Friday, April 8, 2011

10 things about pants.

1) I wear pants every day. I always wear a dress or skirt over the top though to cover my bum. Sometimes I wear tights but I don't love tights because they remind me of the itchy ones I used to have to wear to school.

2) I hate trying on pants in shops. I don't even look at pants in shops. The pants that end up living in my wardrobe/floordrobe have been handed down to me, I have had for ever and ever or are one of the two pairs of jeans I have bought in the last five years.

3) The other day a man popped in to buy eggs. It was the weekend and I was home alone with the girls and I went out to the cool room in the shed and got him his eggs. Later on I was told that I had a big hole in the bum of my jammie pants and he would have seen that I had black knickers on.

4) My sewing idol and friend Kath says that her favourite thing to sew is pants.

5) I dress my girls (well the ones that let me choose their clothes) in pants and skirts and dresses every day. I love this look on kids and it is so practical too.

6) I made these pants this morning to use up some of the smaller scraps in my basket and to try to make some bottoms as fun as the tops and dresses I've been sewing. I think they'd look great with a dress over the top. Something colourful or even a denim pini.

7) I don't like any of the words that mean pants. I don't like the word trousers, or slacks or pantaloons or bottoms.

8) I will never make or buy a pair of day time pants without a pocket or something on the bum. Except leggings. Leggings are ok without bum pockets. But whatever you do, please don't get me started on jeggings.

9) Part of the reason for making these pants today was to use up some of the smaller pieces of Michelle's scraps. Check out her blog to see what she made from the fabric before it became my scraps.

10) I loved making these pants but the fit was a bit of a question mark. I have made lots of dresses and skirts and can pretty easily work out how to size them, but pants are a bit of an unknown. In the end I made some and had to wait until the girls got home from school to see who they fitted. Jazzy! Size 6/7.

I hope you've got some fancy pants to wear this weekend and somewhere fun to wear them to.

See ya. ♥♥♥♥

ps. They're in my shop.
pp. 10 beanie things here.


  1. These are the BEST pants I have ever see. EVER!

  2. These pants are gorgeous Kate. I couldn't help noting that the beautiful frills would also be a great way to lengthen a pair that a child has grown out of. I love passing through your blog. Cheers.

  3. Kate, leggings are no the frilly bits xx

  4. Very cute! They would look just great under dresses and skirts - you are so clever!

    rach xo

  5. I wish everyone knew the rule about only wearing leggings underneath something else, and you have my same pocket obesession, and my worst feature is my bum, so I'm constantly trying to hide it (which is why I constantly wear tunic length tops or dresses over my pants).
    Love these pants.... just wondering if a nearly 37 year old could carry off frilly legged pants?

  6. Very sweet. I like dresses and skirts over jeans and pants too. Esp as my three year old has no idea about keeping her undies to herself at this point in time! Black knickers, hey? At least you were wearing undies :P

  7. Love the frills. I too have clothing names that I hate. Like slacks! How I hate that word. And blouse, and frock and worst of all, panties! I wear knickers, or undies, but NEVER panties! Oh yeah, my mother used to wear a girdle!! That's another shocker!

  8. Would love those pants in a size 4 ... I hate buying jeans, I love to wear old slips over the top of my pants , to hide my gut, don't mind my bum... Don't know how you've lasted so long with hand me downs....

  9. I'mwith Tas.... at least there were knickers under the pj's!!!

    Lovin' the frills....

  10. What about strides? Could you do that? My grandfather used to and I rather like it... but I can't do slacks or any of those others. With you on that and most of this post actually!! I'm a big fan of pants with dresses/skirts too. Lovely pants by the way. xx

  11. This post was GOLD! I loved reading it.. Very inspired pants info! One thing about pants is that if you're ever teaching in London.. don't tell a kid to pull his pants up!!! (I learnt that fast!!)

    Love the sewing. And the blog. Have a nice weekend!

  12. That was very funny!
    I loved reading your p**t post!

    Happy weekend to you too

  13. I wear pants every day too, in fact I pretty much wear jeans every day. I just realised everyday i wear jeans or a dress. Not really skirts at all very much.

    I didn' realise i just wear jeans or dresses every day until just now.

    I do wear leggings in winter under dresses.

    I actually chose my degree based on the fact that I thought ( rightly) if i did social work I would be able to wear jeans to work every day. I did, can and do.

  14. Oh CUTE! The pants and this post :o)
    They are just gorgeous and at first glance remind me of bell bottoms... which I love! Lucky Jazzy scoring these ones I say.
    I realised yesterday that I had unbuttoned my skinny black jeans, whilst having lunch with a friend (because I probably shouldn't be trying to squeeeze into my skinny black jeans right now, but I love them so!) Anyway, totally forgot the button was undone and only realised whilst getting out of my car at home. I'd walked around the shops, picked my little guy up from preschool... yeah, I'm all about embarrassing pants moments too ;o)
    P.S. My Mama used to call our pants 'duds' when we were little... kinda sweet but probably still falls into the list of unlikable names for pants!

  15. Fab, fab pants!! I'm wearing leggings and a groovy T-shirt for 2 nite as going out and not been out in absolutley ageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! Cant' live without plain simple black leggings for a night out and jazz up with heals and top. Enjoy your weekend Xx

    Leah x

  16. Hullo! I just wanted to say that i have just discovered your blog and i am absolutely loving it (left to my own devices, sans partner wed night, i did the back trawl through most of it....!) i just think you are so inspiring, ladies like you rock my world. you have one cute fam to boot too! x

  17. Just lucky you had knickers under the jammies hey... :o) Love the frilly bottom pants Kate...

  18. Oh Kate - yet again you make me giggle. Pants are pants - I totally agree. Jeggings should be banquised from the face of the planet - my 7 year old covets our 9 year old next door neighbours pair. It's just not happening! I love your frilled use it up pair.
    Have a super weekend.

  19. Oh Kate!! My lil Miss has shot up about 2 inches and her pink pants are too short. You have inspired me and with her glowing approval I am going to try frilling them up!

  20. Oh I know someone who would die for a grownup
    Pair of those pants! Very very cute!

  21. slacks and trousers...not my favourite words either. Up there with blouse.
    How cute are those pants! Wonder if a fully grown mama would get away with wearing them?

    ...and how about duds? :-)

  22. I only wear trackie pants to training other than that its mainly skirts (I think I look horendous in pants/jeans etc) But I do love the skirt/dress over pants thing...pondering can I pull this off this winter. Jeggings - what idiot thought of these awful garments!!! Yes I am with you re the slacks/trousers/blouse etc etc!!! TK xx

  23. Kate, my dear, only you could compose such a comprehensive and entertaining post on a subject such as . . . PANTS. Well done. xo

  24. A big smile crept over my face when I read #7 "I don't like any of the words that mean pants". You're too funny. But actually neither do I. I also don't like it when people drop the 's'. Like, "a wide legged pant would suit your figure".

  25. My daughter out grows her jeans in the length, not the waist. So I just keep on adding frills etc to the hems. Your pants reminded me of this. Any girl would love these pants you made.

  26. What a fabulous post, it has absolutely cracked me up. Sitting here, giggling away. I especially love the word 'floordrobe'! I've never heard it before but it is perfect for the little pile that I have beside my wardrobe. Love it!!! Have a wonderful week.

  27. I'm hearing you. I have a pair of jeans here that I am taking back. I even tried them on in the shop and they look and feel hidious now that I have had a better look at them. Live and learn. I live in jeans of a winter though and unfortunately don't get any handme downs.

    Your pants look cool.

  28. Henceforth, I christian all pants to be hereby known as "DACKS". I also hereby decree that this word is never to be preceeded by the word "TRACKY".

  29. i love this. and im in complete agreement. jeggings are the worst thing ever created.

  30. Very cute and I bet they look great with one of your dresses. I started putting a skirt or very long top or a dress on top of pants for my daughter as the store-bought pants never seem to cover her whole bottom for more than 20 minutes; and I really like the layered look.

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