best thing in the world - the curative power of fresh air. There are no dishes and washing and mess and disaster when you're on a walk. Just hands to hold,songs to sing, and air to breathe :-)
    have a great weekend

  15. WOW.... wishing I was skipping down that lane today instead of entertaining cuties while the humidity soared.... great post kate!! not to mention CUTE PIX!

  16. Without the grumpy moments we wouldn't appreciate the goodness of life..just wish there was less grumpiness sometimes ...thanks for sharing.

  17. Kate, I have been thinking about you alot today and cranked up the computer to see if you had an update on how you and water are getting on at the moment. Stay safe.
    Curious about the sticky kitchen.
    I had a bit of 'cabin fever' feelings today. I did some sewing and the kids made a blanket cubby in the lounge room (now both asleep in it) and Jack helped me crumb some schnitzel for tea which was a bit of an hilarious production!
    Happy for you for that lovely farm walk and I think it's funny your camera was banned!

  18. Sometimes we all need to give ourselves a stern talking to and a kick up the behind to remember how truly wonderful life can be........lovely description of your walk, made me giggle.
    Lovely blog.ha
    florrie x

  19. Fresh air and open spaces..... nothing like it for lifting the spirits - I felt refreshed just looking at the picture (thank goodness for iphones - i've been saved many times by mine when i have forgotten my camera!)

  20. Lovely post Kate, sometimes I know that is what I should do when things are not going as I wish they would, I would prefer to go back to bed than out the door :)
    Nice pic Farm Boy

  21. hi Kate, thank you for another beautiful post - I was also wondering / worrying about how your place had fared last night... and now (even though I'm still a bit worried) I'm really grateful to get this peek into your life and your perspective... thank you xxx

  22. The tango, complete with red rose would do it for me too. I am grateful for the top tip!

  23. Ah yes, that's what we need! A good long, dancing, roaring, skipping, puddle jumping walk!
    We are getting our puddle jumpers (boots) on this minute! Thanks for the reminder!

  24. Sometimes it just those simple things. Your walk sounded lovely. I am glad you were refreshed. I think we need to take a drive and do the same (have to drive we live in icky suburbia). Hope you have a nice week ahead :-)

  25. Your walk sounds wonderful .... My kids often ask if I am wearing my "grumpy undies" and sadly it's true. Some days I am just plain old grumpy.
    It's true that fresh air can do wonders ... I love your post!

  26. wow, there are lots of good things about living in the country! can't see us doing lots of the things you mentioned without getting run over or glared at!!
    glad you're feeling good :)

  27. sometimes all it takes is blowing away the cobwebs. one of the perils of living where you work is that it is always right there. looks like you girls found the perfect solution to avoiding a crappy day

  28. I loved this post!!! My husband and I live in a small flat in Sydney, but we dream of the day we can move to the country and live on a farm with some animals and a few kids. This post reminded me why. x

  29. Aah, I love this kind of days the best. There really is so much beauty & happiness in everything around us. To find it all we have to do is look.
    Thanks for sharing Kate.
    Have a beautiful week.

  30. Glad to hear that your day got better. I have had a weekend away from my family. Doing a photography course. So much fun but oh so tired and looking forward to giving my two a big hug in the morning.

  31. its amazing how a bit of exercise and a change of perspective can brighten one's day. glad it did for you. sounds like a fun a crazy walk!

  32. I'm still laughing at promiscuous teenagers and sticky kitchen being in the same sentence! Perhaps it's my mind decending very quickly into the gutter that is the problem!

    I'm so glad that a walk outside has turned your mood. Dancing with roses between the teeth will do that to a person!

    And I hope you're staying dry-ish.

  33. You remind me that I have nothing to be flat about compared to your life being dictated by the elemenst and once again you show what a wise, beautiful women you are by coming up with this genius remedy.
    My smidge of Saturday doldrums was quelled by my darling daughter's call saying she had tickets to Tap Dogs, instantly over it.
    Gorgeous post Kate xo.


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